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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Democratic Congressman Is Keynote Speaker At Communist Party USA Event Meant To Slam Tea Party

The Communist Party USA (CPUSA) was founded by the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) in Chicago of 1919 in order to, according to their own secret documents given to New York University:

"form “FIGHTING ORGANIZATIONS FOR SEIZING CONTROL OF THE STATE, for the overthrow of government and the establishment of the workers’ dictatorship.”

But with the destruction of the USSR in 1991, the CPUSA has been forced to change it's appearance from one of a secretive society bent on the internal destruction of the United States to one that is more Politically Correct and bent on the internal destruction of the United States.

Today, the modern CPUSA claims to peacefully fight for equality for all workers while wanting to replace Capitalism with Socialism. The claim of being peaceful seems to fly in the face of the facts that the CPUSA's youth group, The Young Communist League (YCL) , lists the ruling class as their enemy and have a local branch that supports violent revolution, only if it can be successful and if it leads to a Democratic, just society.

Knowing all of this about the CPUSA, who would want to associate with them?

A Democratic Congressman of course...

According to a posting on the CPUSA news, People' World, Congressman Danny K Davis, Representative of the 7th district in Illinois, is the keynote speaker at a CPUSA event this Sunday called:

"Tea party" Congress can't stop the fight for equality!"
Here is a screen shot of the event listing (click to enlarge):

Judging by the title, this is an event meant to bash the Tea Party, but ironically it's being listed as "Celebrating African American History Month 2012". (I think the odds favor the words 'Racist' and 'Tea Party' being used extensively at this event.)

All three organizations sponsoring the event are connected to the CPUSA and the event is going to be held at the "Unity Center" in Chicago. The Unity Center is better known as the Haymarket Club aka Young Communist League headquarters.

While it may be surprising that a member of Congress would associate with the CPUSA, it's not surprising that it's Congressman Davis. According to Key Wiki, Congressman Davis is an openly Socialist member of Congress and has attended many fundraisers and award ceremonies for the CPUSA in the past.

But what may be truly disturbing is that this openly Socialist Politician and known supporter of the CPUSA actually has a seat in the Committee on Homeland Security. According to the CHS website, "The Committee was chartered to hold hearings and craft legislation for issues specific to homeland security." (I get daily visits by the DHS on my website, get listed as a threat in a DHS report as a Tea Party member and Congressman Davis has security clearance enough to sit on the CHS Committee and craft legislation? Anyone see something wrong here?)

So why is this a problem?...(As if you don't already know.)

Allow me to explain..

What we have here is an openly Socialist member of Congress who has agreed to be the keynote speaker at a Communist Party USA event meant to bash the Tea Party being held at the YCL headquarters (Both organizations with documented histories of wanting to overthrow the U.S. Government), who also happens to have a seat on the Homeland Security Committee.

If that one sentence doesn't throw into sharp perspective what is wrong with this country... then I don't know what does.


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