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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

-The Bell News-

I am writing this post to let those of you who have followed me through the years know that I will be 'moving' so to speak.  Instead of writing on The P/Oed Patriot all the time I will be posting most of my articles on a new website.  I have realized over the past year that in order to reach more people, while cutting down on my stress, I was going to need help.  So I have asked three of my fellow bloggers to join me and between us we came up with The Bell News.

While I will still be covering my usual topics like Communism, Unions etc; my fellow writers on The Bell News will be bringing their skills, and areas of expertise, to help you learn more than I could ever hope to share with you alone.

I whole heartily appreciate you, my readers, and the loyalty you have given me over the years.  So I hope you will follow me over to The Bell News.

Because the fight for Liberty... never ends.

Patch W. Adams

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