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Monday, October 31, 2011

Obama Issues Jobs-Related Executive Orders

This show was broadcast on 10/28/11.

Michael Savage - Michelle Obama Compares Cafeteria Workers to US Marines

Radio Show Host, Michael Savage, discusses the first lady's speech about Cafeteria workers and eating healthy.

Occupy Wall Street Protesters "Going to Stay Until Something Is Resolved In Washington"

Silly question, Until WHAT is resolved in Washington??? Change?

Occupy Denver Protester Pushes Over Cop's Motorcycle

Over the weekend Occupy Denver got a little violent, here is video of an Occupy Denver Protester pushing over a Motorcycle cop and then suffering the consequences of his actions.

Occupy Protesters Building Guillotines For Bankers?

This is a supporter of the Occupy Protests who claims that some in the Occupy Movemen are building Guillotines for Bankers.

What happened to Non-Violence?

Occupy Denver Protesters Surround and Attack Police

This video was seen over the weekend....

That looks Peaceful....when did this ever happen at a Tea Party?

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Need Target Practice: Camera Records Thugs During Gun Battle

According to The New York Post:

"Police are on the hunt for two thugs who released a hail of bullets during a shootout in Brooklyn.

Dramatic video shows the goons brashly firing off their handguns on a corner in Prospect Lefferts Gardens, while ducking bullets themselves.

Despite the barrage of shots, video captures a bystander blithely smoking a cigarette and blabbing on his phone, ignoring the gunshots flying next to him on the corner of Nostrand Avenue and Rutland Road at 12:40 a.m. Thursday.

Cops say the assailants were trying to blast a group of people firing back at them, but the two filled a nearby car with bullet holes.

None of the shooters were able to hit their mark—and no one was injured."

"Tea Party Pays For Rallies While Occupy Protesters Are Squatters!"

Fox News discusses the Occupy Wall Street protests and their financial situation.

Occupy Oakland Protester Admits Bottles Were Thrown at Police BEFORE Police Responded

It would seem that there is an honest person in the Occupy Oakland group, even if she is a tad naive.

Rangel: It's Necessary for Obama To Use Executive Powers Because Of Gridlock Between The President And The United States?

According to the Daily Caller:

"New York Democratic Rep. Charlie Rangel told The Daily Caller that "gridlock" in Congress has made it "necessary" for President Barack Obama to unilaterally implement mortgage refinancing and student loan programs without congressional authorization."

Did I just hear Rangel Say that It's necessary that the President uses his executive powers because the President is in Gridlock with the United States???(starts around the 00:49 mark)

When a Leader of a Country does the opposite of what the people want by bypassing the Representatives of the People, we call that a Dictator...Not a President.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Bill Clinton: "No Country on Earth Believes Government is the Problem!"

According to Breitbart TV:

"I have a pretty good idea how the 21st century works and (pause) there's not a single successful country on the planet that operates on the theory that the government is the problem (pause) not one. Every successful country has both a strong private economy and a smart, strong government that work together to provide economic opportunity, educational opportunity, provide decent health care and get into the future."

Former Obama Delegate and SEIU Local President Says U.S. Unions Would Benefit From Socialist Union's "Energy"

Mr. Javier Morillo-Alicea is President of SEIU Local 26 in Minnesota, and a former Obama Delegate, who recently gave a speech at Occupy Minnesota where he stated that the protest isn't about class warfare, it's about naming the problem:

Ironically, while Mr. Morillo-Alicea denies that the Occupy movements are about Class Warfare, just 3 days after his speech to Occupy Minnesota, he traveled thousands of miles to attend an event held by those who relish using Class Warfare as a political tactic and who's political foundation is built upon it, the Communists/Socialists.

According to an article in the Communist Party USA News, People's World, Mr. Morillo-Alicea traveled to the Third Annual Congress of the Transport and Allied Workers Union in South Africa:

"MINNEAPOLIS - As people mobilized in the streets of Minneapolis to demand that Wall Street be held accountable for creating the economic crisis, SEIU Local 26 President Javier Morillo-Alicea was thousands of miles away - hearing a similar message in Sun City, South Africa.

Morillo-Alicea represented the 2.1 million members of the Service Employees International Union at the Third National Congress of the South African Transport and Allied Workers' Union, composed of 165,000 workers in several industries there, including security and cleaning.

He found workers in both the U.S. and South Africa discussing the same issues, such as rising income inequality, and grappling with similar challenges, particularly concerning their role in advancing a progressive agenda."

One of the main goals of the South African Transport and Allied Workers Union (SATAWU) is to:

"advance and defend the cause of democracy and socialism in the workplace, the economy, the country and internationally."

This founding principle is proudly displayed on their banner: (Click to enlarge):

The People's World article goes on to state that SEIU, the same Union that helped elect President Obama, have an ongoing "relationship" with the Socialist SATAWU.

But the SATAWU also have other like minded 'Allies' that they have a "relationship" with, the South African Communist Party (SACP) who, coincidentally, work towards:

"End the system of capitalist exploitation in South Africa and to establish a socialist society based on the common ownership of, participation in, and control by the producers of the key means of production."

This close knit relationship between SACP and SATAWU is demonstrated by the fact that the SACP symbol is openly displayed on the sidebar of the SATAWU website and the fact that SATAWU allowed the SACP Leader, Mr. Blade Nzimande, to speak at the Event where he called for even more cooperation between SACP and SATAWU. Below are pictures at the event taken during Mr. Nzimande's speech that I discovered posted on their Facebook page:

What was the SEIU President's, Mr. Morillo-Alicea's, reaction to all of the rampant Marxism on display in South Africa?

Well according to the People's World article, he was happy and excited by the atmosphere of it all and felt that U.S. Unions could benefit from the "energy" :

"The super-wealthy and corporations are taking over our democracy," Morillo-Alicea said. "In the end, we can ask whatever we want of politicians, but if we don't do something about the inequality of wealth, there are limits to what they can do."

While the SATAWU convention was marked by intense debate on serious issues, the Local 26 leader was struck by the festive atmosphere, which included singing before and after each speaker, who also were sometimes interrupted by song. U.S. unions would benefit from such energy in their proceedings, he said.

"I've never heard so many union songs in my life," Morillo-Alicea said, smiling."

Michael Savage: "Would Jesus Occupy Wall Street?"

Radio talk show host, Michael Savage, replies to a piece done by CNN that asks the question: "Would Jesus Join Occupy Wall Street?"

Van Jones On "Rebuilding The Dream" The Next American Economy

According to You Tube:

"Noted political and environmental activist Van Jones discusses the dramatically shifting economic and political landscape in America today. In this passionate address, Jones analyzes key similarities and differences between the Occupy Wall Street and Tea Party movements, from the sources of their frustrations to organizational structures. The question and answer session is moderated by Trey Grayson, Institute of Politics Director. Damilare Sonoiki, current president of the Harvard Black Men's Forum, provides the introduction for Van Jones."

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

ACORN Tied to Occupy Wall Street Protests

According to Breitbart TV:

"The former New York office for ACORN, the disbanded community activist group, is playing a key role in the self-proclaimed “leaderless” Occupy Wall Street movement, organizing “guerrilla” protest events and hiring door-to-door canvassers to collect money under the banner of various causes while spending it on protest-related activities."

Illinois Governor Determined To Block Smart Grid Legislation

According to You Tube:

"Gov. Pat Quinn all but says he'll veto any trailer bill to the previously vetoed smart grid legislation."

Congressional Candidate Sings 'God Bless America' At Local Meeting

Jamie Radtke,a Congressional Candidate for the U.S. Senate in Virginia, was recently recorded singing "God Bless America" at a local meeting.

It's a shameful sign of the times when the act of a Politician singing a religious song is so rare that it actually attracts attention.

Mark Levin: "Fundamental Transformation Is Not Patriotic. It Just Isn't."

Radio talk show host, Mark Levin, discusses how he feels that those who want to fundamentally transform the U.S. are not patriotic.

Michael Moore: "No One Will Remember The Tea Party/ It Should Be Illegal To Make a Profit In Healthcare"

Michael Moore has no idea what he is talking about, which is normal for him.

Bill Ayers Teaches Radical Theory At Occupy Chicago

According to You Tube:

"On October 20th, 2011 #occupychicago invited Domestic Terrorist turned University of Illinois professor, Bill Ayers, to lead a "teach-in" on the virtues of confrontational tactics dubbed "non-violent disobedience" in the anti-capitalist revolution."

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

WTH? : Occupy Minnesota Protester Does Bizarre Hippie Dance

This is a video taken at Occupy Minnesota during an "Open Mic" session where anyone can say or do anything and unfortunately they do.

The first half of this video is of an old woman who wrongly says that the 5th of November is to be remembered because "they" blew up parliament. Some one needs to tell her that Guy Fawkes was caught TRYING to blow up parliament but he didn't succeed. H and his co conspirators, were was hung and drawn and quartered for their trouble.

But sadly that isn't the most odd thing that happens in this video.

After the old woman gets done saying her peace, an odd dance is performed by some young lady where she talks about breathing and "father sky".

I'm not sure, but there is a good chance she is high....or nuts.

The Hippie dance begins around the 5:42 mark.

Theif! : Occupy Lincoln Protester Admits to Burning American Flag That Wasn't His

In this video a disturbed Occupy Lincoln Nebraska protester admits he burned an American Flag that didn't belong to him.


Occupy LA Protester: " I'm Here To Put An End To Our Current Political and Economic System"

"Dave" the Occupy LA protester featured in the video, never really admits what he wants to replace our current political and economic system with but he does mention something about how he isn't happy that "Education and Medicine that used to be run on sustainability and compassion are now for profit enterprises."


Occupy Minnesota May Occupy Foreclosed Homes Over Winter

According to Up Take Video:

"Nick Espinosa, one of the OccupyMN organizers, says the group is considering going to occupy foreclosed homes when inevitable snows begin to fall in Minneapolis. The group has been blessed with relatively mild October weather while it has camped out in The People's Plaza, also known as Hennepin County Government Center plaza.

Beyond preventing hypothermia, the move would also draw attention to one of the primary reasons the group of 100 or so people have been in the plaza for two weeks --the need to put a moratorium on home foreclosures. Some 29,000 homes in Minnesota are now in foreclosure process.

A foreclosure moratorium is one of the specific demands the group has made so far. Nationally the movement has changed the conversation about rich and poor and forced the media to write more about the disparity between the richest 1% of Americans and all others.

A few days ago, seven protestors were arrested for blocking an intersection in downtown Minneapolis. Espinosa sees this as but one tool to help accomplish goals. He said that rallies, protests and marches haven't produced results so they will try a number of approaches.

Espinosa has participated in a number of high profile protests including a bag of pennies for gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer and glitter for Newt Gingrich and the Marcus Bachmann clinic.

The general assembly for operation is puzzling to many. It's a consensus approach rather than a typical Robert's Rules of Order approach. About 100 people have been sleeping over in the park south of the building and about the same number have been participating in the daily general assembly."

Democratic Socialist @ Occupy Rockford: "We Are Here Because We Are Anti-Capitalist"

A guy with Britney Spears pony tails, a woman wearing a Guy Fawkes mask and a Goth Chic with a baby walk into a bar....


Occupy Chicago Protester Says Tea Party Stole "Don't Tread On Me"

Hat Tip Rebel Pundit

Monday, October 24, 2011

David Duke Endorses Occupy Wall Street

I wonder if the Occupy supporters support David Duke's endorsement?

Hat Tip Breitbart TV

Department Of Energy Wants More Control Of Natural Gas Production

According to an Article on WaterWorld.com, the Department of Energy wants to increase it's control on Natural Gas Production:

"A Department of Energy advisory committee has called for tighter environmental controls on the production of natural gas from shale formations.

Concerns have been raised about the potential pollution of groundwater resources when shale wells are hydraulically fractured with chemicals to increase the gas flow.

The department’s Shale Gas Production Subcommittee called for increased measurement, public disclosure, and improvements in the environmental management of shale gas, which has skyrocketed to nearly 30% of U.S. gas output in the past decade.

The report said industry and government should make information about shale gas production operations more accessible to the public; act to reduce environmental and safety risks with a focus on protecting air and water quality; promote best operating practices; and form a research and development program to improve safety and environmental performance.

Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.), the senior Republican on the Environment and Public Works Committee, said the federal government wants to increase its control of shale gas -- although states regulate most production."

Head of British Communist Party: "There is Absolutely No Evidence That Stalin Killed Millions Of People"

This is an interview with the Head of the British Communist Party, Harpal Brar, who not only claims that Stalin, Communists, Saddam and Gaddafi were demonized but that there is no proof that Stalin murdered millions of people.

Jumping Ship: Environmental Groups Protest at Obama Re-Election Office

According to You Tube:

"A group of Carolinians will pay a visit to the Obama for America office on Elizabeth Avenue. We will send a message to the Obama administration: Charlotte Votes for Environmental Presidents: No to Keystone XL! We need to share our stories to make sure Obama does the right thing and avoids committing the country to climate crisis."

Obama Supporter "Won't Wash Hand For The Rest Of The Day" After Shaking Hands With President On Golf Course

After a round of Golf some Obama supporters had a chance to meet with the President where he said he couldn't pose for pictures, but he could shake everyone's hand.

One supporter even said that he won't wash his hand for the rest of the day after shaking hands with the President.


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Occupy Wall Street Protesters: North Korea Better than South Korea, Socialism to replace Capitalism

Obviously some rather uneducated Occupy Wall Street Protester love, Socialism/Communism and hate Capitalism.

LOL: Occupy Vancouver Protesters Are Asked "Where Does Money Come From."

According to You Tube:

"Corbett Report listener Jeff Swanson of swansoncreative.com reports from Occupy Vancouver, where he asks the protesters a seemingly simple question... Camera operated by Alexandre Robichaud."

Funny video, not laugh out loud funny, more shake your head at the idiots funny.

LOL: Occupy Denver Protesters Chant "I Hate Everything!"

According to the You Tube description of this video, this footage was shot by a supporter of the movement:

"Tooling around on Denver's 16th Street Mall, chanting: I hate everything during an Occupy protest about Denver's notoriously "beaty" cops....see them on the bikes....everything is so horribly screwed up and blah blah blah. I'm not a "spokesmodel" for anything, and I realize that this vid could sound like I am mocking the "movement", but I am not. I found this night very invigorating."

What is funny about this is that the supporter who took the footage doesn't seem to understand that if they Hate Everything, then that means they Don't stand for Anything...

White Occupy Phoenix Protester Yells Racial Slur At Black Man: "Hey Boy!"

During a confrontation between a group of religious Black Men and Occupy Phoenix protesters, a large white Occupy Protester yells a Racial Slur at one of the Black Men when he says, "Hey Boy!" (Begins Around the 2:40 mark)

It appears the group of Black men came down to Occupy Phoenix to preach but the discussion broke down very quickly into a loud confrontation.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Mother Leaves 4 Kids to Join Occupy Protests

H/T Breitbart TV

Irony: Study Shows White Roofs INCREASE Global Warming

Several years ago Energy Secretary, Steven Chu, came out and said that in order to save the world from Global Warming everyone needs a white roof. Here is a video of a local news story discussing this suggestion:

But according to an article on Clean Technica.com, Secretary Chu's suggestion will actually increase Global Warming:

"....new research has flipped this white roofs solution into a potential global warming problem (showing that even the simplest geoengineering solutions may have side-effects we didn’t think up from the start). The study, led by Mark Z. Jacobson, a professor of civil and environmental engineering at Stanford University, found:

Jacobson’s computer modeling concluded that white roofs did indeed cool urban surfaces. However, they caused a net global warming, largely because they reduced cloudiness slightly by increasing the stability of the air, thereby reducing the vertical transport of moisture and energy to clouds. In Jacobson’s modeling, the reduction in cloudiness allowed more sunlight to reach the surface.

The increased sunlight reflected back into the atmosphere by white roofs in turn increased absorption of light by dark pollutants such as black carbon, which further increased heating of the atmosphere.

Now, one thing Jacobson’s team didn’t include in the study was how much white roofs reduced demand for electricity (and, thus, burning of fossil fuels). Of course, white roofs would also mean a house in a cold climate would need more heating in winter, but it’s not clear which way the benefit is stronger.
Summary points:

1.Looks like we shouldn’t go painting everyone’s roof white after all.
2.Geoengineering (even “soft” options) will have more than the obvious or targeted effects.
3.The best way to address global warming is still to just cut our burning of fossil fuels (vie basic energy efficiency or switching to clean energy options).

In Jacobson’s words: “There does not seem to be a benefit from investing in white roofs…. The most important thing is to reduce emissions of the pollutants that contribute to global warming.”

That is the problem with the theory of Global Warming....It's based off of computer models.

Because the local weatherman also uses computer models to forecast the weather....

And he can't even accurately predict anything past a 7 day forecast.

O'Reilly: Biden Speaking To 4th Grade Class About Job s Bill Was Exploitative

According to You Tube:

"O'Reilly plays the vice president's visit to a 4th grade classroom this week and asks his panel if this isn't exploitative."

Friday, October 21, 2011

Mark Levin Defends Herman Cain's 9-9-9 Plan

Radio Talk Show Host, Mark Levin, defends Hermain Cain's 9-9-9 plan from attacks.

Repub Senator: "Biden using 'fear tactics' to pass more stimulus a 'sign of desperation'"

According to the Daily Caller:

"Wyoming Republican Sen. John Barrasso claims that Vice President Joe Biden is using "fear tactics" to push Congress to pass a $35 billion stimulus package, which he said shows the "desperation" of the White House."

Solyndra On Wheels: Stimulus Funding Luxury Electric Cars Built In Finland

Stimulus... Fail.

"Tax The Rich" Banner Tug Of War Between Occupy Protesters and Police In Senate Office Building

According to You Tube:

"A recent protest at the Hart Senate Office Building this afternoon seemed to gather as much media and onlookers as actual protesters."

Irony: Gadafi Said Obama Deserved Nobel Peace Prize

The definition of Irony is this video.

President Obama's Comments on the Death of Muammar Qaddafi

Hillary's Reaction To News about Gadhafi

According to the AP:

"Secretary of State Hillary Clinton exclaimed, "wow," as she read a report on her phone that Moammar Gadhafi had been captured. (Oct. 20)"

Occupy Wall Street Protester: "I got some money and I should be taxed more."

According to Reason TV:

"I'll tell you a secret. I got some money and I should be taxed more."

That's what an Occupy Wall Street protester told Republican presidential candidate and former two-term Gov. Gary Johnson (R-N.M.) as he toured Manhattan's Zuccotti Park on the evening of Tuesday, October 18.

"I actually inherited money when George W. Bush decided to have no estate tax," the protester continues, "and I think that is totally outrageous. So I decided to keep 20 percent for myself and give 80 percent away. But I think if we rely on the kindness of strangers that the poor will keep getting screwed, so civil libertarians don't work for me for the poor."

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Trend?: One Of Occupy Boston Founding Organizations Is ACORN Offshoot; Another Has Communist Roots

Last week I exposed how the Occupy St. Louis movement has been hijacked by an offshoot of the former corrupt organization ACORN, the offshoot is named Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment (MORE). While taking over Occupy St. Louis MORE outed the original Grass Roots organizers and when one tried to expose the takeover to the world she was given death threats for her trouble.

But it would seem that the Occupy St. Louis movement isn't the only one with ACORN ties. According to an article on Judical Watch.org, another ACORN offshoot got ahead of Grass Roots organizers and helped jump start the Occupy Boston Movement:

"Among the goals is to get major banks to stop preying on the poor and people of color, according to the organizer of a Boston offshoot of an Occupy Wall Street rally. The event, promoted as Take Back Boston, was organized by dozens of local community groups that claim big banks have a pattern of pushing “bad loans on people of color and the poor.” As a result of the “predatory lending,” foreclosures have skyrocketed in urban communities, the organizers say.

Among the Take Back Boston organizers is a spinoff of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN). Amid a massive fraud scandal and a series of criminal probes, ACORN supposedly dismantled but the reality is that it simply changed its name. In fact, Judicial Watch recently published a special report (“The Rebranding of ACORN”) about the organization’s transformation into various spinoffs and affiliated groups.

In this particular case, ACORN’s Boston office simply rebranded into New England United 4 Justice. Same crooked group with the same general mission and president, but a different name. Headed by Maude Hurd, the former president of ACORN and ACORN Housing, New England United 4 Justice promotes “social justice” for “low and moderate income families.” The group also seeks to educate the general public about social justice issues and the needs of poor and middle class families."

According to the 'Take Back Boston Coalition' page, Judicalwatch.org is entirely correct, New England United for Justice is indeed on the list of organizers. As a matter of fact, the 'Coalition' that makes up 'Take Back Boston' is comprised of a literal who's who of supporters for the Progressive Establishment including SEIU, the CWA, the Green Justice Coalition and an organization that has Communist Party USA (CPUSA) roots called the Chinese Progressive Association (CPA).

According to the CPA website, the History of the organization only goes back as far as the 1960's and 1970's but as it explains the CPA was shaped from the Chinese Workers Mutual Aid Association (CWMAA) which was an organization spawned in the 1930's.

And according to a book called, "Wicked Theory Naked Practice", the CWMAA was used by the CPUSA to indoctrinate Chinese immigrants:

"During it's heyday in the 1930's, the CPUSA had more than a dozen different daily language newspapers, including Chinese, aimed at spreading Leftist influence among the many immigrant groups in an attempt to organize. APA Communist organizers were developed and emerged on both coasts. They included immigrant workers who were also writers and poets, including Happy Gim Fu Lim, Secretary of the CWMAA in San Francisco; Ben Fee President of the CWMAA and later the first Chinese organizer for the Ladies Garment Workers Union in New York City..." ---"Wicked Theory Naked Practice" page 260

So is it surprising that we see a Trend as yet another Occupy Protest has been co-opted by the supporters of the Progressive establishment including one organization with Communist roots?


Because it would seem that the Political establishment on both sides of the fence fear one thing more than anything else...

A Real Grassroots Movement that might actually hold them accountable and expose their corruption to the world.

Energy Department Trying to Reverse Story

According to The Blaze:

"Thanks to CNBC, the Department of Energy has been caught removing references to “SunPower,” a solar energy company that was given $1.2 billion in loan guarantees, from old press releases (H/T Hotair).

“The changes occurred in two press releases from the Department of Energy’s loan guarantee program — the same program that has been the center of controversy surrounding the failed solar company Solyndra,” reports Eamon Javers of CNBC.

“Both were changed to remove the name of a company that has received negative press attention in recent days, SunPower, and replace it with the name of another company, NRG Energy,” he added."

Biden Blames Tea Party Republicans For Not Passing Jobs Bill- "Going To Go Over Their Heads"

During a speech at the University of Pennsylvania Vice President Joe Biden blamed the Tea Party Republicans for not passing Obama's Jobs Bill when he said(beings around the 3:30 mark):

"Most of the mainstream folks in that other outfit know we have to do something. But this is not your father's Republican party. This is a different deal. If we were able to deal with just the leadership, we would have a deal, from the budget to this, a long time ago. But in fairness to the Republican leadership, they have trouble selling this to this new group of Congressman and Senators they have, they're not bad guys, they just have a very different value set than we do."

He then goes on the say that President Obama and himself are trying to go "Over the heads of those who don't want to compromise on anything."

Isn't it nice to see a Vice President admit he wants to go over the heads of the elected Representatives of the People just because they don't want something he does?

What country am I in anyway, Venezuela?

Mark Levin Interviews Jason Mattera On The Thug Joe Biden Saying "Don't Screw With Me"

Mark Levin interviews Jason Mattera on Vice President Joe Biden's comment, "Don't Screw With Me."

If you missed it, here is the video of the incident:

Hillary on "Democratic Transition" in Libya: "People Must Give Up Arms."

During a visit to Libya, Hillary Clinton explained that in order for Libya to embrace Democracy, Libyans must give up their arms. I can understand renouncing violence, but giving up your guns? Really?

Hmmmm... so I guess here in the U.S. we aren't very Democratic, according to Hillary's standards.

Occupy New Orleans...Or Not.

I think the video Speaks for itself...funny.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Residents In California Removing Smart Meters From Their Homes Without Permission

Here is a video from an Occupy protest in California where a Anti-Smart Meter activist was interviewed. During that interview she revealed that some Residents in California have taken the "law" into their own hands and are removing Smart Meters from their homes and replacing them with Analog Meters.

There is even a company based out of Northern California that is selling the Analog Meters to the public.

Is it legal?

Who knows.. but it's nice to see someone fighting back against this insane concept of the Government controlling your life through your energy use, even if it's some progressive in California.

Occupy Oakland Protesters Threaten Reporter

According to Breitbart TV:

"KGO reporter Amy Hollyfield reports that the protesters inhabiting the public square used by the Occupy Oakland protest threatened her and her news crew if they attempted to enter the rat-infested tent city. "They were telling us if we tried to take our cameras into the plaza and into the camp area they would take our cameras and break them."

Here is another video of the problems in Oakland:

Herman Cain says the EPA needs an "attitude adjustment"

According to You Tube:

"Herman Cain, speaking to the AZGOP in Phoenix on Oct. 17, 2011, said that if the EPA keeps America from becoming energy independent, it needs an "attitude adjustment." If they don't have one, then he supports defunding the EPA and starting all over."

Bill O'Reilly: Occupy Wall Street Racism? Where are all the black Protesters?

O'Reilly it seems, is determined to try and use the old tactic that was used on the Tea Party by suggesting that the OCW movements are racist since there isn't an obvious number of protesters who aren't white.

Not sure I would have gone there...

Ed Show: "We Are No Longer A Tea Party Nation!"

According to the organizers it's world wide...LOL... funny.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Democrat Congressman Berated By Leftists At Town Hall

Congressman Lou Barletta's Town Hall hosted in Hazleton on October 17th, 2011 where he was berated by leftist activists.

Congressional Chair of Progressive Caucus About Occupy Protest: "Politicians Don't See the Light Until They Feel the Heat"

According to You Tube:

"Congressman and Chair of the Progressive Caucus Keith Ellison told The UpTake yesterday during an interview about the growing Occupy Wall Street demonstrations."

Obama: Republicans Want "Dirtier Air, Dirtier Water Less People With Health Insurance."

According to You Tube:

"President Barack Obama said the Republican jobs proposal, released last week, would mean "dirtier air, dirtier water, less people with health insurance."

Mark Levin: Obamacare is Crown Jewel Of Obama's Marxist Regime

Mark Levin talks about how the Healthcare law is the crown jewel of the Obama Administration.

One of Only 46 Surviving Paul Revere Bells Return to Boston Church

According to You Tube:

"One of 46 surviving bells made by Paul Revere's foundry before his death found a new home at Boston's Old South Meeting House, the famed place where the Boston Tea Party began. The 876-pound Paul Revere bell, made in 1801, was acquired from the First Baptist Church of Westborough, Massachusetts. The bell was connected to the original 1766 tower clock and will once again ring out the hour as it did in Colonial Boston."

Occupy Rockford Protester Says To Tea Party Protesters: "I Want To Be Tea Bagged"

According to You Tube:

"Rockford Tea Party and Occupy Rockford held protest outside of Chase bank on East State Street in Rockford, Illinois on Saturday October 15, 2011.

Included is video of the protest, the positions of the tea party and the occupiers, and their answers to whether or not they have ever been given a job by a poor person. Also some video of a pair of real winners one who called the Tea Party racist and wanted them to be beaten up and another who wanted to be "teabaged".

The Occupy Protester who talks about being "Tea Bagged" starts around the 9:14 mark.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Foreign Job Creation?: Obama Administration to Partner With Korea in Researching Green Tech

In 2010 Obama was pushing the idea that we can create jobs by designing and building "Green" tech here in the U.S.:

Well at times like these I remember what my father used to tell me, don't listen to what a person says, instead pay attention to what a person does. It would seem that President Obama isn't exactly practicing what he preaches.

According to an Article on hydro-energy business review.com, the United States and Korea are forming a Clean Energy Partnership:

"The US Department of Energy (DOE) has signed an agreement with the Republic of Korea to establish a new clean energy technology partnership.

The new partnership will strengthen the two countries' bilateral cooperation in clean energy technology research and development (R&D).

Under the agreement, the countries will cooperate on clean energy research in areas including renewable energy, energy efficiency, smart grid technology, green transportation, carbon capture and storage and energy storage systems.

Researchers from both countries will exchange scientific and technical information, organize workshops and consult to promote joint R&D projects, among other forms of collaboration.

DOE secretary Steven Chu said the agreement will enable the US and the Republic of Korea to expand their strong bilateral cooperation on clean energy.

"By working together toward our shared clean energy goals, we can promote the kind of innovation that will help win the clean energy race," Chu said."

Call me silly, but if the U.S. is going to share our Research for the Green Tech we are going to build with Korea, what will prevent Korea from using that Research to build the Green Tech?

President Obama is trying to sell the American People on the Green Revolution by saying we will design and build Green products, like windmills and batteries, here in the U.S. so we can sell them abroad. Isn't this partnership counter productive to that idea?

So yet again, it would seem that the Obama administration is going to allow U.S. research to be used to create jobs... in Korea.

I'm sure the Korean people will show their gratitude by voting for Obama in 2012.

Well at least he'll have a few votes that way.

Young Communist League Urges Members To Join Occupy Movements Because Occupy Youth "Want to Redistribute Wealth"

It would seem that all of the Communist Party USA wants to support the Occupy movements, even the Young Communist League (YCL).

According to the YCL website, they are urging their members to join Occupy movements near them because Youth have an "immediate need to redistribute wealth":

"Comrades, we encourage you all to get out on the streets, out on your campuses, and out in your communities during these exciting times. All over the country, youth are talking about the immediate need to redistribute wealth and political power from the hands of a few to the working class majority. The YCL needs to be front and center in these discussions and actions."

Here is a screen shot of their page (click picture to enlarge):

So it seems that while most people are confused about what the Occupy movements stand for, the YCL has a good idea of what they think they are about....

Or at least...what they want them to be.

Occupy STL Discuss Storming Field At World Series

The Occupy STL movement here in St. Louis has been Hijacked by the former organization ,ACORN . And now that same Astro-turf organization is discussing how to use the exposure St. Louis will receive, with the Cardinals playing in the World Series, to their advantage.

It's bad enough that Occupy STL has used the Cardinal's Logo to push Class Warfare but now, disturbingly, several members of Occupy STL are suggesting that they should storm the field in order to get more press time for their cause. Here are some screen shots of the discussion on the Occupy STL Facebook page (Click photo to enlarge):

Some in the group point out that this idea would be a lousy way to get support here in St. Louis, but the idea seems to still be taken as a serious suggestion:

If that isn't bad enough some members of Occupy STL suggest putting up tents around Busch Stadium or even finding a way to Occupy the stadium itself:

So it would seem that there are several Occupy STL members openly suggesting disrupting the World Series in some way in order to push forward their agenda.

If they do, they might as well pack up their tents, sleeping bags and clean up Kiener Plaza ahead of time, because once Occupy STL tries anything that disrupts the World Series, it won't be the Police that storm their Home Base at Kiener with an eviction notice....

But a Sea of Red made up of Angry, Pissed Off and Vengeful Cardinals fans who, I fear, will have No Mercy.


According to Breitbart TV:

"Al Sharpton spear-headed the "March for Jobs" on the national mall this weekend. The community activist joined several big labor unions and left-wing political groups in demanding jobs from the federal government and denouncing Republicans for not passing the tax increase President Obama proposed to pay for a job stimulus for government union workers.

Mr. Sharpton is also the host of a nightly news show on NBC News' cable outlet MSNBC."

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Occupy STL: Anarchists, Commies and Confusion Oh My!

This is video that was taken at the Occupy St. Louis protest march on October 14th, 2011.

Special Thanks to my friend from M.E.W. who helped with some of the filming.

Retired Economic WASH U Professor @ Occupy STL: "I Have Been Waiting A Long Time For This Revolution"

The man in this video called, Fred Raines, is Dr. Fred Raines, a retired economist who worked at Washington University. During his interview he says that he has been waiting for this "Revolution" and that this Occupy movement will change our country.

Dr. Raines is also a huge supporter of legalizing drugs.

Labor Union To Coordinate With Occupy Movement

While this isn't anything new, to be honest, but here is a video from Occupy STL where they openly talk about how this already Co-opted movement is going to be supported, if not even more co-opted, by the labor movement.

Occupy STL Hands Out "Chant" Sheets For Protest

I have been to many a Tea Party gathering but I have never seen this.

While attending the M.O.R.E hijacked Occupy STL protest on October 14th I was handed the paper pictured above. (Click the Picture above to enlarge.)

What is that paper?

Well a "Chant" paper, among other things. This paper lists all of the Chants that were to be used during the march (but most of them were not).

Ironically the March didn't even follow the prescribed path described on the paper, but instead, was so terribly mismanaged that the M.O.R.E organizer in charge of the march was yelled at by Anarchists.

Funny, most "Grass Roots" organizations don't have the money to print and hand out such a "Chant" sheet to hundreds of people.

But I guess if you have been co-opted by a group heavily involved with the establishment on the left, especially Unions and Communists, then the designing, printing and distribution of these "Chant" Sheets is just a matter of having them printed at a Union Shop,(Look at the logo at the bottom of the page) and have them handed out by SEIU members.

If Occupy STL isn't careful... the "Astro-Turf" might show through their "Grass Roots"...

Oops.... too late.

70 + Protesters Arrested At Occupy Wall Street

According to Breitbart TV:

"Police say more than 70 people have been arrested in New York City during demonstrations against corporate greed, including 45 in Times Square. Two police officers suffered injuries and had to be hospitalized."

Saturday, October 15, 2011

NO ONE KNOWS: SEIU/Occupy STL Protester Rambles On About Purpose Of Protest

"At a recent Occupy STL protest I had a chance to ask this SEIU member why he was protesting.

If you figure it out please inform me....and him."

ACORN / M.O.R.E Organizer Screws Up Occupy STL Protest March- Gets Yelled At By Anarchists

An offshoot of ACORN, Missourians Organizing For Reform and Empowerment (MORE) have Co-Opted the Occupy STL protests. While it seems this Astro Turf Organization can steal an entire movement from Grass Roots, it seems they can't lead a protest without screwing it up...

Eventually the MORE Organizer gets yelled at by some Anarchists.

Friday, October 14, 2011

"Energy Meter" In School Tracks Carbon Footprint

While this video is 2 years old, this is exactly what Smart Meters in your homes will do once they are installed.

According to You Tube:

"A Washington, DC, school takes energy management to the next level, thanks to energy meters donated by Alliance Associate E-Mon. In this video, E-Mon's Bob Fern shows how the new meters will save Horace Mann Elementary energy and money."

E-Mon is a company that specializes in Smart Meters.

Secretary Chu: "We Want To Save Energy Because It Helps With Our Climate Goals"

According to You Tube:

"Steven Chu, U.S. Energy Secretary, discusses the reasons to save energy: to save money, to make the economy more prosperous, and to support climate goals."

Occupy Wall Street Eviction Stopped

Automakers Agree On Electric Car Universal Plug For Smart Grid

It looks like the major automakers have now officially decided on a universal charger so electric cars can plug into the Smart Grid.

According to Smart Planet.com:

"At an announcement made at the Society of German Engineers’ 15th International Electronic Systems for Motor Vehicles Conference yesterday, the car companies signed the Combined Charging System — which will give all upcoming EVs the same charging interface. The interface will be capable of one-phase AC charging, rapid three-phase AC charging, at-home DC charging or ultra-fast DC charging at public charging stations. This essentially means that there won’t be a separate wire for rapid charging, or home/wall outlets.

The automakers also agreed to use HomePlug Green Phy as the communication protocol. This method will facilitate the integration of electric cars into smart grid applications."

Breitbart Says He has Emails Showing Occupy Protests Are An Organized Effort To Destabilize Government

According to Breitbart TV:

"On Fox Business, Andrew Breitbart breaks the news that Big Government has obtained and will release e-mails that prove the organized plan behind the "Occupy Wall Street" protests."

Leftist Hurls Racist, Hateful Comments, Assaults Tea Party Member

Here is a video from a Tea Partier in Portland Oregon who was confronted by a leftist and eventually assaulted.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Crowd Shouts Down Piven For Calling Tea Party Racist

According to Breitbart TV Francis Fox Pivon got in trouble in front of a college audience for calling the Tea Party Racist:

"Stephen Gutowski: Among the most controversial of her claims and assertions were her opinions on the Tea Party movement. During her time at the podium Piven asserted at least twice that racism is, at least, one of the factors driving the Tea Party. The crowd, which included a group of Tea Partiers, was clearly unhappy with Piven calling the Tea Party racist."

Astro Turf: ACORN / M.O.R.E. Hijacked Occupy STL Protest

A few days ago I brought attention to the fact that there was a Civil War of sorts going on among the Occupy St. Louis organizers.

The problem at the time I wrote the article was that I didn't know who the factions were that made up the two sides of the Civil War, that is until now.

After some extensive research I have discovered that it appears Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment (MORE) have successfully ripped the Occupy STl movement away from the Grass Roots organizers.

Who is MORE?

Well a Communist affiliated spin off of the former ACORN.

The Civil War in Occupy STL appears to have been started by one of the original organizers of the movement, who after watching the takeover of the movement by MORE, began yelling from the mountaintops by utilizing the Occupy STL Facebook and twitter accounts in order to tell people that the Movement had been co-opted.

Here are some tweets discussing this:

It would appear that those in MORE, and in Occupy STL, didn't much appreciate being outed by one of their own. According to more tweets, the original grass roots organizer trying to expose the take over, received Death Threats:

One of the other Occupy STL Organizers named JayPhantom42, went so far as to try and intimidate the informant by posting her personal information on the Occupy STL Forum and then tweeting a link to that forum about 30 times. Here is a screen shot of the forum (click picture to enlarge):

It would seem that the threats and intimidation worked well, so much so that the informant gave the sign of surrender on twitter, even denying that she was involved with the take over of the twitter and Facebook accounts:

I contacted the informant and was quickly denied any information or permission for an interview because of the fear she has for her safety and the safety of her family.

But even without her help it is more than obvious that MORE has officially taken control of Occupy STL since almost every local article talking about the Occupy STL movement quotes and/or pictures a member from MORE.

For example, Here is an article from the Riverfront Times that not only quotes a MORE member but pictures him as well. The MORE member's name is Paul Joesph Poposky and he is described as one of the leaders of Occupy STL. Here is a screen shot of the article (click to enlarge):

Mr Poposky appears to be the onsite MORE liason for the Occupy STL protests, he can be seen there regularly taking part in Committee decisions.

Also here is an article from the STL Beacon about Occupy STL, featuring a picture of MORE's Lead Organizer, Cathy de la Aguilera. The article also quotes the Executive Director of MORE, Jeff Ordower. Here is a screen shot of the article (click to enlarge):

Here is a screen shot of Cathy de la Aquilera from her Facebook page for comparison:

Jeff Ordower used to be the Kansas state contact for Healthcare for America now, representing ACORN.

But it would seem that not only are MORE members primarily featured in news stories but so are those that Fund MORE. In an article from the St. Louis Post Dispatch about Occupy STL, it quoted "veteran activist" Bill Ramsey as saying:

"It's snowballing," Ramsey said. "You can't put it aside like a flash in a pan."

Ironically Bill Ramsey belongs to an organization called the Conscience and Military Tax Campaign. According to NWTRCC's website Bill reported that CMTC gave MORE a financial grant:

"The projects receiving CMTC grants.....

Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment – to support home foreclosure counseling and direct action to challenge decisions by banks to foreclose on low-income and moderate-income homeowners."

Part of the St. Louis Post Dispatch article even describes an Occupy STL march that was led by none other than MORE's Lead Organizer, Cathy de la Aquilera:

"The easy symbolism offered by Wall Street was not to be found in St. Louis. But targets for the group's anger were still at hand. On Wednesday, it was Bank of America, which has a namesake office tower at the corner of Walnut and Market streets, a block away. Protesters sat on the amphitheater steps as Cathy de la Aguilera, 29, with Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment, explained the mission. She wanted a large show of force. Call your friends, she said. Get them out here.

"We want to go over there and demand they pay their fair share and stop foreclosing people's homes," she said."

The fact MORE has taken over the Occupy STL protest shouldn't surprise anyone because "Anti-Bank" is MORE's trademark.

Here is a video from MORE's You Tube page where, after they held a Mock Trial titled "the People's Hearing" and found Banks Guilty of the theft of people's homes, mentioned the Occupy STL motto of the 99% vs the 1%:

In this next video MORE is protesting a bank while being lead in a chant by Communist Party USA member, Tony Peckinovsky (Guy in the beard and sunglasses):

Coincidentally MORE belongs to the St. Louis Jobs With Justice which not only has the Communist Party USA organizations, Friends of People's World and the Young Communist League, listed as members, but also shows Tony Pecinovsky as the Secretary.

Tony even posted a link on MORE's Facebook page suggesting that MORE adopt the tactic described in the article, dumping garbage in the lobby of banks in a form of protest (click to enlarge):

Funny how these groups are intertwined isn't it?

But it would seem that MORE has so thoroughly taken over Occupy STL, that they have given up any pretense of Grass Roots and have started telling people on their Facebook page to "Join Us". Here is a Screen Shot:

So as any person with one eye can see, the Occupy STL protest is no longer a Grass Roots protest but instead has successfully been co-opted by the former shadow of ACORN, MORE.

And with ACORN's record of fairness and integrity, what is there to worry about?..?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Breitbart TV- Biden: Pass Jobs Bill To Avoid Increased Rape and Murder

According to Breitbart TV:

"In Flint, Michigan, Vice President Joe Biden suggested that more rapes and murders could occur if President Barack Obama's jobs bill is not passed."

Also if the Jobs Bill isn't passed the Polar Ice Caps will melt and Green House gases Will Increase!

Ok he didn't say it, but you know he would have....

Obama Adviser to Occupy WallStreet: The President Is On Your Side

According to Breitbart TV:

“If you’re concerned about Wall Street and our financial system, the president is standing on the side of consumers and the middle class,” Obama’s senior adviser David Plouffe said on “Good Morning America” Tuesday morning when asked about the demonstrations. “And a lot of these Republicans are basically saying, ‘You know what? Let’s go back to the same policies that led to the great recession in the first place’."

Griffith: Does the EPA make the laws or does the Congress of the United States?

According to You Tube:

"Congressman Griffith spoke in support of H.R. 2250 during amendment debate."

Obama To Break Up Jobs Bill To Push It Forward If Congress Rejects It

According to You Tube:

"Obama, facing a likely Senate defeat of his American Jobs Act (aka stimulus part 2), is prepared to work with Congress on breaking up the measure and passing proposals on a piecemeal basis."

Marines In Afghanistan Being Used For "Alternative Energy" Experiment

According to You Tube:

"The Marine Corps adopts alternative energy and energy conservation efforts in Helmand Province, Afghanistan."

Ultimately violence will be necessary, says Occupy L.A. speaker

According to You Tube, an Occupy L.A. protester said:

"Ultimately the bourgeoisie will not go without violent means"...We need a revolution like the French Revolution, not like Gandhi in India."

Hat Tip to my Facebook Friend Hank F.

To read more about this guy at the Occupy protest go to Pajamas Media.

Hat Tip to Chris L. for the link.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Young Communist League Allowed to Lead Occupy Chicago Protest March

The Communist Party USA News, People's World, attended an Occupy Chicago Protest to do some interviews.

Ironically they also caught something else on video, the Young Communist League (YCL) leading the Occupy Chicago March.

Here is a picture from the video of the YCL leading the March (Begins around the 3:20 mark):

If that doesn't convince you, then here is another picture taken from the video showing most of the banner where the words "Young Communist League" can clearly be seen:

Why is this important?

Well because earlier in the year I exposed the Young Communist League as an organization who supports "All Forms of Revolution, Including Violence".

So are you surprised that the Young Communist League, which supports all forms of Revolution, was allowed to lead an Occupy Chicago March consisting of Union Members, Union Leaders and other leftist organizations?

Nah, Me Either...

Odd?: Occupy DC Breaks Out Into Dance

According to MRC TV:

"I love how they managed to combine the two most annoying things in the world: the Black Eyed Peas and liberal flash mobs."

AFL-CIO Telling Members To Call Their Senators Today To Push Obama's Jobs Bill

Here is an email I just received from the AFL-CIO telling their members to call their Senators and voice support for Obama's Jobs Bill:


Today, the Senate is expected to take up President Obama’s American Jobs Act—which will put America back to work fixing our crumbling bridges, schools, roads, ports and more.

With millions of America's workers unemployed or underemployed, it’s critical that our elected officials stop playing partisan games and pass this legislation. But unfortunately, some politicians in Washington would rather let millions go without jobs than to reach across the aisle and vote for jobs.

Please call your senators toll free at 1-888-659-9401 right away. We’ll give you directions and connect you with your senators’ offices.

Here are some reasons why you and your senators should support the American Jobs Act:

It will create nearly 2 million jobs and prevent 280,000 teachers from losing their jobs.(1)
It prevents 5 million workers from losing their unemployment benefits.(2)
It makes immediate investments in rebuilding and upgrading America’s highways, transit, rail, airports, bridges, ports, schools and communications and energy infrastructure.(3)
To make sure the wealthy contribute their fair share to fixing our economy, the American Jobs Act is paid for by a 5.6 percent surtax on millionaires.(4)
Call 1-888-659-9401 now. It only takes a moment to make your voice heard.

Thanks for all the work you do.

In Solidarity,

Manny Herrmann
Online Mobilization Coordinator, AFL-CIO

(1) Moody’s Analytics, 9/9/11; Executive Office of the President, 10/4/11
(2) The White House, 9/9/11
(3) The Center for American Progress, 9/22/11
(4) S. 1660, introduced 10/5/11"

EPA Regulations Are Affecting Small Business Negatively

According to You Tube:

"Jay Lunt, Pres. of Folkers Window Company, explains how many customers are choosing not to do any remodeling at all once they are faced with the increased costs that come from burdensome regulations, such as the up-front expense of performing tests."

Occupy Boston Clash With Police

According to Breitbart TV:

"Boston police moved in and began arresting scores of Occupy Boston protesters who refused to leave a large part of the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway early this morning."

Occupy STL Protester: "No One Is Arguing For Capitalism"

On Saturday October 8th, 2011, I attended the Occupy STL Protest hoping to find out what they stand for.

This particular STL Protester, while having an intelligent and civil debate, made some curious statements about Capitalism.

"Where is Capitalism Enshrined in the Constitution?


"No One Is Arguing For Capitalism."

Unfortunately she did not get a chance to explain her comments in detail because the debate moved on to a different subject.

Communist Van Jones Leads Occupy Wall Street Crowd In Chant

Here is a Video of the Self-Described Communist and X-Green Jobs Czar of the Obama Administration, Van Jones, leading the Occupy Wall Street Protesters in what the videographer describes as a Chant.

This video was taken 2 days ago.

Monday, October 10, 2011

LaRouche Supporter: Tea Party Had Nothing To Do With Obama Hitler Poster

According to Breitbart TV:

"While being interviewed by MRCTV's Joe Schoffstall at the Occupy DC rally, a LaRouche supporter admitted that the liberal media falsely smeared the Tea Party by saying LaRouche signs of Obama wearing a Hitler mustache were representative of the protests. (language warning"

Obama Supporter Converts To A Ron Paul Supporter

According to You Tube:

"Darla is a supporter of Ron Paul and talks about how many at Freedom Plaza "Stop the Machine" protest participants are not "a big old Obama fest." Paul supporters hope Ron Paul will make a thrid party Presidential run in 2012."

Also during the interview Darla admits she voted for Obama but has been betrayed.

Obama Supporter/Occupy D.C. Protester Is Against Corporate Money In Campaigns But It's OK If Obama Takes Corporate Money Because "His Hands Are Tied"

According to You Tube:

"Mrs. James still supports Obama. She says she is in favor of removing corporate contributions from all politicians but that until the laws are changed she says its okay that Obama take Corporate money. Everyone does it says Mrs. James. We like Mrs. James fire though we do not agree on supporting Obama."

Stop the Machine Protester Say's Barack Obama is Jesus Christ

According to the You Tube:

"Interviewing participants at the October2011.org "Stop The Machine" protesters in Freedom Plaza, Washington, DC. This gentleman says "Barack Obama is Jesus Christ to me."

Trumka Supports Occupy Protesters and Wants To Dictate To Banks

This video was posted 5 days ago showing how Richard Trumka, President of the AFL-CIO, not only supports the Occupy Protesters, but seems to support dictating to banks on how to change their legal contracts between lender and lessee.

Funny.. he doesn't support it when someone wants to force change in a contract between a Union and a Business or a Governing body on the State or Federal level in order to save money or save jobs. But yet he does support forced change in a legal contract when it comes to banks.


You betcha...

Public Employee SEIU Local Supports Occupy Wichita

According to You Tube:

"Harold Schlechtweg, Business Representative for SEIU's Local 513, pledges SEIU's support for Occupy Wichita. Local 513 represents the Kansas public employees."

Occupy STL Jazz Hands and The Lazy Protester

On Saturday October 8th, during an Occupy STL committee meeting, there was a large display of 'Jazz Hands' and one female protester in particular who stated that while she was not going to march in protest everyday, she did feel new people who join the protest should march.

Nice way to lead by example...

Sunday, October 9, 2011

More Occupy STl video from Adam Sharp

FLASHBACK: Obama Says His Cap and Trade Plan Will Skyrocket Your Electric Bill

Around the time the President was elected, Obama had plans to install a cap and trade plan that would, as he admitted, cause your electric bill to skyrocket.

Why would he do this?

Because it was apart of the Apollo Alliance economic plan to transform the U.S. economy into a "Green" economy.

As a matter of fact, in 2009 Senior Adviser to the Senate Committee on the Environment and Public Works was Kate Gordon, of the Apollo Alliance, stated that the Cap and Trade system was essential to their "New Apollo Program":

"Last fall, we released our New Apollo Program, a proposal for a comprehensive suite of federal investments to build the clean energy economy by leveraging America’s strengths, such as our can-do spirit, our industrial infrastructure, our skilled workforce, and our world-class educational system. This program called for a federal investment of $500 billion over ten years to revolutionize how we produce and use energy – an investment that would create over 5 million new jobs. It also called for a cap and price to be put on carbon pollution. The Apollo Alliance was one of the first organizations to recognize early on that a market-based system to limit carbon emissions is an essential component of any comprehensive strategy to generate growth in the clean energy economy, because it creates new markets for low-carbon products while providing certainty for private investments into the renewable and energy efficiency industries."

Since the EPA has the power to regulate carbon, it is just a matter of time before a cap and trade style system is forced upon us once things like the Smart Grid, which will give the Government the ability to track your individual carbon creation, is complete.

Nice to know that since the Obama administration couldn't pass a cap and trade bill through congress, that they just decided to circumvent the will of the people and use regulation instead.

Funny.... isn't there a word for a leader who does what he wants and doesn't play by the rules?

Hmmm.. I think that word begins with the letter T...

And ends with... YRANT..