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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Money To Burn?: Department of Energy Dishes Out 1.5 Million to Goodyear and PPG

While the U.S. continues to rack up unprecedented debt, the Obama administration seems determined to continue on it's plan to Transform the economy.

The administration's latest 'investment' reminds me of when Obama said the best way to save gas is to keep your tires inflated, lets remember together...shall we?:

Well it seems the President wasn't kidding about the Tires. According to an article in TireBusiness.com, the Department of Energy (DOE) just gave $1.5 Million dollars in grants to Goodyear and PPG so that they can conduct studies in energy efficiency:

"The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has awarded $1.5 million grants to Cooper Tire & Rubber Co., Goodyear and PPG Industries Inc. to study, evaluate and develop technologies for improving the fuel economy of the nation’s vehicle fleet.

The grants, the first ever awarded by the DOE to companies in the tire industry, will fund vastly different projects, from Cooper’s challenge to cut passenger tire weight and improve fuel efficiency by 3 percent to Goodyear’s work on technology to keep truck tires properly inflated automatically, to PPG’s project to improve air pressure retention.

The grants were among 40 the DOE awarded recently as part of an initiative “to accelerate the development and deployment of advanced vehicle technologies,” according to Energy Secretary Steven Chu.

Awarded by the DOE’s Office of Vehicle Technology—whose mission is described as developing “more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly highway transportation technologies that enable America to use less petroleum”—the grants are worth more than $175 million."

Hmmm.... $1.5 Million from the DOE to make tires more energy efficient by making them lighter and keeping them inflated. How Green of the President to push that idea....again.

Funny... didn't a 'Green Company' that was touted by the President and who also received $535 Million dollars from the DOE just fail?

That reminds me about of a few old sayings...

One was about a person who continues to do the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result....

And the other was about a person and their money are soon parted....

Wasn't there something about a Fool in both of those....?



CNS News: AFL-CIO President Says If Bush Tax Cuts Were To Expire, Half Our National Debt Would Be Gone

During a recent press conference Richard Trumka says that if the Bush Tax Cuts went away then the National debt would be gone.

And if i had wings.. I would be a bird.


Kickbacks?: Company of CEO on Presidential Jobs Council Gets Partial Loan Guarantee For $852 Million Dollar Solar Project on Gov Land

The speed at which Obama is pushing his plan to Transform the economy is evident in the daily news. But what has not been as evident are the possible kickbacks that may be involved in that Transformation.

According to Brigtherenergy.org, the Department of Energy (DOE) has finalized a partial loan guarantee for an $852 Million dollar loan for a solar thermal project in California that is coincidentally on Government Land:

"The US Department of Energy has finalized a partial guarantee for an $852 million loan to support the development of a major solar thermal project being developed in California.

The Genesis Solar Project is a 250 megawatt (MW) parabolic trough concentrating solar power (CSP) facility that will increase the nation’s currently installed CSP capacity by about 50 percent.

NextEra Energy Resources, LLC, the project sponsor, estimates it will fund approximately 800 construction jobs and 47 operating jobs.

The project is located on land managed by the Bureau of Land Management in Riverside County, California.

“This project creates jobs, avoids greenhouse gas emissions and helps strengthen our nation’s renewable energy future,” said Energy Secretary Steven Chu. “With the support of loan guarantees, we will enable the deployment of clean, renewable sources at scale, which will help bring down the cost of solar power in the years to come."

NextEra's CEO, the company that just received the loan guarantee from the DOE, is a man named Lewis Hay.

Lewis Hay, or Lew as he is also called, just happens to be on President Obama's Council on Jobs and Competitiveness.

NextEra also happens to be the largest clean energy company in North America with over 15,000 employees in 28 states and Canada who just happened to pull in over $15 Billion Dollars in revenues in 2010.

So all of these facts begs the question.

Why does the largest Clean Energy Company in North America that has over $15 Billion Dollars in revenues need the Department of Energy to back an $852 Million Dollar loan for their solar project that is going to be built on Government land?

Is all of this just a coincidence..?

Or a Kickback?


Union Bosses: If Obama Doesn't Win We Are Doomed and There Will Be Fascism and Chaos.

During an SEIU Protest in PA, two Union Bosses make Dire Predictions if Obama Isn't Re-Elected.


CNS News: White House: Only 'Fervent Partisan' Would Suggest Obama To Blame For Job Losses

According to CNS News:

"When asked questions about the president's upcoming speech on jobs and economic growth yesterday, White House spokesperson Jay Carney claimed that only the most 'fervent partisan' would suggest the 8 million plus jobs lost in this recession were lost because of actions Barack Obama took."


Obama: The Unemployed are Being Discriminated Against

During a recent radio address, President Obama said that the unemployed are being discriminated against by employers.

Not really sure how that works....

Hat Tip Breitbart TV


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

NASA 'Global Warming(Climate Change)' Scientist Arrested At Protest in Front of White House

According to The Blaze:

"Dr. James Hansen, the NASA scientist who claims that the agency tried to censor his findings about earth’s climate on behalf of the Bush administration, was one of 139 climate protesters arrested outside of the White House Monday. The protesters were demonstrating against the planned $7-billion Keystone XL pipeline, which would transport 500,000 barrels of crude per day from Canada all the way to the Gulf coast of Texas."


Deneen Borelli: Regulations are "Killing Our Economy and Killing Jobs"

These Regulations are all apart of the Transformation of the Economy.

Horowitz: 'The Neo-Communist Left is Really the Democratic Party'

According to You Tube:

"Conservative activist David Horowitz says there are few good people left among elected officials in the Democratic Party. He calls President Barack Obama a radical from "the worst part of the 60's." In this Newsmax.TV video, Horowitz also discusses his personal introspective new book "A Point in Time."


Transformation Continues: Reid- "Clean Energy Revolution Happening, But Not Quickly Enough"

(Image from Teahugger.com)

The Obama Administration's plan to Transform the current "Oil" based economy into a "Green" based economy is being carried out daily. From the Department of Energy to the USDA, numerous Government Agencies are being utilized to force this 'transformation'. But what is truly disturbing is that those on the left are not even trying to hide this plan, in fact some are even saying that the plan isn't happening fast enough.

According to an Article in the Washington Post National, Senator Harry Reid said that the "Green" Revolution is happening, but not fast enough for him:

"A clean energy revolution is under way in the United States but isn’t happening quickly enough, U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said Monday.

Reid told reporters in advance of a clean energy summit in Las Vegas that the country is still too dependent on foreign oil and needs to change that to help national defense and the economy.

“Our dependence on foreign oil is making our nation less secure, and is certainly damaging the health of our citizens,” he said.

Reid said he expects clean energy projects to be part of jobs bills the Senate will consider when it returns to session next week.

The Tuesday summit at the Aria Resort & Casino is expected to include Vice President Joe Biden, several governors and other influential policy experts, including Energy Secretary Steven Chu and U.S. Navy Secretary Ray Mabus."

Why isn't the "Revolution" happening fast enough?

Well according to Harry Reid it's the Republicans and Tea Party's fault:

"Reid and Podesta spoke outdoors in a porte-cochere where automakers including Nissan, Toyota and CODA Automotive touted the latest models of zero-emission cars for city driving, and casino company MGM Resorts International showed off a charging station offered at two of its Sin City properties.

Reid said he expects Obama to speak soon in strong favor of a new push for patent reform that will create 200,000 jobs. But he said that and other initiatives have been hard to get through given Republican opposition.

“The tea-party driven Republicans — it’s made it very difficult to get progressive things done for this Congress,” he said."

So as you can see this "Transformation/Revolution" isn't being hidden from view..

But instead is being proclaimed from the rooftops.

The reason you haven't heard about is is because no one on the 'Right' is paying attention.

Well.. Almost No One.


Mark Levin - How Many Illegal Alien Relatives Does Barack Obama Have In Our Country

Good Question...How Many?


Breitbart Participates In An Improptu Debate On The Obama Administration's 'Transparency'

On the set of "Courage" Andrew Breitbart debates the Obama Administration's Transparency, or lack of it, with an unknown man in colonial garb.

For the man in Black Garbs info, Obama does have lobbyists in his administration, at least 40 according to the Washington Examiner. Also Obama's Aides have regularly met with Lobbyists across the street from the White House.

The idea that Obama isn't in bed with Lobbyists is laughable.....if your in Washington D.C. ..your in bed with Lobbyists.

This video was shot by Victoria Jackson.


Monday, August 29, 2011

Communist Party USA: "If GOP Policies Prevail A Whole Lot Of People Won't Survive."

The Communist Party USA (CPUSA), you know... the Communist organization that is funded by unions, has come out in support of re-electing President Obama in 2012.....Which to most is no surprise.

But what is surprising, and a tad disturbing, are the absolute and blatant fear mongering tactics that they are using to support Obama and the Democrats.

According to an article written by Jarvis Tyner, Executive Vice- Chair of the CPUSA, posted in the CPUSA News, People's World, if the Republicans get back in office, an their policies prevail, people are going to die:

"The Republicans must be defeated
august 26 2011

After watching the recent Republican presidential debate in Iowa, I am sure millions have been convinced more than ever that the Republicans must be defeated in 2012.

This motley crew of right-wing fanatics are not in favor of giving any concessions to the working class, the poor or the victims of systemic racism.

They have no regard for historic levels of poverty, unemployment, home foreclosures, hunger and homelessness that people of color suffer.

They don't care about the youth and children who attend run-down, understaffed and underfunded public schools every day.

The fact that tens of million of youth who should be going to college or starting their first real job but instead face the prospect of years, decades, perhaps even a lifetime of joblessness, underemployment and incarceration is a non-issue to them.

They didn't get the memo on global warming and the health care crisis.

The Iowa debate convened the real "death panel," because if the GOP policies prevail a whole lot of people won't survive.

In their debate, the war hawks pushed for more war, more squandering of blood and treasure while claiming to support the troops.

With the addition of Rick Perry, the political debate among the Republican contenders has moved even further to the right. The process of picking the next Republican "fuehrer" shows a party whose time has long past.

The GOP candidates oppose the concept of people before profits. As Mitt Romney put it last week, "corporations are people." Their uncompromising priority is protecting the wealth and privileges of the super rich, which means they are uncompromisingly against the general welfare of the people, particularly multiracial working majority.

They say they're opposed to big government, but that is a cover up.

By opposing raising taxes on the super rich and cutting the military budget and subsidies to big oil, they oppose jobs for the unemployed, rebuilding the collapsing infrastructure, ending the foreclosure crisis. Theirs is not a noble cause.

The very premise of their policies is a fallacy. If the dominant policies of the current Republican contenders prevail, our nation will be driven into a far deeper crisis economically, socially and politically.

The truth is that the crisis will not be overcome without increasing the wellbeing and buying power of working people. And that is what they are fighting tooth and nail.

The racial dynamic of their policies are something that should alarm all democratic minded people.

It is no accident that the tea party's largest base is among southern whites, who according to a recent Notre Dame study, continue to be highly influenced by the ideology of racism.

They considered black people inferior before Obama, and they continue to be motivated to defeat Obama because he is African American.

The driving force for progressive activism in the coming 2012 election is not how serious one can criticize Obama's concessions to the right but the grave historic danger from the right. The Republicans must be defeated.

Having just watched the movie The Help, and as the son of a mother and father who grew up in the Jim Crow South this writer is reminded of what is at stake. If the Republican-Libertarian-tea party Axis thinks we are going back to the days of Jim Crow, they are mistaken.

The extreme right has done enormous damage to the national spirit of unity and hope. And it is true that Obama didn't fight hard enough and succumbed to the enormous pressure from the right on too many occasions. However, the democratic forces have to take our country back from the fanatic right-wing minority.

One has to be impressed by the new militant spirit of fight back that is gaining momentum cross the country. Grassroots folks from people's and labor organizations are confronting tea party elected officials at their town hall meetings.

Labor is gearing up for the big fight for jobs and decent contracts. The immigrant rights movement is on the move.

The Congressional Progressive Caucus and Black Caucus are holding hearings on the issue of jobs creation through public works to repair our neglected infrastructure.

Taxing the rich has become a majority demand. Tens of thousands are lining up at job fairs organized to get corporations to step up and hire the unemployed, veterans and youth.

Peace forces are pushing to bring the troops home and transfer the money to create jobs and stop the massive number of foreclosures.

This is a crusade to put the people first.

Before the announcement of Hurricane Irene on Sunday, tens of thousands were planning to come to Washington to welcome the now postponed opening of the monument to Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

What are they demanding? Jobs. Jobs. Jobs!!

Despite their correct criticisms of the president, they understand that the main danger comes from the right.

If the GOP regains all three branches of the government, the crisis of human suffering can and will become far more severe.

The majority of the American people understand that the reelection of Obama is not an option. It is part of what is necessary to win this epic battle."

More Hurricane Morons?: Jet-ski Madness Spreads

It seems like if you combine raw sewage, flooding and a jet-ski it produces at least one idiot who will ride it.

Below is a video of a flooded street in Newark New Jersey where a guy decides to use his jet-ski to... sit just there:

Here is another video of a group of people who think its a good idea to pile on a jet ski and ride it in a flooded field:

Here is a video of what appears to be a guy riding a jet-ski in a flooded street of New York:

Here is a news report before the storm hit of some jet-skiers sill riding around in the harbor:

And here is a video of an unknown town where a couple of people decide to use their jet-ski to go screaming down a flooded street:

Finally here is a video of two guys riding the waves of Irene in Florida on, you guessed it, Jet-skis:

Morons... they are everywhere.


Hurricane Irene vs. The Idiots

I think the video speaks for itself...


Transformation Continues: Department of Energy To Use $141 Million in Stimulus Funds To Demo Carbon Capture In Illinois

In yet another example of how the Obama Administration is trying to Transform the Economy and Not Save It, the Department of Energy is using $141 Million from the Stimulus Funds in order to demonstrate Carbon Capture in Illinois. According to care2.com:

"The U.S. Department of Energy recently broke ground on a facility that will use $141 million in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) to demonstrate the efficacy of the carbon capture and storage process.

The project, which will be constructed near the Archer Daniels Midland biofuels plant in Decatur, Illinois, is the first federally-funded, large-scale integrated carbon capture and storage (CCS) demonstration project to move out of the construction phase. The announcement comes just a few weeks after American Electric Power abandoned its plans to build its $668 million CCS facility in New Haven, West Virginia.

The Illinois project will be designed to sequester approximately 2,500 metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) per day in the saline Mount Simon Sandstone formation at depths of approximately 7,000 feet. Researchers estimate that the sandstone formation can potentially store billions of tons of CO2 and has the overall potential to sequester all of the more than 250 million tons of CO2 produced each year by industry in the Illinois Basin region."

But demonstrating Carbon Capture isn't enough, the Department of Energy wants a Brainwashing...er... I mean "Education" facility at the local Community College in order to "teach" Carbon Capture:

"In addition to providing a working demonstration of CCS technology, the project also calls for an educational and training facility, the National Sequestration Education Center, slated to be housed at nearby Richland Community College in Decatur. The center will contain classrooms, training, and laboratory facilities, and it will offer students associate degrees in sequestration technology."

Isn't it nice to know that all of your hard earned and borrowed tax payer dollars are going to create jobs based upon preventing the bogus theory of Global Warming?

Now if we can only tax the rich and pass a third Stimulus, then the Obama Administration can finish turning the U.S. into that 'Green' Paradise that he has always talked about.

Ah... nothing like one man's Paradise becoming everyone else's...... Hell.


How Illegals Are Helping To Destroy The Economy

Great Video that explains the burden that Illegal Migration plays on the economy thereby destroying it.


More Wasted Money: USDA Gives Over $70,000 To B&Bs In Order To Push Local Food

According to CNS News:

"Among the 19 states receiving these funds is New York, which recently announced that it was awarded a $73,824 grant. This grant will be used to encourage bed and breakfast operators to feature locally produced food and agricultural products."

Examples like this just make me want more of my money back.


Sunday, August 28, 2011

Trasformation Continues: Obama Administration Spending $41 Million on Carbon Capture Research

Several weeks ago I wrote an article on how the Obama Administration is trying to Transform the Economy, not save it.

Obama is doing this by destroying the old "Oil Based" economy and laying the foundation for the New "Green Based" economy. As if that isn't bad enough, this New economy will have it's roots deep in the failed theory of Global Warming.

To help prove that point, here is an article from the AP today that says Georgia Tech is going to be receiving $2 Million, of a $41 Million dollar Department of Energy Grant program, that is to study ways of capturing carbon without raising the price of energy any more than 35%:

"ATLANTA (AP) — Georgia Tech has received a $2.4 million grant to study new ways to capture carbon dioxide from coal-burning power plants.

The grant from the U.S. Department of Energy was one of 16 valued at $41 million. The funding is meant to spur research on methods to cut greenhouse gas emissions from power plants without raising the cost of electricity more than 35 percent.

President Barack Obama's administration says it wants five to 10 commercial demonstration projects online by 2016.

Existing carbon capture technologies are highly inefficient, depriving plants of 20 to 30 percent of the electricity that they generate. Researchers at Georgia Tech are investigating ways to capture carbon dioxide on hollow fibers loaded with silica-supported adsorbents."

So while you sleep soundly at night thinking that Global Warming is dead...

The Obama Administration is busy at work using your tax payer borrowed funds to Transform this country into a "Green" Paradise.

Who says you can't have Nightmares when your awake?


Al Gore Thiks Being a Global Warming Skeptic Today Is The Same As Being A Southern Racist In The Past

Hat Tip The Blaze


Spider Man Took On Hurricane Irene?

If Spider Man was in Virginia, I guess Super Man was in New York?


Al Gore In Denial: Scientists Wouldn't Lie About Global Warming For Money, Skeptics Would

According to Breitbart TV Al Gore said:

"This is an organized effort to attack the reputation of the scientific community as a whole, to attack their integrity, and to slander them with the lie that they are making up the science in order to make money. Look, first of all, these scientists don’t make a lot of money. They’re comfortable, and as they should be, but they don’t make a lot of money. That’s not their motivation for doing what they do."

So if these Scientists don't make alot of money then I guess they wouldn't have a good reason for taking bribes in order to alter data then would they?

Oh wait... never mind.


MI News: Obnoxious Protest at Successful Choice School

Several days ago some of the unions in Wisconsin decided to intimidate teachers and staff at a local school where Governor Scott Walker just happened to be speaking.

This video demonstrates the thug like tactics that some in the union are willing to use in order to get their way. Pathetic..


*UPDATE* Civility?: Videos of Socialist & Union Protesters At Napa Valley Tea Party

Several not so 'civil' Union Protesters showed up during a recent Tea Party Express stop in Napa Valley, California.

In this video it shows protesters beating on the fence, mocking Tea Party members and one protesters even says, "Go Back To England You F**ker":

This next video might as well be showing a groups of Marxists at a protest:

In this last video Tony Katz confronts some of the protesters:

As you can see these particular protesters seem to not only lack civility, but individual thought.

They seem to embrace the motto 'It's easier to Hate than it is to Civilly Communicate.'


It would seem that the Protesters not only consisted of some Union members but Socialists from the "Green Tea" Party (Notice the SDS Signs with the Red Fists). Here is their video of the protest:

The obvious intelligence factor in this video is overwhelming... and the fact that the video leaves out the 'civil' protest at the fence just goes to show that anyone can spin anything if they edit out the 'bad' parts.


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Taking the Day Off....

Today I am going on a family outing. Because of this I won't have time to blog.

But if you want some fabulous news stories or video today I highly recommend anyone on my "Band of Bloggers" blogroll down on the right hand side of this website.

I will be back tomorrow with the usual (if not better) videos and informative Blog posts you have come to expect from The P/Oed Patriot.

But today.. I'm taking the Day Off.

Until Tomorrow!


Friday, August 26, 2011

GE: 'We Need the Smart Grid Because of Climate Change'

Here is a video from GE's Australian branch that explains what is wrong with the current grid and why everyone needs the Smart Grid.

Reason #1 according to GE, Climate Change.

So lets allow the utility company to control your behavior through your energy use because of a scientific "theory".

Again... makes sense if your a Tyrant.


GE Smart Grid Video: 'The Problem With The Grid Is YOU, The Consumer'

This is GE's way of saying since your the problem we have to control your behavior in your own home by making it expensive to live your life they way you want.

Makes sense if your a Tyrant.


Trumka On Perry: "Texas Miracle" a "Dismal Model" for America

According to You Tube:

"On Thursday, August 25, 2011, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka joined the Monitor Breakfast for a conversation with reporters.

The president of the US' largest labor union federation called out Texas Gov. and GOP presidential candidate Rick Perry's economic record in Texas, saying informed observers don't see it as a miracle."


Trumka: " I Told Obama To Look At What Is Necessary"

According to You Tube:

"On Thursday, August 25, 2011, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka joined the Monitor Breakfast for a conversation with reporters.

Richard Trumka, the president of America's largest labor federation, said President Obama faces a key moment in the eyes of working Americans and that if he "nibbles" at big issues "working people will judge him that way."

So what does Richard Trumka think is necessary but won't be acceptable to Republicans.... Communism?


O'Reilly: "Why Is Mr.Buffet So Emotionally Invested In Mr. Obama?"

Bill O'Reilly does a decent job of exposing Warren Buffet's support for those on the left.


Obama Job Killing: Regulations Up 25%, Jobs At Regulatory Agencies Up 13%, Regulatory Budgets Up 16%

During an interview with Republican Senator Ron Johnson from Wisconsin, a Fox News reporter exposed that facts that under Obama Regulations have gone up 25%,Jobs openings at the agencies that enforce and create Regulations are up 13% and the funding for these Regulatory agencies is up 16%.

While Obama has created jobs in these Regulatory agencies, he has killed jobs in the private sector because these Regulations are costing small business owners $11,000 per worker.


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Russian Bombers Caught In European Airspace

According to The Blaze:

"Two Russian Tu-95 Bear strategic nuclear bombers were found last week entering European airspace without permission. And it’s not the first time this year."


“Smart” Meters: More Radiation Than a Cell Tower

According to You Tube:

"The FCC limit for public exposure to microwave radio-frequency radiation is about 600 microwatts per square centimeter *for thirty (30) minutes*, at the cell-phone and 'smart' meter range of frequencies. Perhaps people living over banks of meters should aim for a thirty-minute nightly bout of sleep.

These FCC levels are based solely on the heating effect of those levels, not on other biological effects. Numerous scientists and public health advocates have called for much, much lower levels of acceptable exposure, based on a long list of experimental and epidemiological studies showing clear effects at lower levels..

Technical information about measurement instrument: This high frequency analyzer has two (2) attenuators on the antenna, rendering it able to read much higher peak power density levels of RF, and changing the read-out units from microwatts per square METER to microwatts per square CENTIMETER. It reads RF in the 800 MHz to 3.0 GHz range."

Oh but they are safe.. they swear..


Russian News: 'Foreign boots in Libya will trigger Afghan-like Islamic surge'

According to the Russian News RT:

"Libyan rebels are united by hatred towards the current leader. Once Colonel Gaddafi is out of the game, they will turn on each other and NATO, predicts Abdel Bari Atwan, editor of London-based pan-Arabic newspaper Al-Quds Al-Arabi."


AFL-CIO Creates SUPER-PAC To Allow The Spending Of "Unlimited Amounts Of Money" On Obama's Re-Election

(Picture from exposethemedia.com)

It is no surprise that the majority of the unions, including the AFL-CIO, have decided to back President Obama in his bid for re-election. But what is a surprise is what at least one union is willing to do in order to 'put their money where their mouth is."

According to an article in the Communist Party USA News, People's World, the AFL-CIO has decided to create a "Super Political Action Committee(PAC)" so that they can spen "Unlimited Amounts of Money" on Obama's re-election:

"Despite a decision by twelve building trades unions and the Machinists that they will not send delegates to the Democratic National Convention, next year in Charlotte, N.C., indications are that the labor movement has no intention of abandoning President Obama's reelection effort....

...Regardless of the controversy about the convention site, large unions that are part of the AFL-CIO have already come out for President Obama's reelection effort....

....The AFL-CIO's executive committee approved creation last month of a "super-PAC" that will be allowed to raise and spend unlimited amounts of money. Thus far the AFL-CIO has been limited by election law to contacting only its members, but with the super-PAC, it can bring its message to non-union voters as well.

Podhorzer says the new approach is part of a strategy to put more emphasis on issues of importance to labor and help the labor movement expand outreach. "It is not meant to compete with Karl Rove and raise hundreds of millions of dollars," he said.

Some believe the decision by the buildings trades unions will send a message to Democrats that they should not take labor support for granted. They don't think sending the message will hurt the chances of the president's campaign and almost everyone expects a big push by the AFL-CIO next year to reelect the president."

As if it isn't bad enough that Richard Trumka, the AFL-CIO President, calls Obama everyday, and now the AFL-CIO is going to be able to spend "unlimited" amounts of money on Obama's re-election through this "Super-PAC".

So At what point does a group of people become a "Special Interest" to the President?

Is it the Daily Phone Calls? Or the Unlimited Amount of Money?


CAUGHT ON TAPE: Obama Misses Putt At Martha's Vineyard

President Obama has tried very hard to make sure that no pictures or video of him golfing at Martha's Vineyard were caught by the main stream media.

But ironically a citizen with their cellphone, at Mink Meadows Golf Club in Martha's Vineyard, not only caught Obama on video golfing but caught him missing a puttttttt.


Illegal Student: "I Am Not Going Down Without A Fight, I Will Put Up Resistance As Long As There Is Blood Pumping Through My Veins"

Gustavo Madrigal, an illegal alien in Georgia, spoke at a rally recently where he explained how his parents came into this country illegally.

After his heart tugging story of why he feels he isn't an "Illegal" he goes on to say that he is here to tell the state of Georgia that he "Isn't going down without a fight" and that he will "Put up resistance as long as there is blood pumping through his veins."

What this very confused young man doesn't seem to understand is that a society will rise or fall based upon if it is ruled by man or by the rule of law. If this nation continues to become a nation ruled by man where the masses and/or politicians can choose to ignore any laws they wish without any consequences then No One's Human and Constitutional Rights can or will be upheld.

If he actually cared about anyone else but himself he would go back to where his family came from and come back into this country the proper way thereby preserving the integrity of a nation ruled by laws and thus preserving those "Rights" he so loudly proclaims in his false righteousness.

If Poverty can be used by people, like Gustavo, as a legitimate reason for breaking the law while at the same time the Politicians in Washington can use Elitism as a reason not to enforce those same laws, then what laws have to be followed....and by whom...and Why?


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Napolitano: Stimulus III To Be Used In Order To Re-Elect Obama

Judge Napolitano explains how the Obama administration is willing to push a Stimulus III in order to help increase his re-election chances.


Texas Rancher Fights Back Against Illegals

According to You Tube:

"A South Texas rancher says illegals are overrunning his land. Now he's fighting back. Coyotes drop illegals in ranchland by the truckload. The brush serves as a safe haven from Border Patrol. One rancher says if Border Patrol can't stop the coyotes from dropping illegals on his land, he will."

Tyranny!- Republican Congressman Has Police Confiscate Citizens' Cameras At Town Hall

Steve Chabot, a Republican Congressman from Ohio, recently had Police seize Private Citizen's personal video cameras in an attempt to prevent "an embarrassing You Tube moment". (The Police claim it was to protect the I.D. of the constituents according to Info Wars.)

I don't care if the audience was full of Think Progress, Communist stooges, No Politician has the right to seize Private Citizens' video cameras at a public event.

First we get Politicians calling the Tea Party, Terrorists, "The" Enemy and now we have a Politician having Police seize video cameras at a Public event...

It all adds up to one thing...

Tyranny.. plain and simple.


O'Reilly: Is Obama To Blame For The Bad Economy?

Scary that Bill is suddenly beginning to make sense again.

GE Ships Jobs and Technology to China

GE is going to be doing a joint deal with the Chinese Government in order to create Jobs in China that will actually cause competition with U.S. companies.


Dem Rep- 'The Tea Party Is The Real Enemy'

So what ever happened to Al-Qaeda being the "enemy"?


Terrorist Tea Party Training Convention in WACO Texas

This is the Proof that the left have been looking for that proves the Tea Party is indeed Terrorists.


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

MSNBC Earthquake News Footage

Here is video from the MSNBC News report on the earthquake that happened today.

Wall Street Donors Turning on Obama, Giving Money to Romney

So the Wall Street donors went from the Progressive Obama to Progressive Romney. So..?


Is Congresswoman Waters Telling The Tea Party To Go To Hell Racism?

Um, No it's Not Racism.

But it is an example of Ignorance and Hate.


Perry on Global Warming: 'Scientists Have Manipulated Data In Order To Get Money'

Well At least he is right on this subject. Global Warming is a scam.


WTH? Creepy Biden Strokes The Cheek Of Young Japanese Girl and Takes Picture Of Young Mongolian Girl In Leotard

These videos are kind of creepy.

First, Vice President Joe Biden visited Japan today where he was met at the airport by some young, female students.

During the greeting Biden shakes the hand of the first girl exchanging some words. He then moves on and shakes the hand of the second girl but then does something rather odd, he reaches up with his hand and strokes her cheek.

Here is the Video

But before he visited Japan the Vice President was visiting Mongolia where he was caught on video taking a picture of a young Mongolian girl clad in a leotard.(Around the 1:10 Mark)

Here is the Video:

All I can say is What The Hell?


Palin Embraces Tea Party in Dramatic Ad

The Sarah Palin camp just released this Internet ad showcasing the Tea Party.

Love it or Hate it?


Monday, August 22, 2011

Smart Grid Will Make The Country More Susceptible To a Cyber Attack

The Mix: Cyber-terrorism's Threat from Energy NOW on Vimeo.

According to Vimeo:

"A cyber-terrorism attack could cripple America’s electric grid, shutting down everything from communications to transportation to law enforcement. U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta says such an attack could be America’s “next Pearl Harbor.” Are we prepared to protect our power system against a cyber attack?

Anchor Thalia Assuras talks with former CIA Director James Woolsey about the security measures being used to counter the threat and how smart grid technology could make the country more susceptible to attack."


Wallbuilders Live with Rick Green

Here is a event that may interest some of my local readers.

Saturday, August 27, at 7:00 PM (doors open at 6:00 PM)

First Baptist Church/Wentzville
653 Luetkenhaus Blvd.
Wentzville, MO 63385

Advance tickets: $8 online (http://www.itickets.com/events/270167.html)
Tickets at the door: $10 (if available)

For more information, go to http://www.fbcwentzville.com/WallbuildersLive/


Obama's 2012 Slogan "Change, I didn't mean Tomorrow"?

The Comments about the Obama Campaign begin around the 4:40 mark.


Maxine Waters Tells The Tea Party To Go To Hell

You First Maxine...


Obama Supporter Video Fail: "Fire It Up?"

During my daily search for interesting video I stumbled on to this professional looking video that endorses President Obama for re-election.

The only problem is the creator of the video didn't quite get it right. In the video it shows a speech given by President Obama where he yells "Fired UP!"....

Sadly the Obama supporter needs one of those Government issued hearing aides because they quote the President as saying "Fire It Up!"

But according this video of Obama talking about this slogan, It's "Fired Up!"

Lol Sad.. all that work just to look stupid.


Obama Is Transforming the Economy, Not Trying to Save It....

Every time I sat down to compose this article I found myself never being able to finish it.


Well because I couldn't figure out how to explain that the Obama Administration isn't trying to save the Economy, but Transform it. Ironically my problem didn't stem from a lack of proof, but instead from too much.

See, the majority of people will never read a long article, even if I posted next weeks winning lottery numbers at the bottom, because we as a society are used to getting everything in an instant. You could say that technology, and videos in particular, have bred a generation with enough ADD that they would rather watch a minute long video than read a 3 page article even if it saved their life.

Knowing this I finally decided why should I tell you at all? Instead I'll let Obama and his administration do it for me.

How can I do this?

Well because Obama and his administration haven't been hiding their plans to transform the economy from an Oil base to a 'Green' base, but have instead been bragging about it.

Let me start where everything starts... at the beginning.

In May of 2007 then Senator Obama spoke at the Detroit Economic Club luncheon where he explained how Oil is not only a threat to our National Security, but is fueling Global Warming. He also states that America can not continue on this path and that there is no longer a choice, America must drastically change it's energy policy. He flat out states the age of oil must end in our time. Or as he also puts it the "Tyranny of Oil" must end. (comment starts around 1:40 mark)

After that video I could basically end this article now, Senator Obama just admitted to exactly what I just said President Obama is doing, transforming the economy. Senator Obama just explained in that short video clip why President Obama has done everything since he has taken office, from the Government take over of GM (Detroit is supposed to lead the Great Transformation as Obama just stated in the video) to the new regulatory actions by the EPA that are going to shut down coal plants and drive up energy prices. He is doing this because it is all in the name of his plan for transforming the economy, not saving it.

But I'm getting ahead of myself and just in case you think President Obama has changed his mind about Senator Obama's plan, think again.

The next video is of President Obama in 2009, giving his 'Stimulus Speech' where he explained how he has a plan to end the "Tyranny of Oil":

Also in 2009, President Obama states that 'Green Energy' will create millions of jobs and that he (the Government) needs to encourage those efforts:

How is Obama "encouraging their efforts" in transforming the economy?

One of the ways is through the Stimulus.

According to the Recovery.Gov website, the Obama administration has given billions of Dollars to agencies, like the $34 Billion given to the Department of Energy, in order to push forward his transformation plan. But again he doesn't hide what he is doing. The 'overview' of the Stimulus posted on the Recovery.Gov website explains exactly what the Stimulus is being used for:


The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (Recovery Act) was signed into law by President Obama on February 17th, 2009. It is an unprecedented effort to jumpstart our economy, create or save millions of jobs, and put a down payment on addressing long-neglected challenges so our country can thrive in the 21st century. The Act is an extraordinary response to a crisis unlike any since the Great Depression, and includes measures to modernize our nation's infrastructure, enhance energy independence, expand educational opportunities, preserve and improve affordable health care, provide tax relief, and protect those in greatest need."

What is not only mind boggling, and in some way disturbingly impressive, is how the Obama administration is using all of the Government agencies to push forward his plan, even the USDA.

For example, the Department of Energy (DOE) "invested" 3.4 Billion dollars to push forward the Smart Grid not to mention the billions of dollars worth of loans that they have guaranteed for 'Green Tech' since the Stimulus was passed.

The EPA just gave a Million dollar grant to power "Green" locomotives in upstate New York to help push forward the transition. But when the EPA isn't busy handing out money for Green Tech grants, they are patting companies, and even cities, on the back for falling in line behind the 'Green' transformation plan, like they did recently by awarding the town of Medicine Bow for installing wind turbines at their water facilities.

If that isn't enough, how about the Department of Labor using $750 Million dollars for "Training Grants for Green Jobs and Emerging Industry Sectors." That sure is a lot of money for training for jobs that basically don't exist.

Better yet, and one of my personal favorites, the USDA just announced over $300,000 that is to be awarded to 900 recipients for "Green Energy Grants". Yep you read that right, the United States Department of Agriculture is handing out Grants for pushing forward the Green transformation.

And these are just a few of the tens of thousands of projects being pushed forward by all Government agencies in this effort to "End the Tyranny of Oil".

But Obama using his administration in order to supply funding for his vision of the future isn't the only way he is "encouraging private sectors efforts".

In the next video, Energy Secretary Chu, the Jobs Creator according to President Obama, explains why he thinks we need to transform the economy and that in order to make sure that happens the President has to "encourage (there is that word again) private investment" in 'Green Tech'.


By making Guarantees to the Private Sector that there will be a Market for their Green Products. (Watch the whole thing if you can, otherwise the comment starts at the 17:50 Mark)

In order for Obama's dream of ending the "Tyranny of Oil" to become reality then all of us 'Consumers' must be 'Guided' by the Government to buy all of this 'Green Tech' so that the Obama administration can "Guarantee" the "Private Sector" a market in which there will be steady demand.

How will they do this?

Well that answer is two fold.

First, the Obama administration must do everything they can to force up energy prices in order to make expensive Green Tech look cheap in comparison.

How? Through Regulations.

For example this past week the EPA created new rules for coal-fired power plants which will in turn cause some power plants to close, which naturally will cause a shortage in energy production and thereby cause the price of energy to go up. Once the price of energy is high enough you will be more 'willing' to embrace the 'transformation' and the Government 'Guided' technology like the Smart Grid.

By using Regulations instead of laws, the Obama administration bypasses Congress and essentially the Will of the People.

This type of strategy explains why President Obama wasn't afraid to say he supports High Gas Prices as you can see in the next video:

This also explains why Obama has been doing everything he can to stand in the way of Oil production, why he basically created an electric car mandate through new CAFE standards and is even giving the EPA the power to write energy efficiency standards for home appliances. It's because, as Obama admitted years ago when he said his energy plan would make energy prices skyrocket, it's all meant to make you to accept his new 'Transformed' Green economy by limiting your choices and forcing you to live the way they want you to by hitting you in your wallet. And more importantly doing all of this without your consent.

But as I stated before Obama's Plan that is going to "Guarantee" a Market to the private sector for their "Green" Products is actually two fold.

First was he is going to force you to buy the 'Green Tech' by creating high energy prices through regulation.

But the Second way is a bit more nefarious than the First.


Because it equates to an active campaign being waged by the Federal Government in order to brain wash your children.

Steven Chu admitted as much in the next video, where he says that one of the ways to help you become more Green is to use your children to convince you:

See the Obama administration can't count on you to like what he is doing, so in order for future consumers, your children, to get on board with the restriction of their freedoms for the sake of the planet and to get them to happily buy the Government motivated 'Green' Tech then they must believe that their life depends on it.

So the easiest way for the Obama administration to do that is to make an end run around parents and set up Global Warming Indoctrination programs in your child's school.

Several months ago I discovered that the Department of Energy is running a school 'Contest' that will award kids and schools cash and prizes for learning about how to be more Energy Efficient while at the same time learning about Global Warming.

To Add insult to injury the Department of Interior announced this year the creation of the 21st Century Youth Conservation Corps. This 'Corps' will help teach kids about conservation and the impacts of climate change on the nation's 'Natural Resources'. But what the Department of the Interior didn't explain is that President Obama's own union buddies, SEIU, is a partner in the program and that the 'Corps' will be traveling to your child's school in order to recruit them for 'Government Service'.

Now as you can see, the Obama administration is in the process of the Largest Government Forced Economic 'Transition' in History by doing everything they can to Transform the Economy into a New Green One. But in order for that to take place the Old Oil Economy must die.

The problem with that line of thinking is that the U.S. economy will collapse under the weight of the Government induced High Energy Prices and Over Regulation long before the 'Great Transformation' of the Economy is complete.

So maybe I should change the title of this article to read....

Obama Isn't trying to Save the Economy... But Destroy It.


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Unions Testify Against 'Right To Work' in Pennsylvania

This testimony took place on August 16th, 2011. Naturally a representatives from Unions said they were against 'Right to Work' in Pennsylvania.

Nothing surprising here but still an interesting video.

Breitbart TV: CNN Host Says Parliamentery System is Better Than U.S. System

According to Breitbart TV:

"There's nothing like being lectured to about how inferior the American political system is by a man whose father was a member of the Indian Parliament (which is clearly superior)."


Giant Dog Welcomes Soldier Home

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Wow...RANGEL ADMITS: Obama / Liberalism has Failed the Inner Cities

Does he know what he just admitted to? Probably not...


Propaganda: Obama Tries to Connect to the "Little Guy" In Weekly Address

President Obama's weekly address was filmed while he was on his Midwest Jobs Bus Tour. He tries a little too hard to come off as the "everyday American"...from the unbuttoned shirt, no tie with rolled up sleeves to the Country Store backdrop, this video is an obvious attempt at Propaganda that is to make the uneducated Obama followers feel like he is just one of them.

Because as you know.... shaking hands with people outside a machine shop or a church is one the requirements that makes anyone, even Obama, a "Little Guy"..... and not just some washed out politician who is trying to use a tax payer funded bus trip as a back drop for a "Campaign Tour".

Now if he had just said he kissed a baby outside a Wal-Mart then I may have fallen for his "I'm just one of you" propaganda...


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Obama Golfing ..Again.

Hat Tip Breitbart TV


LeBoutillier - Obama Headed Toward Jimmy Carter Territory

I would say he is already there.

Cronyism: Secret Service Agent Arrested For DUI During Obama Bus Tour To Be "Judged" By Secret Service

A Secret Service Agent busted for a DUI while off duty during President Obama's bus tour will not be facing charges in court, but instead will be "judged" by the Secret Service themselves.

So... I guess it's not just politicians who are above the law, but the people who guard them as well.


MSNBC Host: Obama's Vacation OK Because Palin Quit

So all of the vacations that President Obama is taking is the same as Palin quitting?? Wow.. ok somehow that makes sense.. to someone..?


Sarah Palin Backs Orin Hatch

Sarah Palin backs Senator Orin Hatch during an interview on Fox with Greta.


Friday, August 19, 2011

Trend?: Another Mock Funeral Staged By A Union in Front of Politicans Office

According to You Tube:

"Members and representatives of SEIU Healthcare PA, Philadelphia Unemployment Project, Penn Action and the AFL-CIO gathered at Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick's district office to hold a symbolic funeral for the Middle Class. The Congressman supported the Ryan plan, which became the GOP budget. The plan defunds Medicaid 33%, privatizes Medicare and repeals the Affordable Care Act all of which would cost jobs and negatively impact the Middle Class that holds those jobs and relies on the programs for security. 58% of the nursing home patients in the Congressman's district are Medicaid beneficiaries. The 33% cut to Medicaid would cost PA over 80,000 according to Families USA."

This is the 2nd time in about as many weeks that a union used a coffin to demonstrate the "Death" of the middle class. Is this a Trend or just a case of Astro-Turf?

You Decide...


DENIAL???: Obama "I Don't Think We Are In Danger Of Another Recession"

When did we ever come out of the last one?


Palin: Obama "Tone Deaf" Going On Vacation At This Time

During a recent interview on Fox, Sarah Palin said that President Obama must be tone deaf to be going on vacation at this time.

I wouldn't say he is tone deaf, he just doesn't care.. big difference.


Mark Levin - Obama Has Just Granted Amnesty For Two Hundred Thousand Illegal Immigrants

Radio Tak Show host Mark Levin talked about President Obama's recent move to stop deporting illegals.

Can you say 'Buying Votes'?


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Grassroots FAIL:' Incognito' SEIU Protesters Show Up In School Buses and Outed By Dem Rep at a Bachmann Fund Raiser

In an apparent attempt to hide their identities, members of SEIU and the Progressive Take Action organization dressed in plain clothes, instead of their traditional purple shirts, and even demonstrated without SEIU printed signs in order to protest a Michelle Bachmann fundraiser.

At the beginning of the video the not so obvious Astro-Turf organized protest transported their minions using 2 unmarked school buses.

The Irony of all of this is that a normal surfer on the web who just stumbled upon this video may have actually believed the protest was just a bunch of people who got together to protest Michelle Bachmann.

But thanks to an interview with state Rep, Phyllis Kahn, the protesters true Astro Turf roots were brought to light. (Around the 2:00 Mark)

What can we all learn from this...?

Well.. the cost of 2 unmarked school buses, one rented limo and 2 big paper heads for an SEIU incognito protest- $1,500.

Being outed by a Clueless State Rep while staring into a video camera.....



Technocracy-Smart Meters, Smart Appliances, & National/Global Smart Grid Police State

Here is an interesting video about the Smart Grid, Technocracy and the totalitarian regime that it can create.

The speaker is Patrick Wood.

Part 1

Part 2


Glenn Beck: Tea Partiers are terrorists? Don't tell that to union thugs and Louis Farrakhan

Glenn Beck discussed the Union Organizer shooting and Louis Farrakhan's radical comment and other news of the day yesterday.

Mark Levin: Union Organizer Suspected Of Shooting Employer NOT A Tea Party Member

Mark Levin points out the fact that the person who is suspected of shooting a business owner is in fact a Union Organizer and Not a Tea Party member.

To read more about this story go Here.


President of Communist Supporting Union Organization at Union Protest: "We Are In a Class War."

The links between Unions, or Union related organizations, and the Communist Party USA here in St. Louis seem to grow everyday. From Union members accepting Communist Awards and holding Communist events in Union halls to Unions actually funding the Communist Party, the open cooperation and support is obvious to the most blind of observers.

Why would these American organizations so willingly and openly work with a group like the CPSUA who's only reason for existence was to Destroy the United States from the inside?

It's because they seem to share similar philosophies.

According to the Communist Party USA News, People's World, the President of the Coalition of Black Trade Unionists (CBTU), Lew Moye, told a Communist News reporter during a Union Protest that they are in a "Class War" (Comment Starts at the 2:12 mark):

Karl Marx, one of the authors of the Communist Manifesto, believed that in order to change Society there must be Class Conflict, or as Mr. Moye so eloquently put it, a Class War.

But what Mr. Moye may or may not understand is that Karl Marx advocated for an actual Class War in order to bring about that Social change, as these excerpts from the Communist Manifesto demonstrate, (I added highlights and definitions):


The weapons with which the bourgeoisie (Upper Class) felled feudalism to the ground are now turned against the bourgeoisie itself.

But not only has the bourgeoisie forged the weapons that bring death to itself; it has also called into existence the men who are to wield those weapons — the modern working class — the proletarians....

Though not in substance, yet in form, the struggle of the proletariat with the bourgeoisie is at first a national struggle. The proletariat of each country must, of course, first of all settle matters with its own bourgeoisie.

In depicting the most general phases of the development of the proletariat, we traced the more or less veiled civil war, raging within existing society, up to the point where that war breaks out into open revolution, and where the violent overthrow of the bourgeoisie lays the foundation for the sway of the proletariat.

What the bourgeoisie therefore produces, above all, are its own grave-diggers. Its fall and the victory of the proletariat are equally inevitable."

Some of you may feel that I am being unfair, that just because Mr. Moye does an interview with a Communist reporter that it doesn't mean he is a die hard Communist.

To those of you that would say that I would agree.

But if I was to give you proof that the CBTU not only funded the CPUSA, but did it when Mr. Moye was President wouldn't that suggest he does support the Communist Philosophy that he so readily spews in the video?

Of Course it would..

The 2011 Hershel Walker Peace and Justice Awards is the annual CPUSA fundraiser. This year it was held in the local 6300 Union hall where the CPUSA handed out awards to several AFL-CIO union members. At that awards ceremony there was a booklet that was given to everyone after paying the $25 entrance fee. Inside this booklet were ads from local unions, politicians and yes even a full page ad from the CBTU listing Mr. Moye as President.

Coincidentally who is the owner of the page opposite to the CBTU?

The Communist Party of course.

Here is a screen shot of that booklet:

Now the Ads in the booklet were by no means free. According to a CPUSA events calendar advertising the awards ceremony, a full page ad cost $500 and a table of 10 (Which the CBTU also had at the event according to the booklet) cost an additional $200.

That is proof of $700 being paid by the CBTU to the CPUSA.

So it would seem that not only does Mr. Moye believe in what he says...

But he isn't afraid to put his money.. where his mouth is.


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Trump on Fox: Obama 'Takes More Vacations Than Any Human Being I've Ever Seen'

More Golf for sure...


Obama's Agriculture Secretary Says Rise In Food Stamps Is Putting People Back To Work...

Putting People to what???

So do those Jobs count as 'Created and/or Saved'?

Fox News Interview With Tea Party Leader That Confronted Obama In Iowa About VP Biden Calling Tea Partiers Terrorist

The 'Tea Party' leader that confronted Obama yesterday spoke on Fox about the incident.

SEIU Thugs Attack Mall Security Guards

According to You Tube:

"A group of lawless, striking janitorial workers blocking the Westfield Mall entrance taunt and scrap with security guards trying to open up the entrance."


Tea Party Influences the EU?

According to the Russian News RT:

"Is the Tea Party influence reaching Europe? Recently it was proposed that the 17 countries that make up the European Union come together to balance their national budgets. Many have heard this as an echo of the US, but does this mean the beginning of the end for the EU? Will this cause countries to leave the EU?"


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Martin Baker Announces His Run For Congress At Move On Up Conference

According to RebootCongress.blogspot.com:

"Martin Baker announced that he would run for US Congress in Missouri's First Congressional District as a Republican at the Sherman T. Parker banquet. The banquet was part of the first Move on Up conference. Move on Up is a social network of African American conservatives and moderates."


CNN Fareed Zakaria: Obama is a Centrist and Liberals Need to Grow Up

CNN's Fareed Zakaria seems to be mad that Obama is a "centrist"?!? and says that the President needs to stop compromising and Grow Up.

Wow. What President is he watching?

Obama: Individual Health Insurance Mandate 'Should Not Be Controversial'

According to CNS News:

"On his bus tour, President Barack Obama said the federal health care law's individual mandate, which requires every American to purchase health insurance, "should not be controversial."


LOL: Obama to Scrap High Speed Rail Plan For High Speed Bus Instead

While the above video is meant to be funny, they are not too far off.

The video below shows the Preisent's 'Bus' screaming down a highway with a ton of vehicles in the "Convoy" traveling at high speed.



Obama: 'Solving Our Debt Problems Just Means We All Have to Sacrifice'

During Obama's Bus tour he explains that it is easy to solve our Debt and Deficit problems, all we have to do is Sacrifice.


Obama Confronted By Tea Partier Over Joe Biden's "Terrorist" Comment

Here is a video from Breitbart TV showing a Tea Partier confronting President Obama on Vice President Joe Biden calling the Tea Party 'Terrorists'.


Monday, August 15, 2011

SHOCKER!?: Proof of AFL-CIO, SEIU and Democratic PAC Funds Are Going to the Communist Party USA

Ever wonder how the Communist Party USA (CPUSA), an organization that was initially started, run and funded by the U.S.S.R up until the fall of the Berlin Wall, is still able to get funding for a Newspaper, an HQ and even computers that allows them to do phone banks to recruit for the Communist Party?

That's easy...

From Unions and Democratic Political Action Committees (PAC)...

The annual Hershel Walker Peace and Justice Awards is put on by the fund raising arm of the CPUSA, the Friends of People's World. At the 19th annual awards ceremony this year the CPUSA handed out awards to several AFL-CIO members while raising more than $7,000 to help push forward the ideals of Communism.

Out of that $7,000 raised for the CPUSA more than $3,000 of it can be directly linked to either a Union affiliated with the AFL-CIO, SEIU, a Missouri Democratic PAC or one Democratic politician.

Where is this proof?

In the 19th Annual Hershel Walker Awards Ceremony booklet handed out at the event...where else?

Here is that booklet:

2011 Hershel Walker 'Peace & Justice' Awards

As you 'page' through the booklet you may notice that there are several ads for different local AFl-CIO and SEIU unions as well as some ads for Missouri politicians.

Being that this is a booklet for a CPUSA event you might think these ads were free considering the Communists' aversion to capitalism, well you would think wrong.

According to the events calender on the CPUSA News, People's World, each ad and even a table of 10 at the event cost a pretty penny:

"St. Louis, MO: Annual Hershel Walker 'Peace & Justice' awards breakfast

July 9 2011 09:00 - July 9 2011 12:00

Missouri / Kansas Friends of the People's World announce Sally Kohn will be the keynote speaker.

Sally Kohn has been called "the progressive answer to Glenn Beck." She is a grassroots organizer and media commentator, translating big ideas for everyday audiences. Sally is the Chief Education Officer of the Movement Vision Lab, a grassroots popular education organization.

The list of this year's 'Peace & Justice' awardees will be announced soon.

The breakfast will be held at the CWA Local 6300 union hall.

Tickets for the Breakfast are $25 per person; $200 for a table of 10.

Program booklet ads are $500 (full-page); $300 (half-page); and $150 (quarter-page). The ad program booklet deadline is July 1st."

So based upon the CPUSA's own advertisement for the event, you can do the math.

You take the cost of the 4 AFL-CIO Union ads (Labor Council, CWA, St. Louis Newspaper Guild- 1 Full, 2 Half and 1 Quarter page sizes) in the booklet and combined that with the 3 AFL-CIO tables that were purchased at the event and you get a total of $1,850. Then you add the one ad (Half page) from the local SEIU to get a revised total of $2,150.

But that isn't all.. if you take the $800 in ads (1 Full and 1 Half page) from the PACS of Democratic Politicians' Clem Smith and Jeantte Mott Oxford and add to that the $300 from the ad placed by Democrat Senator Robyn Wright-Jones herself (1 Half page and No PAC is Listed) you get a Grand Total of $3,250.

That is $3,250 that was given to the Communist Party USA by the AFL-CIO, SEIU, Democratic PACS and one Democratic politician.


Nah.. me either...