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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Communist Party USA Chair: "We Can Set In Motion Progressive Agenda Coming Out Of 2012 Election. (If It Goes Our Way)"

Sam Web, the Communist Party USA (CPUSA ) Chairman, said to a gathering of local Communists in Arizona last year that if the 2012 election goes their way, (The re-election of President Obama) that they will have the possibility of setting the 'Progressive' Agenda. (Starts around the 2:00 Mark.)


Sprinkler Systems information said...

The main focus of the party needs to be getting rid of this fool. Any single member of the cpusa would be better fit for the position of chairman than this clown. he goes on glen beck and acts like an idoit not only making himself look bad but the party as well.

In Scioltezza said...

Very interesting post.
Thank u so much.