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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Taking a Long Break.....

It's time for me to take a Long Break from blogging and Politics.

I am looking forward to spending some time with my family and I should return to blogging with the New Year

I want to wish all of my readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and I hope you all get what you want for Christmas.

See you in 2012!

Patch W Adams

Monday, December 5, 2011

Astro Turf Much?: Obama For America Looking To Train "Grassroots" Organizers

The Democrats organization called, Obama for America, has decided, according to an email sent to it's members, to flex it's Astro Turf Muscle and train 'Grass Roots' Organizers.

Yea I know it just doesn't seem to make sense does it?

Here is a screen shot of the email. (Click to enlarge.)

Occupy Buffalo builds Huge Dome For Winter

Occupy Buffalo erected a huge dome house, equipped with what looks like a heater, so that they can continue their protest through the winter.

Occupy Crack Part 2: Occupy Portland Is Having Drug Problems

According to You Tube:

"These protestors were having their GA for the night, and 1 member expressed his concerns regarding incidents earlier in the day dealing with drugs and the threat of crime, which he felt was not handled properly by the OccupyPdx crew who are supposed to deal with that specific threat (SAFETY COMMITTEE)! Notice how they were quick not to discuss this issue right then and there?"

Scrooge: Occupy El Paso Screws Up "Festival Of Lights" With A 'Mic Check'

Why exactly does a Christmas lighting ceremony warrant a 'Mic Check' from Occupy El Paso?

Are they trying to make people hate them even more?

Tone Deaf: Occupy Wall Street Protesters Screw Up Christmas Carols

Here are some Occupy Wall Street Protesters who decided to change Christmas Carols and morph them into... something else. All the while standing in front of a banner with a Socialist fist on it.

I couldn't watch the whole thing...hurt my ears too much.

Occupy Boston Protesters: "Climate Change Is One Of The Most Dangerous Effects Of Corporate Greed"

Here is an Occupy Boston Protester who explains that Corporate Greed also includes Climate Change (Global Warming)

Wow, so Occupy has gone from share the wealth because Wall Street is greedy to save the Planet because Wall Street is greedy..

What's next Corporate Greed causes Obesity?

VIDEO: Illegal Occupy DC Structure Destroyed

Occupy DC built an illegal structure which in turn caused several arrests. Here is video of the Police ripping down that structure.

Non-Violent? Occupy Wall Street Sings "Smash A Bank" Polka

Again, I think the video speaks for itself.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Newt's Speech To The Staten Island Tea Party

Presidential Candidate, Newt Gingrich, gave a speech to the Staten Island Tea Party where he explains why he likes the Tea Party.

Occupy Leader Wants To Force You To Pay For Him & Everyone.

According to You Tube:

"Occupy Leader Chris follows me from Del Monte and Alvarado to the front of the Custom House. I was on my walk with my mother that we've been taking for 15 years. I had no expectation of running into the Occupy Movement that had set up in front of the Chase Bank located on Del Monte. I guess they need to expose themselves to the tourists that stay in the two nearby hotels at that location.

Chris "Cowboy" approached me after I had passed their sidewalk protest along Del Monte. I hadn't said a word until Chris "Cowboy"stated that he had seen my video on YouTube. I said "Wait until you see the next one"..... well thanks to Chris "Cowboy" here's the next one.

Note that after minutes of banter he finally comes out and says what the Occupy Movement is all about..... they want those that have to pay for those that have not. Then his claim of being self sufficient falls flat in the face of his statement that he wants others to pay his way.

My comment about him trying to grab my camera was as I pulled it back up yet again as I was continuing on my way. He did reach for my hand and pulled back. And yes I had someone who saw his action. I think he has a control problem.

You got to love a guy from Naperville, Illinois complaining about anything when Money Magazine rated it Second Best Place to live in the United States 2006. Median Income is $85,000 for males vs. $46,000 females. Families pull in a $130,160 average. It is the center for a number of major corporations that he benefitted from growing up in that community. What a fraud dude!

You also have to enjoy the fact that Naperville, Illinois is located in the 13th Illinois Senate district where Barack Obama was a State Senator. Gotta love the internet to find these little tidbits of information. Then the public donations that helped remodel the local Naperville Library. Yet the this young man condemns corporations and Capitalism."

Occupy Melbourne Mocks Police With "Tent Monsters"

Video Speaks for itself..

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Crazy Occupy La Protester Harasses Female Reporter: "You Want To Go Shopping?"

Reporter Serene Branson attempts to fend off the advances of a crazy Occupy LA protester.

Occupy Disrupt College Lecture About Capitalism

According to You Tube:

"This occured December 1st during a lecture hosted by the New England Objectivist Society and the UMass Republicans. Titled: "Global Capitalism: The Cure for World Oppression and Poverty" given by Professor Andrew."

Here is another angle of the disruption:

Occupy... Not A Protest, But A Party

Here is a video taken of Occupy San Francisco showing the fact it's not as much a protest, as it is a party.

Jesse Jackson @ Occupy Phoenix: "Occupy Movement Has Captured The American Spirit"

Jesse Jackson recently visited Occupy Phoenix where he said that the Occupy movement has captured the American spirit.

Democrat Congresswoman to Occupy D.C.: "It's Time For Us To Occupy America"

Rep. Donna Edwards,(D-MD) spoke to Occupy D.C. saying she supports the movement and that it's time to Occupy America.

Occupy Protesters Get Kicked Out Of Glenn Beck Book Signing By Police

Some Occupy Tallahassee protesters were kicked out of a Glenn Beck book signing by Police after they started to get annoying.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Mark Levin - We Were Subsidizing The Overthrowing Of Our Government

Radio show host, Mark Levin, talks about how he feels we have been subsidizing the overthrow of our own Government.

Occupy Wall Street Protester: "We Are Becoming Those We Hate"

Here is an Occupy Wall Street Protester explaining the fact that they are becoming those they hate and that the protest is turning into a circus.

How To Get Occupiers To Leave A Park In 30 Seconds

How do you get Occupiers to leave a park?

Dress up like a businessman and walk past an Occupy encampment promising free room and board at the Ritz Carlton while waving our citibank card in the air.

Occupy San Francisco Protester: "You Evict Us And We Will Shut This City Down"

Here is a video of an Occupy San Francisco Protester who says that if they are evicted then they will shut the city down by Occupying the bridges.

Occupy A School: Occupy Santa Cruz Misspell "Oocupy" On Large Banner

Here is a video made by a member of Occupy Santa Cruz that shows the members illegally breaking into a vacant bank in order to occupy it.

Part of the occupation was to hang a banner from the roof of the building. Ironically "Occupy" is spelled wrong on the banner(Pictured above, the picture can be seen at the 00:26 mark in the video).

Maybe they should have spent a little more time Occupying a school before taking to the streets....

Occupy Santa Cruz even has a website showcasing their illegally occupied building. At the top of the website is a picture of the misspelled banner and on the sidebar they admit the building is owned by Wells Fargo. Here is a screen shot from the website (Click to enlarge):

Now can you please explain to me what would have happened if the Tea Party had done something as blatant and illegal as this? Anyone?

Occupy Santa Cruz Commits Crime By Breaking And Entering To "Occupy" A Private Building

!Warning Foul Language!1

Occupy Santa Cruz members have committed a crime by breaking and entering and "Occupying" a privately owned building.

Adam Carolla: 'Occupy Is The "Everyone Gets a Trophy" A** Douches'

!Warning Foul Language!

Adam Carolla speaks his mind about Occupy.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Young Communist League Working To Pass Obama's Jobs Bill & His Reelection

President Obama, and his supporters, have been pushing his jobs bill ever since he introduced it several weeks ago. One group in particular has been gathering signatures nationwide in support of that bill, the Young Communist League (YCL).

According to a speech given by YCL leader Lisa Bergman to the World Federation of Young Democratic Youth in Portugal, the YCL has been busy little Commie bees pushing Obama's Job's Bill:

"Young people are also leading the fight for job creation. The Young Communist League has been collecting signatures nationwide in support of President Obama's "American Jobs Act", and Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky's "Emergency Jobs to Restore the American Dream Act." If passed, these bills would create over 4.2 million new jobs in the U.S.

Last week, in the city where I live, the Young Communist League and other youth led a march of 200 people in support of jobs for youth and jobs for all."

As well as supporting Obama's agenda, the YCL is working to help him get reelected:

"Finally, I will speak briefly about the 2012 elections in the U.S. The election of Barack Obama in 2008 was a tremendous victory for the people of the United States and indeed for people all over the world. The election of our first African American president has been a huge blow to the entrenched racism in our country. Young people are a reason that Obama won the presidency, as he earned 66 percent of the youth vote. Obama continues to push policies that benefit working-class people in the United States. And Republicans continually block these policies to make Obama look ineffective.

......That said the fight for jobs and for real solutions must include reelecting Obama in 2012. If youth, whether in the Occupy movement or elsewhere, do not want to work with any politician, then being absent from the political process is only allowing the ultra-right wing to build power."

So if you really need a good viable reason to not support either Obama or his jobs bill might I suggest one.

It's because the Communists do...

Occupy LA Protesters Fight Over Tent: "That's My F**king Tent"


Here is a video of a couple of Occupy LA Protesters fighting over a tent while the LAPD watch from a few feet away.

Classy folks...

Eating Their Own: Left Exposes How Obama Has Weakened Regulations Dealing With Lobbyists, More Than Bush

Democracy Now exposes how the Obama Administration is more in bed with Lobbyists than the Bush Administration.

Election 2012, watching the left eating their own.

Occupy Denver Protesters Burn American Flag

Yep they represent the 99% of America haters.

Notice how no one tried to stop it, even the Police Officer.

Dem Congressman: "Who Said Government Can't Create Jobs?"

Illinois Democrat Congressman, Jesse Jackson Jr, claims that the U.S. Government can create jobs.

Funny, the last country who believed that was the U.S.S.R. ......and look where it got them.

Congressman: "NLRB Is A Radical, Anti-American Taxpayer Funded Big Labor Advocate"

Congressman Dennis Ross speaks about how the National Labor Relations Board has become a radical, taxpayer funded, big labor advocate.

UPDATE!!!Truth Revealed!: UC Davis Students Surrounded Police & Held Them "Hostage" *NOW RAW FOOTAGE*

Several weeks ago there was outrage at how some students from U.C. Davis were pepper sprayed by police while sitting on the ground.

Recently a new video has been released showing the students were actually the aggressors, because before they were sprayed, they surround Police and held them hostage in an attempt to intimidate officers into releasing students that they legally arrested.

It's a shame this video didn't come out sooner...


Here is 30 minutes of raw footage showing exactly what happened at UC Davis.