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Sunday, July 31, 2011

MSNBC Host: "McCain Delighted Many Of Us ...By Calling Tea Party Hobbits"

MSNBC Host,Lawrence O'Donnell, was happy that McCain called the Tea Party Hobbits but not happy he walked backwards on his comments during an interiew with Sean Hannity.


Revolutionary Chicano Brown Berets Confront Tea Party Members At a Bill Ayers Event

The Brown Berets, which believe in Revolutionary Chicano Nationalism, Self Determination, and Aztlan, show up to support the Terrorist Bill Ayers in Fresno as he views a screening of a film about his former organization, The Weather Underground.

Outside the screening the Brown Berets and some local Tea Party members get into a screaming match in front of news cameras.


PJTV: Dana Loesch at the Smart Girl Summit 2011

Dana Loesch with large hairy feet?.... ew.


Herman Cain: 'Invoking the 14th Amendment is an Abuse of the Constitution'

During the Smart Girl Politics Summit 2011, I had a chance to ask Presidential Candidate, Herman Cain, if President Obama had the power to raise the Debt Ceiling without Congressional Approval by invoking the 14th Amendment.


Michigan RINO Congressman: "Tea Party Needs To Grow Up, Republican Party Needs To Wake Up"

Michigan Rep Thaddeus McCotter attacks the Tea Party by saying they need to grow up.

The Commentary after the quote from McCotter is from the blogger who uploaded the audio clip.


"Let's Stop Talking About Extremist Tea Party Folks & I Won't Call The President Extremist" Sen Kyl

So Senator Kyl is calling for compromise and an end to name calling.

Good luck with that...


Saturday, July 30, 2011

Donald Trump 'The Tea Party Is Making Washington Think'

Donald Trump says that the Tea Party, that is supposedly behind the resistance to raising the debt ceiling, is making Washington think.


Harry Reid: GOP Needs To Break From 'Shrill Voice of the Tea Party'

Harry hasn't even heard Shrill yet...


GM Teams Up With GE to Use Onstar To Track Your Electric Car Through The Smart Grid

President Obama has formulated a domestic policy that will transform the U.S. into a "Low Carbon Economy."

But what the President won't tell you is that in order to have this "Low Carbon Economy" the Government must control all sources of carbon emissions.

Who is one of the largest sources of Carbon Creation according to the Department of Energy's Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center?


" Anthropogenic CO2 comes from fossil fuel combustion, changes in land use (e.g., forest clearing), and cement manufacture. Houghton and Hackler have estimated land-use changes from 1850-2000, so it is convenient to use 1850 as our starting point for the following discussion. Atmospheric CO2 concentrations had not changed appreciably over the preceding 850 years (IPCC; The Scientific Basis) so it may be safely assumed that they would not have changed appreciably in the 150 years from 1850 to 2000 in the absence of human intervention."

So that means in order for Obama to get his "Low Carbon Economy" he must control....


That is why the Smart Grid that is being pushed by the Obama Administration will track everything from your Internet and TV use all the way down to the type of Trash you create and even your house hold Carbon creation. This type of "surveillance" will be possible because the appliances of the Future, spearheaded mainly by GE, will be 'Demand Response Appliances' (DRA).

These DRA's, through the 2-way communication system in the Smart Grid, will allow the utility company to know when you get up in the morning, when and how long you take a shower, even when you do your laundry. The utility company will even be able to turn your lights on and off in individual rooms or turn off your water heater.

But there is something else that the Smart Grid will track and control.

Your Electric Car.

According to articles on the DailyTech.com and Greenbiz.com GM is combining Onstar with GE's Demand Response Technology in order to connect the Chevy Volt to the Smart Grid:

"...add one more trick OnStar is helping GM to pull off: offering a short-cut to connect electric vehicles (EVs) to the smart grid. GM yesterday announced the launch of a pilot program that can let utilities and customers skip the need to install physical smart grid points to manage recharging of their EVs. The new OnStar service will act as a remote brain, wirelessly tracking and governing the EV's charging behavior, coordinating the timing and billing..."-Greenbiz.com

Who will be the guinea pigs for this project?.... Utility company employees:

"GE will lease Volts to hundreds of electric company employees, who are to drive them as their everyday vehicles. These Volts were bought as part of a 12,000-vehicle fleet order in 2010. During this lease period, GM's OnStar division will utilize GE technology to test communications between the electric vehicles and the grid, allowing utilities to monitor energy used by the vehicles and deliver data regarding where and when the cars plug in to power companies."-DailyTech.com

Seems innocent enough right?

It might be except for the fact that Onstar collects alot more information than the location where you plug in your electric car.

According to CTIA.com, Onstar collects information on everything from the speed of your car to if you use your seat belt:

"We may collect information about you and your Car in several different ways: from what you, your car dealer and car maker provide to us; from your use of the OnStar Services (see Section 34. YOUR INTERACTIONS WITH OnStar ADVISORS); from calls or emails between us; from OnStar web pages you visit; from our wireless Service Providers; from your satellite radio provider; from third party data providers; and from your Car itself when your OnStar Equipment is active.

The information we may get about you includes your contact and billing information (including your credit card number); vehicle purchase information, registration information and information that helps us customize our services.

The information we may get from your Car includes things such as: data about its operation; data about your use of the OnStar Services; the location of your Car; data about accidents involving your Car, including safety belt usage; and information about your use of the Car and its features. We may also approximate the speed of your Car based on GPS data to support a limited number of OnStar Services.."

So why should you be concerned about this?

Because Onstar/Demand Response Appliance technology will allow the Federal Government, combined with the Smart Grid, to limit your individual carbon creation, tax you by the mile and allow them to know almost your every move through out your day.

Think you can avoid this possible infringement on your right to privacy by never buying an Electric Vehicle?

Think again...

The Obama Administration announced today the new Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) Standards that will take effect in 2017. This new CAFE is an obvious Electric Car Mandate since it states that all new cars must get 54.6 MPG which is an unachievable standard without some kind of electric motor assistance.

So as you plug in your electric car ask yourself...

Were you wearing your seat belt , driving over the speed limit or creating too much carbon?

Because thanks to Onstar and Demand Response Technology, there is a very good chance that as soon as you put the plug into the Smart Grid power outlet...

The Government will know...


Phyllis Schlafly: "Obama Raising the Debt Ceiling On His Own is Unconstitutional"

At the Smart Gird Summit 2011 I had a chance to ask Constitutional Lawyer and Conservative Icon, Phyllis Schlafly, what she thought about Obama invoking the 14th Amendment to Raise the Debt Ceiling on his own. She explained that it would be Unconstitutional but it wouldn't surprise her if he tries and that he shouldn't get away with it if he does.


Friday, July 29, 2011

Daley: Obama Has Not Spoken To Boehner "In A Few Days"

It seems that President Obama and Boehner haven't been taking since Monday.


Huntsman: President Obama Has Shown "No Leadership" During Debt Crisis

During an interview with Greta Gov John Huntsman voiced his support for the Boehner budget Plan while claiming the President Obama has shown no leadership during the budget debate.

Then after Gov Huntsman spews what appears to be talking points Greta grills him on his past comments about the President.


Mark Levin - John Boehner Is On A Mission To Destroy Congressman Jim Jordan

According to Mark Levin, things are not as they seem with some Republicans in Washington.



MSNBC Guest - 'Anybody That Thinks The Tea Party Exists Is Smoking Crack Cocaine'

Several days ago a Democrat Guest on MSNBC said that the Tea Party doesn't exist.

Wow... I have never 'Not Existed' before...


Senator Sessions: "Tea Party Didn't Start This Fire, They Sounded The Alarm"

According to You Tube:

"Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Alabama): "There are currently two bills headed for a vote to raised the debt ceiling and reduce spending. One of those bills, from House Speaker John Boehner, cuts about $1 trillion in spending and raises the debt ceiling by $1 trillion—until the end of the year. The other bill, from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, cuts about $1 trillion and raises the debt ceiling about $3 trillion—or past the 2012 election. This is because the president has said emphatically: 'the only bottom line that I have is that we have to extend this debt ceiling through the next election, into 2013.'

In a sense, it's really quite simple: Speaker Boehner's bill lives up to the principle that every dollar in debt ceiling increase should be tied to a dollar in cuts. Sen. Reid's bill is a hoax. It uses Washington gimmicks designed to make it look three times as large. In reality, it hikes the debt ceiling three dollars for every one dollar in cuts. The House bill is 1-to-1; the Senate bill is 3-to-1. We have demonstrated this exhaustively in a Budget Committee analysis.

The House approach is honest and straightforward and achieves one dollar in cuts for every dollar in debt ceiling increase. It allows us to return to the table in a few months, assess our progress, and begin working toward the greater cuts that are needed. Reid's bill relies on accounting tricks, takes the debt limit off the table until after the election, and exchanges a record $3 trillion debt hike for only one-third the cuts.

My colleagues on the other side of the aisle signed a letter vowing to defeat the Boehner plan. I find this a little shocking. It seems Democrat leaders and the president are prepared to shut the government down in order to avoid continuing to work toward further spending reductions in the coming months. Is it the position of Washington's Democrat majority that $1 trillion in cuts, over ten years, is all we need to achieve between now and 2013? Is it their view that a dollar in cuts for every dollar in debt limit increase is too steep? Or is this a political effort to protect the president by pushing the debt ceiling past the next election? To the extent that, for this sole reason, the Democrats would cause this financial disruption?

Let's step back for a moment and look at the wider context. Washington is often consumed by political fights and blame games. It can be hard to differentiate between facts and talking points. But I'd like to try to provide as honest an assessment as I can so to why we find ourselves in this unfortunate situation in the 11th hour.

We have a statutory process to arrive at a budget deal every single year. It's written into law. The president is required to submit a budget and each chamber is required to pass one separately and then agree on one together. If the year had begun with a serious budget proposal from the president, we wouldn't be in this mess right now. But he submitted a budget that would double our debt in ten years while claiming it would not add to the debt. Senate Democrats, meanwhile, have refused to pass a budget in 820 days or even present one this year. The Majority Leader said it would be 'foolish' to produce a budget.' These are facts. Democrats defied the law and sound policy all year long and now we are paying the price. A last-minute, take it or leave it, panic vote.

If the White House or Senate Democrats had taken the budget process seriously at any point in the last year—if they had presented a single credible plan to cut spending—we wouldn't be here right now in the 11th hour. Instead, Washington Democrats insisted on secret meetings that shielded them from making their budget plans public. That shielded them from any real votes on spending and debt. And those meetings failed.

Democrats campaigned for control of Washington and they chose, in a time of fiscal crisis, not to engage the budget process in a serious way. In fact, Senate Democrats are apparently so determined to avoid the public budget process that the Reid bill even includes language designed to circumvent that process for two more years. So you'll forgive me if I'm a little perturbed by all these attacks on the Tea Party. They didn't start the fire—they sounded the alarm.

Before last election, when Democrats controlled both chambers of Congress, every conversation was about increasing spending. Congress passed the stimulus, it passed the president's massive new health care entitlement, it passed the president's requests for extraordinary increases in discretionary spending—a 24 percent increase over the last two years. We've added $4 trillion to our gross debt since the president took office. Just in the time since Senate Democrats last passed a budget, we've spent more than $7 trillion."


Russian News: Progressive Tea Party?

The Russian News seems to be confused about what the Tea Party stands for.

Progressives have the Coffee Party....


Thursday, July 28, 2011

Rep Gohmert: With Bohner's Plan "In 150 Years We Can Balance The Budget"

Representative Gohmert explains that with Speaker of the House Bohner' s Debt Plan it will only take 150 Years to balance the budget.


Scarborough: Tea Party 'May Just Have Proved to be Most Cunning and Rational of All Players in Washington'

Wow.. did I hear that right? MSNBC Joe Scarborough just complimented and even defended the Tea Party?

Check the ground and see if it's cold... Hell may just have frozen over.


Harry Reid Says Tea Party Members Are Non-Americans

Mark Levin comments on Harry Reid's obvious stance that Tea Party members are not Americans.


Hannity Asks McCain Why He Is Attacking the Tea Party

During an interview with Sean Hannity, John McCain defends his attack on the Tea Party.


McCain Trashes Tea Party: "Tea Party Hobbits Could Return to Middle Earth"

McCain called the Tea Party "Hobbits".

Rush Limbaugh - House Tea Party Members Calling For John Boehner To Be Replaced

Rush defends the stance of some in the Tea Party that want to replace Boehner as speaker.


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bob Beckel: "Barack Obama Is The Greatest Economic President Since FDR"

Acid Trip?


In a Senator Obama vs President Obama Debate Who Wins?

According to CNS News:

"Would Senator Barack Obama disagree with the actions and statements of President Barack Obama? The answer to that question may be found in the video 'The Great Debate'."

It's hard to believe it's the same person... or is it?


Bill Maher "I'd Like To See Obama Challenge The Banks & Wall Street To Bail Us Out"

Bill Mayer... nuff said.


Hatch Comments on President's Call for Tax Hikes

According to You Tube:

"In a speech on the Senate floor today, U.S. Senator Orrin Hatch (R-Utah), Ranking Member of the Senate Finance Committee, blasted President Obama's call last night for tax hikes on job creators and middle-class families to bring down the debt. Hatch explained that the President is the only one calling for these tax increases, when the cause of the over $14 trillion debt is spending.

Following are excerpts from Hatch's speech:

On the President's 'Balanced Approach':

"The President talked last night about the need for a balanced approach. Here's what he means by that. To balance the budget his way, we will have to raise taxes by roughly $2 trillion. So what does he think of the plan of the Senate's distinguished majority leader? After all, the Majority Leader has put forward a plan that does not contain tax increases. Presumably, the President would therefore oppose the Majority Leader's plan as unbalanced. But that would assume the President is not playing politics with this debate."

On Politically Opportunistic Red Herrings:

"All of the demagoguery on jets and yachts and oil companies, yields about one week of deficit reduction from the President's ten year debt. Even throwing in a one-time confiscation of all the income for taxpayers above $1 million, you can only add 244 days. Add it all up and what the President is proposing amounts to less than one-tenth of deficit reduction from the debt President Obama will add over the next 10 years."

On a Failure of Leadership:

"Instead of lead, he offered no solutions. Concerns about reelection were of greater priority than the imminent downgrading of the nation's credit rating — a downgrade that will work as a tax increase on home owners, students, and the Treasury itself which is responsible for servicing the $14.3 trillion in existing debt.

"Unable to propose tax increases on the middle class, and unable to reform entitlements due to liberal dead-enders, he chose to offer up platitudes and class warfare that might play well with some constituencies but do nothing to address the fundamental problem this nation faces. This country cannot avoid the choices that are coming. We have to get our spending under control."

On the Need for a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution:

"The Balanced Budget Amendment that I introduced along with my colleague and friend from Utah — Senator Lee and all 47 Senate Republicans is absolutely essential. It would fix this problem once and for all. But the President opposes it. He talks a lot about empowering people. Well, the Founders of this country empowered the American people to make changes to the Constitution. Why not give them the opportunity to pass this amendment?"

Sarah Palin: "It's the Spending Stupid"

During an interview with Greta, Sarah Palin says to President Obama that "Its the Spending Stupid".


Obama Campaign Worker and Progressive Blogger Melt Down: Tea Partiers are "Sociopathic, Homicidal Little Sh*t and Get the F*ck Out of Mine (Country)"

It would seem that the Debt Ceiling Debate, and the perceived Tea Party influence on it, is causing a collective Progressive meltdown online.

Yesterday I posted this video of an unknown progressive man having an apparent meltdown where he used profane language to express his feelings about the Tea Party, Republicans and the Debt Ceiling.

I assumed that this was a lone case of hatred coming from the left because as you know, the President called for a "New Era of Civility" after the tragic shooting in Arizona.

But it would seem that as one progressive after another finally melts down under the perceived Tea Party influence in Washington D.C. the new "Era of Civility" is becoming the "Era of Vulgarity".

Sarah Wood, a blogger known as the Opinionated Democrat, is apparently the next progressive to crack under the "Tea Party" Pressure in her new vulgar video titled "My Message to the Tea Party". According to Sarah's Facebook page she is an Obama supporter who worked on his 08 Campaign and was raised in a conservative home but was successfully brainwashed in college into becoming a flaming progressive. In her photos section of her Facebook page she expresses her true 'civility' with pictures that compares Conservatives to Hitler and Liberals to Jesus, a picture of Sarah Palin with a Hitler mustache titled 'Palinitler' and a photo that compares Hitler to people like : Hermain Cain, Michelle Bachmann, Micheal Steele and Newt Gingrich.

But during her 7:00 minute long video rant (Warning Foul Language) is where Sarah totally embraces Obama's new 'Civility' by calling Tea Partiers "Sociopathic, Homicidal Little Shit" and goes on to eloquently tell the Tea Party to "Shut Up and it's my Free Speech to tell you to Shut Up". Sarah then goes on with her illogical babble to claim that Tea Partiers are "Ass Holes" because they want to cut spending in the Federal Budget. She then continues by saying that "We have to spend money in this country, we can't not spend money in this country. Do you not like Civilization? Do you want to live in a Mud Hut in your Fucking Yard?" Sarah ends her rant by calling Tea Partiers "nincompoops" and tells them to "shut their pie hole" and 'civilly' tells Tea Partiers that "if you want a crumbling bridges and building kind of country, get the fuck out of mine"

With this kind of 'civility' coming from Obama supporters who needs Al-Qaeda?

Here is the video:


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

MSNBC Host: "The Only Thing Wall Street Fears More Than Elizabeth Warren Is a Tea Party Republican"

An MSNBC Host does his best to make supposed "Tea Party" Republicans look like ignorant, uninformed individuals that Wall Street should fear.

Gotta Love the scare tactics...


"Poor" Man With Internet and a Computer Says "F**k You to Tea Party/ Republican C**K Suckers" For Not Caring About the "Poor"


This video falls into the category of 'Moron'.

This man who claims he is "poor", so "poor" in fact he has Internet Access and either a video camera or a home computer with a webcam, says "F*ck You" to the Republican and the Tea Party "C*ck Suckers" who don't care about "poor" people like him.

Someone want to explain to this man that if he is so "poor" he has no business wasting money on the Internet and a Computer?


Obama's, Boehner's Full Debt-Ceiling Remarks

Here is a video of Obama's and Boehner's Debt Ceiling remarks form last night.


Howard Dean: "Boehner Needs to Throw the Tea Party Over the Side"

During an interview on MSNBC, Howard Dean says the the Speaker of the House Boehner needs to throw the Tea Party over the side in order to make a deal on the debt ceiling.


'Undefeated' director Stephen K. Bannon: "Tea Party Is An Incredibly Important Part of Modern Day History"

According to You Tube:

"At the Chicago premiere of "The Undefeated," William J. Kelly has a one-on-one with director Stephen Bannon about the Tea Party, Sarah Palin, and what he really thinks about the mainstream media."


Harry Reid Calls the Tea Party "Extremists".... Again.

Yesterday Marks the second time that Harry Reid called the Tea Party 'Extremists' in the past several weeks. The first time was during a speech to the Senate on the 21st of July where he stated:

"Unfortunately the loudest shrillest voices in the Republican party are not reasonable leaders but Tea Party Extremists."

But what I love most about yesterday's clip isn't Reid's use of 'radical' and 'extremists' to desribe the Tea Party, but the fact he says that "the Tea Party wants their leaders to ignore the American people".

That's funny Harry, because isn't that exactly what you Democrats did by passing Obamacare?

Thought so...


Monday, July 25, 2011

Obama Preaches Compromise and Uses Scare Tactics/Class Warfare in Weekly Address

During President Obama's most recent weekly address he does his best to try and look centrist and reasonable calling for "Compromise" on both sides.

But he seems to throw all of the "touchy feely" togetherness out the window as he dives right back into using Scare Tactics and Class Warfare.

So when he talks compromise is he referring to the same 'compromise' that he was open to during the debate over Obamacare?

Oh wait, never mind... he didn't compromise on Obamacare...

He just shoved that down our throats.


Russian News's Max Keiser: "Obama financially lynched by racist GOP"

According to Russian News, RT:

"Greece let out a sigh of relief this week as - after long talks - EU leaders finally agreed on how to help the country avoid defaulting on its debt. Athens will now receive a new bailout worth an estimated 109 billion euros. The plan was agreed after Greece approved severe austerity measures, sending thousands onto the streets in protest. The rescue will also involve lowering interest rates on Greek debt and extending the repayment period. The package also doubles the time given to bankrupt Portugal and Ireland to pay back their own loans. Meanwhile, Spain - which has the highest unemployment rate in the Eurozone - saw thousands of protestors converge on Madrid on Saturday. They camped out in the city centre, after marching from across the country. For more on where the Eurozone is headed RT talks to financial analyst and host of the 'Keiser Report' here on RT, Max Keiser."

Allen West: "Republican Party Has to Regain It's Credibility"

During a speech at a town hall Allen West explains that the Republican Party needs to regain it's credibility.


Democrat Congressman Admits "Debt Ceiling Debate" is a Charade

According to You Tube:

"Democrat firebrand Pete Stark appeared at a town hall meeting in Fremont, California Saturday morning. After receiving an award from the local MoveOn.org chapter for his work on their behalf, Congressman Stark addressed the Debt Ceiling crisis.

Said the staunch liberal:

"You've heard a lot about the Debt Limit. And I guess that's - I don't know how many of you are worried about it or concerned about it. The fact is I think it's a political charade.

"I'm afraid that the Democrats have done that in the past, threatened to shut down the government. I don't think there's a chance that it will happen. I think the last time somebody did, they lost enough seats in the House of Representatives to convince them it was a dumbest thing they ever did. [It] doesn't get us anywhere, it doesn't help anybody, and to extend the Debt Limit is nothing more - than people have described it - than that the government's credit card doesn't run out of resources.

"And we all know we have more debt than we should be carrying and there's a fight going on: Should we raise your taxes to lower that debt? Should we quit government spending? The question is if we quit government spending, what do we quit spending? Do we quit spending on Social Security and WIC and children's daycare? Or do we quit spending for corporate jet deductions, and those sorts of things? And those are the political fights.

"They are going to go on. You'll hear about them 'til the end of the year. My prediction is that we will extend the Debt Ceiling; and the Republicans will accuse us Democrats of being big taxers and big spenders; and I guess we'll accuse them of not being concerned about the elderly, and the poor, and children.

"And the country will go on with its debates, and we hope that you will all stay involved and express your opinions loudly and to all of us. ..." (emphasis added)

Congressman Stark's statements expose a rift between the President and his allies on the ideological Left and Democrats in office. Elected officials and Hill watchers have always known that the August 2 deadline was arbitrary, and that the US Treasury - receiving $200B each month - is well-able to pay its financial obligations, including the military, interest on the debt, and Social Security with money left over.

Meanwhile, the President's insistence - for political gain - on August 2 marking a 'debt ceiling doomsday' continues to send shock waves through an already jittery global financial market. The phony deadline is creating the possibility of very real negative financial ramifications to the US economy."


South Central LA Tea Party Protests the NAACP

According to You Tube:

"The Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson led his South Central Los Angeles Tea Party in a protest/demonstration, in Downtown L.A., in front of the site of the NAACP's national convention."

Man Confronts LA Tea Party Protest of NAACP : " These Sell Out Negros Have NO Business Speaking for and Joining With Racists"

During a protest in California where the South Central LA Tea Party was protesting the NAACP a man who is convinced that any Black citizen that is a Tea Party member is a "Sell Out Negro" that wishes they were white confronted a Tea Party member.

Wow... if this guy is looking for a Racist, all he needs to do is look in a mirror.


Sunday, July 24, 2011

Democrat Engel Wants The President to Dictate Debt Ceiling

During an Interview with Fox News, Democratic Congressman Eliot Engel, explains that he wants President Obama to invoke the 14th Amendment.

This is a Dictator type mentality...from a "Centrist"?


Russian News: 'Multikulti backfired with carnage as Norway gunman turned on his own'

According to the Russian News RT:

"At least 85 people are now confirmed dead after a shooting spree at a Norwegian youth camp. That attack came just a matter of hours after a powerful blast in downtown Oslo claimed at least seven lives. The Norwegian Prime Minister said more democracy and openness is the answer to the violence. But Helge Luras from the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs believes it's the country's polices of multiculturalism that turned the gunman against his own."


Al Jazeera TV Pushes "Right Wing" and "Christian" Connections to Norway Shooter

According to Al Jazeera TV's You Tube Channel:

"At least 85 people have been confirmed dead after a shooting at Norway's Utoya island, nearly two hours after a bomb blast killed seven people in a government district in the capital, Oslo.

A gunman dressed in police uniform opened fire at a youth summer camp in Utoya on Friday.

Oslo police are questioning, Anders Behring Breivik, a 32-year-old Norwegian who was arrested in connection with the shooting incident.

Police say the suspect had been seen in Oslo before the bombing, which targeted buildings that house the prime minister's office.

A police official said that information gleaned on the internet suggested the suspect was a "Christian fundamentalist".

The TV2 television station reported, without disclosing its sources, that the detained man had links to right-wing extremism."


Obama: "Folks in Congress Can Vote Against It" but HE Will Raise Debt Ceiling

Two days ago Obama gave a speech where he seems to prefer the idea where Congress gives him the power to raise the debt ceiling without Congressional approval.


Rachel Maddow: "Record shows 'Tea Party' really just Republicans"

Several Days ago progressive talking head Rachel Maddow thinks that the Tea Party is just Republicans.

Hate to tell you Rachel, but the "real" Tea Party could care less about Republicans. It stands for Principles over Party.

But to be honest this argument is old and pathetic.


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Obama: "Can Republicans Say Yes To Anything?"

According to You Tube:

"President Obama questions if Republicans can say yes to anything after Speaker John Boehner walks out on budget talks to raise the debt ceiling or risk the United States defaulting on its debt obligations."

Congressman Duncan: "When is the Senate Actually Going to Do Some Work"

Freshman Congressman Jeff Duncan from South Carolina pointed out yesterday that the House Republicans have passed things like a budget, the repeal of Obamacare and the latest bill that supposedly would help cut spending(not sure about that) but the Senate refuses to take any of them up for a vote. He wants to know when the Senate is actually going to get to work.


Claire McCaskill: "I Think Mitch McConnell Has Lost His Mind"

During an Interview on MSNBC Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill discussing the debt ceiling said she thought Mitch McConnell has lost his mind. (Starts at the 4:00 Mark)


Friday, July 22, 2011

Coburn on Cut, Cap & Balance: "It Doesn't Matter What The Polls Are, We Have To Fix This Country"

It would seem that Sen Tom Coburn said that polls don't matter because they have to fix the country.

Funny.. I wonder if polls matter at election time?


Mark Levin Defends the Tea Party from O'Reilly's Attack: "Only Thing that Stands Between Us and a Complete Breakdown of Society Is the Tea Party"

Mark Levin Defends the Tea Party from Bill O'Reilly's Attacks by saying:

"The only thing that stands between us and a complete breakdown of society is the Tea Party movement."

Levin goes on to ask why is O'Reilly defending the GOP establishment's possible compromise on the debt ceiling.


Bill O'Reilly Attacks Tea Party by Calling it "Fanatical & Extreme"

Bill O'Reilly goes after the Tea Party's stance on the Debt Ceiling and infers that they are "Fanatical and Extreme".


Reid: "The Loudest Shrillest Voices In The Republican Party Are Not Reasonable Leaders But Tea Party Extremists"

During a speech on the Senate Floor yesterday, Harry Reid admonished the Republicans by saying that it's not reasonable leaders that are the loudest voices, but Tea Party extremists.

Comments begin at the 27:20 mark and go till the 27:30 mark.


Carney:" Economy Has "Vastly Improved" Since Obama Was Sworn In"

According to You Tube:

"White House Press Secretary Jay Carney: "Well, two things remain uncontestably true. The economy is vastly improved from what it was when Barack Obama was sworn into office as president."

I don't know what is funnier..

The fact Carney said the economy is better or that he implied Obama is going to be elected to a second term.


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Job Creation?: Stimulus Funds Used to Buy Naked X-Ray Machines in Airports

The Stimulus may have failed to turn around this economy but it seems it has succeeded in something else...

Destroying your Right to Privacy.

According to the Department of Homeland Security Website, those very invasive and humiliating Back Scatter X-ray machines where bought and paid for with Stimulus funds:

"Washington, D.C. - Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Janet Napolitano today announced the deployment of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA)-funded advanced imaging technology (AIT) to 28 additional airports nationwide - strengthening security at airports throughout the nation while creating local jobs.

"As part of the Department’s ongoing efforts to* best protect the traveling public and detect terrorism threats, we continue to deploy state-of-the-art advanced imaging technology across the country," said Secretary Napolitano. "The rapid deployment of this critical technology, made possible by Recovery Act funds, will strengthen security at even more airports nationwide."

"The deployment of advanced imaging technology demonstrates TSA's ongoing commitment to stay ahead of evolving threats to aviation security and protect the traveling public," said TSA Administrator John Pistole.....

......Factors including airport readiness, checkpoint infrastructure, and capacity to ensure privacy protections - including a separate, remotely located room for viewing images - are carefully considered before AIT units are deployed to selected airports.

Advanced imaging technology is designed to bolster security by safely screening passengers for metallic and non-metallic threats - including weapons, explosives and other objects concealed under layers of clothing. The ARRA-funded machines will include the latest security enhancements to detect new and evolving threats.

TSA ensures passenger privacy through the anonymity of AIT images - a privacy filter is applied to blur all images; in the operational mode images are permanently deleted immediately once viewed and are never stored, transmitted or printed; and the officer viewing the image is stationed in a remote location so as not to come into contact with passengers being screened. In addition, AIT screening is optional to all passengers. Those who opt out may request alternative screening, to include a physical pat-down."

I know this may be infuriating news but don't worry, the Department of Homeland Security only gave the TSA $1 Billion Dollars in order to destroy your Right to Privacy Nation Wide.

Which makes me wonder, if buying Back Scatter X-Ray machines falls under the heading of Stimulus Job Creation...

Then under what heading do we put the Destruction of Your Right to Privacy...

Police State or Tyranny?


CWA President Interviews with Commie News; Thinks Union Will Endorse Obama

During an Interview with the Communist Party (CPUSA) USA News, People's World, Communications workers of America President, Larry Cohen, admits that not only with the CWA support Obama in the election (of course he said its really up to the members..yea right) but that the CWA will continue to work with "Social Justice" groups to help push an(Socialist)agenda which includes, Secure Jobs, Retirement and Health Care for All.

Coincidentally the CPUSA Hershel Walker Peace and Justice Awards were just held here in St. Louis at the CWA Local 6300 Union Hall.

So it would seem that from the top down in the CWA it's policy to not only do interviews with Communists... but to openly work with them as well.

Maybe I can suggest a new Motto for the CWA:

"The CWA A "Great" American Union..

.. We support Universal Healthcare, Social Justice... and Karl Marx".


MSNBC Host Says Government Should Regulate "Private Media" Because of Murdoch's "Power"

According to The Blaze:

"On Wednesday’s episode of Morning Joe, MSNBC’s Martin Bashir reportedly suggested that the News of the World phone-hacking scandal, and, Rupert Murdoch’s “power” in general, proves why government should regulate privately owned media enterprises. NewsBusters brings us the video and transcript, where Bashir says:

All of this reveals the fact that people like Michele Bachmann, Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, talk about government getting out of the way, well this is what happened in this country. In 1968, Rupert Murdoch bought one newspaper, and government got out of the way. Then he bought a second, then he bought a third. Within 25 years he owned four national newspapers. Then he established a satellite television company, and eventually people began to wake up to the fact that his power base in the country was bigger than anybody else’s.


White House Controlling MSNBC?

According to The Blaze:

"Cenk Uygur hosted a prime-time show on the MSNBC after the Keith Olbermann firing resulted in a rearrangement of the prime time lineup. Uygur filled the 6 p.m. Eastern slot vacated by Ed Schultz since late January. In the video Uygur explains he turned down a significantly larger MSNBC contract for a much smaller role because he was told by the MSNBC president that the decision to remove him from primetime was due to political pressure from people in Washington who did not like his “tone” which was very critical of President Obama."

Wow.. It's nice to know that Obama didn't have to "Bail Out" MSNBC in order to control them... like he did with GM.


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

University Employee Faces Up To 330 Years in Prison for Helping Illegals Stay in U.S.

According to WCNC.com, Thomas C Briggs, a now former administrative support specialist at the University of Charlotte in North Carolina, is facing a possible 330 years in prison for helping Illegal Aliens stay in the United States:

"The man who was once honored as the 2001 UNCC Employee of the Year now faces a felony charge for allegedly helping approximately 66 international students falsify their student visas to allow them to stay in the United States.

According to court records filed in US District Court, Thomas C. Briggs is accused of concealing, harboring and shielding foreign nationals from detection in reckless disregard of the fact that those foreigners had entered and remained in the United States in violation of the law.

Briggs was an administrative support specialist in the Office of International Programs. He worked at UNCC from 1992 until June of 2009, according to University officials, although the alleged crimes did not begin until sometime in 2007.

Briggs allegedly entered false information into a government database known as the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System, or SEVIS. According to court records, he entered information into the database to indicate that foreign nationals were in compliance with their F-1 student visas, when in fact, they were not.

The charges specify that Briggs knowingly misrepresented approximately 66 foreign nationals as full-time students who were properly and legally enrolled at UNCC, when according to investigators, he knew that information to be false.

A spokesperson for UNCC told NewsChannel 36 that Briggs was terminated by the University on June 30, 2009 after an investigation revealed the alleged misconduct.....

....Legally, Briggs is being charged under Title 8, Section 1324 of the US Code, which if found guilty, would carry a penalty of up to five years for each of the approximately 66 cases."

Funny... Hundreds of Illegals can testify openly in the Senate and no one is arrested...

But one University Employee helps 66 Illegals stay in the Country... and he faces a possible 330 years in Prison.

Ironic...isn't it?


Chris Matthews to Senator Warner: "Will your Gang of 6 Ride In & Save the People From the Attacking Enemy?"

According to You Tube:

"Senator Warner talked to Chris Matthews about the debt, deficit, Gang of Six, and the need for a bipartisan agreement."

During an interview on Hardball with Chris Matthews, one of the "Gang of 6", Democrat Senator Warner, was asked if his "Gang of 6" is going to "Ride in and Save the People from the Attacking Enemy".

Enemy? So people who want a fiscally responsible Government are the "Enemy" according to Chris Matthews?

What ever happened to that "Civility" called for by President Obama?

I guess that Civility is saved for the "Enemies" of Freedom and Not for the "Enemies" of Progressives....

SEIU President: What's the Best Idea to Create Jobs? Go After the Rich...

According to an article in The Atlantic, It would seem that the President of SEIU, Mary Kay Henry, has all the answers when it comes to job creation. She says the United States has enough money it's just that "Some People" have forgotten how to "Share":

"What's the single best idea to jump start job creation?

While nearly 30 million Americans continue to look for full-time work, life has never been better for America's wealthy.

While a janitor in Minneapolis breaks the news to her daughter that mommy lost her job, Verizon sits flush with $24 billion in profits over the past two years and hasn't had to pay a dime in taxes.

While one out of every four American children go to bed hungry each night, former Massey Energy CEO Don Blankenship can sleep well dreaming about his $86 million in pay and $4 million of bonus Bush-era tax cuts.

America is not broke. Some of us have just forgotten our childhood lessons about sharing and fairness. And this growing divide between millionaires and CEOs and the rest of us is simply un-American. We can put Americans back to work. But only if our government and the private sector find common ground in getting everyone--CEOs and millionaires included--to pay their fair share in our democracy and invest in the good jobs we need. With America facing such a great crisis, we can no longer afford to pay corporations to offshore American jobs. Simply ending this tax break alone would save taxpayers as much as $40 billion a year, discourage corporations from moving jobs to China, and create up to 300,000 American jobs a year.

We can no longer afford tax subsidies for big oil companies, we can no longer afford to allow corporations like Wells Fargo to receive a $4 billion refund from taxpayers after posting $12 billion in profits, and CEOs like Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson can afford to go without his $1.4 million Bush era tax cut. With $800 billion, money generated by rolling back corporate tax breaks and forcing millionaires and corporations to pay their fair share, we could put more than six million Americans back to work over the next two years. These workers will in turn spend their wages and help create millions more jobs."

While I would agree big oil doesn't need subsidies from the federal government, I would argue that just because someone or some corporation has "more" than someone else, it doesn't give Ms. Henry, or the Federal Government, the "Right" to redistribute it.

If one person's Right to their private property is infringed upon, then everyones' Right the their private property is infringed upon....

Just because the Progressives are coming for your Wealthy neighbor now..

Doesn't mean they won't be knocking on your door next...

Liberty and Freedom for All...

Or None.


Harkin: Tea Party is "Cult Fringe" and Repubs are "Dead Beat Debtors"

Looks like Harkin and the rest of the Dem cronnies are busy using "civil" terms like "Cult Fringe" and "Dead Beat" to label the Tea Party and the Republicans.
Gotta Love the New Civility!

Hat Tip Breitbart Tv

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

DOE's New Light Bulb Propaganda Commercials

Suddenly a week after Energy Secretary Steven Chu was caught defending the light bulb ban by saying:

“We are taking away a choice that continues to let people waste their own money,”

The Department of Energy yesterday released a new propaganda commercial pointing out that the new Government Forced light bulbs are better than the old ones that are going to be banned.


I don't think so...


It seems the Department of Energy released two Propaganda Commercials, one about Light bulbs and the second about "Wasting Money"...

Both videos seem to tie into the Energy Secretary's defense of the Light bulb ban... defiantly not a coincidence.

Here is the second piece of propaganda:


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Liz Cheney: What Obama Is Proposing Isn't Capitalism

According to JackOHoft on you Tube:

"Liz Cheney discussed Obama's confused press conferences from last week. She says what Obama is proposing is not capitalism.
Of course, she's right."


U.S. People to Obama: No More Sacrifice

According to You Tube:

"Barack Obama, the US president, and Congressional leaders are still seeking a deal to lift the US debt ceiling.

Obama used his weekly radio address to ask Americans to sacrifice for the sake of the greater good.

But ordinary Americans, who face daily economic challenge, say they have already sacrificed enough and that they have got nothing left to give.

Al Jazeera's Kimberly Halkett reports."

Don't you like the guy who they threw in there that said he wouldn't mind if the 'Rich paid a little more?'


Parrot Obama?: Reid Called For "Shared Sacrifice" 9 Days Before Obama

This is a news story that ran on 7/7/11 9 days before President Obama parroted the same message in his weekly address on 7/16/11.

Nice to see the Democrats can all read and parrot the talking points.... from Reid to Obama....Not an original idea among them.


SEIU Marches on Iowa's Governor's Mansion: "We Are The Wrong People to Pick A Fight With"

According to You Tube:

"Iowa CCI, the South Central Federation of Labor, AFSCME Council 61, SEIU Local 199, Teamsters Local 238, the Cedar Rapids/Iowa City Building and Construction Trades Council, UE Local 893, the Des Moines Education Association, Iowa Citizen Action Network, and Iowans for Strong Communities all endorsed Iowa CCI's call for this unprecedented rally and march for economic and environmental justice on the Governor's mansion."

At the 4:15 Mark one of the Union members says: "We are the wrong the wrong people to pick a fight with."

At the 4:35 mark one of the State Troopers defending the house from the Mob accepts a signed petition to give to the Governor and then tells the crowd, "Go get him."


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Obama's Wants "Shared Sacrifice" In Order to Curb Debt

According to You Tube:

"President Obama emphasizes the importance of compromise and shared sacrifice so that we can overcome our fiscal challenges and get our economy on a stronger footing going forward."

So does "Shared Sacrifice" mean no more Parties at the White House or Shopping Trips for the First Lady to Europe and Africa?

Didn't think so...


FLASHBACK: Rick Perry Thanked by Vicente Fox for In-State Tuition for Illegals

I stumbled upon this video from 2003 where Rick Perry was thanked by the then President of Mexico, Vicente Fox, for signing legislation that would give "Mexican Migrants" (coughillegalscough) in state tuition assistance.

Not a very good track record for someone who is thinking about running as a 'conservative' Presidential candidate.


University of Missouri Communist Recruiter: "We Need To Take Back July 4th From The Right Wing"

According to an article in the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) News, People's World, CPUSA Organizer and People's World reporter, Tony Peckinovsky, gave a speech at the 2011 CPUSA Hershel Walker Peace and Justice Awards where he said:

"The right wing over a number of years have hijacked some of our holidays and July 4th is one of those holidays they have hijacked. And they have taken that from us and made it sound like we are un-patriotic....We need to reclaim July 4th...

We on the left, we of the labor movement, community activists, labor activists, we need to do what we can to reclaim not only July 4th but other holidays that the right-wing have hijacked."

Tony Peckinovsky is the same CPUSA member that was allowed to recruit in a University of Missouri Labor Studies class where he "Patriotically" explained how to defeat U.S. forces in Iraq and how the American flag is racist.

Disturbingly at the beginning of the 2011 Hershel Walker Awards ceremony, Missouri Democrat Representative of the 59th District, Jeanette Mott Oxford, gave the invocation where she prayed to the Almighty for "Social Justice".

Ironically, as you can see in the video, the Communist Award ceremony was held at the Communication Workers of America (CWA) Local 6300 Union Hall where awards were given to a member of the St. Louis Newspaper Guild and the Vice President of the St. Louis Labor Council.

Coincidentally CWA Local 6300, the St. Louis Newspaper Guild and the St. Louis labor Council are all affiliates of the AFL-CIO who seem to have a recurring trend of working with the CPUSA.

So I guess once Tony Peckinovsky, the Communist Party and the "Left" finish "Taking Back" American Holidays from the "Right Wing" they may begin to look a little something.... like this...

Problem is I Don't Look Good.... in Red.


Friday, July 15, 2011

SPREAD THE WEALTH--AFL-CIO President to Private Business: "Show Us The Jobs Or Give Us Back The Money"

During a speech in April of this year, AFL-CIO Massachusetts President Robert Haynes gave a speech where he did everything but say "Spread the Wealth". Mr Haynes believes the county isn't broke, it's just that the Rich people have it. He even goes on to say that people "gave" corporations the money they have and if they don't create jobs then they should give the money back.

Sounds very.. Che Guevara to me...


Chris Matthews Goes After Tea Party Bloggers

Chis Matthews calls Tea Party Bloggers and the Tea Party in General "The Town Misfits".


Obama: "The American People Are Sold, 80% of the People Support Tax Increases" aka 'Revenues'

According to Breitbart TV:

"President Barack Obama reveals the purely political calculations behind his strategy in the debt ceiling negotiations. Not only does he reveal that he has intimate knowledge of polling on the issue, but he also describes the GOP leadership as being boxed-in due to previous statements they've made.

Notice how nowhere in this response is there any discussion about what is best for the economy, the housing market, the dollar, the unemployment situation or the long-term health of entitlement programs. The entire calculation is political."


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hatch: We must not raise the Debt Ceiling without a Balanced Budget Amendment

According to You Tube:

"Senator Hatch speaks with Judge Napolitano on July 14, 2011 about the Debt Ceiling."

IBEW Member: Unions Are Under Attack Because of "Plantation Mentality"

Clay J Leon of IBEW local 130 discusses why he thinks Unions are under attack in the South, New Orleans in particular. He seems to think it's because there is a "Plantation Mentality" in the region and an attempt to "Dumb Down" Workers.

This video was shot by the Communist Party USA News, People's World.


Congressman Says 'Fast and Furious' Was Obama Admin Attempt to Force Data Base of Gun Owners and More Regulations

Hmm Would the President Do that? Yes, yes he would...


Obama: "Don't Call My Bluff"

According to Breitbart TV President Obama Stormed out during Debt Negotiations after saying:

"I've sat here long enough. No other president, including Ronald Reagan, would sit here like this."


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

"Tea Party Caucus" Says Obama Is Playing Politics/ Using Scare Tactics With Social Security Checks and Military Pay

Obama use Scare Tactics?? Nooooo... Not him.. Never...


Mitch McConnell Defends His Debt Ceiling Plan

According to Breitbart TV McConnell Defended his Debt Ceiling Plan on Laura Ingraham's Show:

“Doing the right thing for the country is our first obligation, but we cannot force a result, we need to do the next best thing and that’s clarify the differences between the two parties... They want to blame the economy on us and the reason default is no better an idea today than it was when Newt Gingrich tried it in 1995, is it destroys your brand, and it gives the president an opportunity to blame Republicans for a bad economy.”


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Obama to Hold Vets' and Seniors' Benefits Hostage Till He Gets His Way

According to Breitbart TV, President Obama is going to hold Vets and Senior Benefits Hostage if he doesn't get his way:

"I cannot guarantee that those checks go out on August 3rd if we haven't resolved this issue because there may simply not be the money in the coffers to do it."


Democrat Gives Invocation at Communist Awards Ceremony

During the 2011 Communist Party USA/Friends of People's World Hershell Walker Peace and Justice Awards Missouri Democrat Rep, Jeanette Mott Oxford, was called upon to give the invocation.

The Awards were held at the Communication Workers of America Local 6300 Union Hall in St. Louis MO and was attended by Union Members and Communists alike.

Oddly enough for being CWA members, the Audio system had terrible feedback.

The Audio has some static, I suggest you use headphones.


White Union Defense Attorney in Gladney Trial; "Uncle Tom Negro Isn't Offensive To Me"

The Kenneth Gladney Trial, the case that consisted of a Black Vendor (Kenneth) at a Russ Carnahan Town Hall who was beaten by two Union Members because he was mistaken for a Tea Partier, was doomed from the start.

As I sat in the courtroom today watching the closing arguments, the difference between the prosecuting attorney and the union paid private lawyer was as stark a contrast as night is from day. The spit, polish and confidence of the union lawyer, compared to the stumbling and stuttering of the unsure prosecuting attorney made it more than obvious what the outcome of this trial was going to be.

While the union paid lawyer made a memorable closing argument that lasted more than 10 minutes, the obviously inexperienced prosecuting attorney spoke for less than 5 and the most memorable thing he said was that "Kenneth was smaller than the two union members who attacked him". Sadly that 5 minutes consisted of 4 minutes 40 seconds of closing argument and 20 seconds of rebuttal.

While that was a noticeable difference, what really stood out to me was not so much the miss match of the two attorneys, but instead some of what the defense lawyer said to convince the jury that the two union members were innocent of the crime.

At one point the white, obviously well paid, union defense attorney said: "the phrase Uncle Tom Negro isn't offensive to me." For a minute my mouth dropped open as he continued:

"while that phrase isn't offensive to me, obviously Kenneth Gladney did find it offensive which is what caused him to react the way he did."

One of the arguments that the defense lawyer made was that one of the union members called Kenneth Gladney an "Uncle Tom Negro". But according to Kenneth, it was a word that started with an N that would be highly offensive to any Black citizen. This phrase "Uncle Tom Negro", according to the union defense lawyer, caused Kenneth to slap one of the union members in some way, which led to Kenneth's beating.

Sadly the union defense lawyer was implying that being called an "Uncle Tom Negro" isn't as bad as being called a "N**ger" and being called an "Uncle Tom Negro" wasn't "Offensive Enough" for someone to lash out in anger. (Kenneth says the union members hit him first.)

Unlike the white, union lawyer either term is offensive to me, but then again what do I know? I'm just a visually impaired white man of Irish and French decent who grew up in a racially diverse family.

One of the other arguments that the union lawyer made was that Kenneth Gladney was not just some "vendor" selling Don't Tread on Me Flags and buttons, but was indeed a Tea Party member that not only showed up to the Town Hall as a Tea Partier but also a Tea Party gathering in his honor the day after the beating and was also paid by the Tea Party to "Push their Agenda".

The Defense attorney seemed to say that if Kenneth was a Tea Partier he almost deserved the beating because as the Defense Lawyer pointed out:

"The Tea Party were the people inside the Town Hall yelling and screaming."

So basically the Union Paid Lawyer was playing into the stereo type of the 'lame' stream media that Tea Partiers are angry violent people who would take offense at being called an "Uncle Tom Negro" and pick a fight with two larger union members because of it.

Well after watching the pathetic circus that comprised the closing arguments, and only an hour in deliberation, the Jury came back with a verdict of Not Guilty.

To me it was obvious that the case was given to an inexperienced prosecuting attorney who didn't know his ass from a paralegal , either on purpose or because no experienced lawyer in the prosecuting attorney's office wanted to touch it with a 10 foot pole, and that is why the highly paid union lawyer won.

Or as the left would say...

It was a case between Poor Black Kenneth Gladney the individual ....

Who didn't have a chance to win against the Wealthy White Union Establishment...


I don't think so...


Monday, July 11, 2011

Obama Thinks American People Are Stupid When It Comes to Debt Ceiling

When Obama was asked what he thought about the Majority of American People not wanting the Debt Ceiling raised he basically dodged the question and said, "Well the American people are Stupid, and if we ask them in a different way, they will support me."


Young Communist League Want to Forcibly Move "Tea Baggers" to "Libertarian" Somalia

According to You Tube:

"You should be forcibly moved to Somalia to live in your libertarian utopia."

This Video was posted on the Young Communist League Facebook Page.

Obama Considers Raising Taxes on Middle and Low Income Families

All you hear from President Obama lately is the fact he wants to raise taxes on the Rich. but according to the St. Louis Post Dispatch ,there is something Obama isn't telling you, that he is discussing raising taxes on the Middle and Low Income families as well:

"Proposals under consideration include raising taxes on small business owners and potentially low- and middle-income families. You won't hear about that from Obama. Instead the president focuses on the very rich, and speaks euphemistically."

For the St. Louis "Left" Dispatch to mention this means two things:

First it's probably true.. and Second they aren't happy with it.

So I guess President Obama's "Pledge" to not raise taxes on anyone making less than $250,000 is about as good as his promise that unemployment won't go above 8%.


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Anti-Jobs: Democrat Senator Calls for Boycott of Georgia

According to You Tube:

"Vincent D. Fort was first elected to the Georgia State Senate from the 39th District in 1996. He represents part of Fulton County. He demagogues the recent immigration reform and ridiculously compares Georgia to South African Apartheid. The Democrats seem to care more about their pet social projects than jobs, economic recovery, or following the law."


Al Sharpton Disses Illegals at Their Own Rally

According to You Tube:

"The whole purpose of the rally was to support illegal immigrants, but Rev. Al came and left so quickly that he must not have known he dissed the rally's heroes...the six illegal immigrants who were recently arrested for blocking traffic, not to mention all the thousands who marched the week before."

Funny Stuff...

Obama Bumper Sticker Removal Kit

I have actually posted this before a few years ago, but I ran into it while researching articles and I laughed enough to feel like posting it again.



Senator DeMint: "We Will Give the President His Increase In the Debt Limit In Return For Reasonable Cuts in Spending"

Energy Secretary On Light Bulb Ban: "It's a Commonsense Solution to Push Forward American Goals"

The GOP in Washington D.C. are in the process of trying to remove the Incandescent Light Bulb ban that was put into place by George W Bush in 2007.

Oddly enough, according to an article on Chron.com, President Obama's Energy Secretary, Steven Chu, is defending the law saying it's a "Commonsense Solution to America's Goals of Energy Efficiency":

"Energy Secretary Steven Chu on Friday defended rules designed to boost light bulb efficiency as a group of Republicans led by Texas Congressman Joe Barton prepared for a House vote next week to repeal the regulations.

At stake is a 2007 energy law requiring that incandescent light bulbs be 30 percent more efficient by 2012.

Energy Secretary Steven Chu said the light bulb standards are a “commonsense” solution to both push forward American goals of energy efficiency and save consumers money. (AP Photo)
The energy efficient bulbs are more expensive than regular incandescent light bulbs but the new efficient incandescent light bulbs and compact fluorescent light bulbs can last significantly longer than their counterparts.

Chu said the light bulb standards are a “commonsense” solution to both push forward American goals of energy efficiency and save consumers money."

Actually Mr Chu, the repeal of the law is a "Commonsense" solution to push forward the American goal......... of Freedom.


Saturday, July 9, 2011

If We Allow Smart Meters We Will No Longer Be America

This is a video from stopsmartmeters.org that explains how the Smart Grid is going to change America for ever.


Obama: Political Sacrifice Necessary on Debt

According to The Associated Press:

"President Barack Obama says the nation's budget crisis requires a "balanced approach and "political sacrifices" by both Democrats and Republicans. (July 9)"

How about giving up the Socialist Programs?

Obama's Car Czar Forced to Answer Questions About His Agreement With Communist Mao

According to The Blaze, Obama's Car Czar, Ron Bloom, is grilled about his comments in which he agrees with Communist Mao Zedong. His comments were exposed by the Glenn Beck program.


Thursday, July 7, 2011

Russian News: Obama TwitterFail Town Hall/TSA Just Trying To Scare People?

According to RT:

"RT's Lauren Lyster and Evan McMorris-Santoro, reporter with Talking Points Memo join happy hour tonight to discuss everything from Obama's twitter town hall to a woman deemed a security risk for taking a picture of an employee's name tag."

The host of this Russian News show not only makes fun of Obama's Twitter Town Hall but goes on to point out that the story about Terrorists putting bombs inside of people is at least a year old. She then goes on to ask, "Is the TSA just trying to scare people?"

My answer is yes... yes they are..


Van Jones: "I Admire the Tea Party; America Isn't Broke; Need 'Gambling' Tax on Wall Street"

According to You Tube:

"Van Jones in Washington, DC discussing his new venture, Rebuild the Dream; Tea party; the economy; Grover Norquist and the No Tax Pledge; where all the lost money went and whether any GOP candidate can contend with a $1 billion re-election campaign."

Hmm is it just me or are all of the Communists and Socialists trying to sound like Centrists?


2 People Arrested During Smart Meter Protest

According to Stopsmartmeters.org:

"Santa Cruz County, Calif.- Two people were arrested Friday afternoon by Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Dept. for peacefully blocking smart meter installation trucks as they attempted to drive out of a yard in the Pleasure Point neighborhood of Santa Cruz County. PG&E has stated that they do not intend to respect laws in Santa Cruz County, Capitola, and Watsonville that prohibit wireless meter installation- laws that were passed to protect the public from identified health and safety risks from the new meters. The two protesters who are affiliated with StopSmartMeters! were charged with misdemeanor obstruction, and released with court date in August."


Obama Spews Violent Rhetoric: "GOP Putting Gun to the Heads of the American People"


According to Breitbart TV:

"President Barack Obama says the debt ceiling should not "be used as a gun against the heads" of Americans to retain breaks for corporate jet owners or oil and gas companies."


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Russian News: Obama's New GITMO, Navy Vessels

According to RT News:

"The Obama administration announced they will be prosecuting a Somali, accused of having ties to Al-Shabab and Al-Qaeda, in civilian court in New York. Ahmed Abdulkadir Warsame captured April 19 was held on a navy vessel for two months, where he was interrogated heavily without being read a Miranda warning. Harper's Magazine Scott Horton weighs in."


DHS Visits the P/Oed Patriot for Almost 5 Minutes

It would seem someone in DHS is becoming an avid reader... or I'm slowly moving up their "Most Wanted" chain because DHS's last visit to the P/Oed Patriot lasted almost 5 minutes.

Here is a screen shot of my analytics program and the DHS visit:

Just thought you would like to know that the Department of Homeland Security is doing it's job and protecting you from.....me?


TSA: Terrorists May Plant Explosives In Travelers

Breaking sports news video. MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL highlights and more.

According to The Blaze:

"The U.S. government is warning airlines that some terrorists are considering surgically implanting explosives into humans to carry out attacks.

There is no intelligence pointing to a specific plot, but the U.S. has shared this information with executives at domestic and international carriers."

Just more excuses to make you go through another type of x-ray machine?


White House Spews Socialism: "Americans Want Something That Spreads the Sacrifice and Spreads the Prosperity"

According to Breitbart TV a White House spokesman accidentally spewed some Socialism when answering a question from a reporter:

"Americans are not like -- 'I demand this, you know, I draw the red line here and I draw this in the sand.' They just want us to get something done that's sensible, that spreads the sacrifice and spreads the prosperity."

Aka "Spread the Wealth"?


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Windy City Going to Hell: Video of a Crowd Who Viciously Attacks 25 Year Old Man in Chicago Neighborhood

According to Fox News Insider:

"A mob of people were caught on tape punching, kicking, even stabbing a 25-year-old man in the Boystown neighborhood of Chicago. The incident is the latest in a string of attacks that have occurred in the area in the last few weeks. Among the crowd witnessing the attack were bystanders who were cheering on the alleged gang members leading the beating. Rick Folbaum reports on the latest, saying thus far, no arrests have been made."


Juan Williams: Media Matters Is Trying to Ruin People's Lives

According to Fox News Insider:

"Brian Kilmeade provides more details about how Media Matters is using taxpayer dollars to launch a war on Fox News. The "war" is being led by the web site's founder David Brock.

Ari Rabin-Havt, the Executive Vice President of Media Matters, has spoken out about the group's tactics and their attempts to investigate Fox News employees, saying, "We made a list of every single person who works for Fox and tried to figure out who might be disgruntled and why, and we went out to try to meet them."

Fox News Contributor Juan Williams weighed in on this campaign saying, "They used to monitor the media and point out things that were wrong, false, inappropriate, which is fine, but what you are hearing from Ari Rabin-Havt is that really now they're involved in opposition research. They are digging up dirt on people, they're trying to ruin people's lives and reputation because they disagree with their politics. And, in specific here, what they disagree with is conservative politics and they really don't like Fox News, so they're going after everybody associated with Fox News including the likes of me."

Williams goes onto say that if you vary from some sort of liberal orthodoxy, you'll be in Media Matters' cross-hairs and they'll attack with the intention of ruining your personal life and your business."


USDA is Spending $5 Million to Study Pig Poop and Global Warming

Yes you read the title right, while the Democrats and Republicans are fighting over the Debt Ceiling the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is spending $5 Million on a study about Pig Poop.

According to the USDA website, this study is to be funded from a part of a $53 Million Dollar Grant Pool that is to be divided between 13 different recipients to "Help" Agricultural Produces Adapt to Climate Change:

"WASHINGTON, June 30, 2011 – The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) has awarded 13 grants to research possibilities for agriculture and forestry producers to adapt to climate change and to best take advantage of variable climate patterns.....

“Anticipating and adjusting to long-term climate patterns is vital for successful agricultural production,” said Chavonda Jacobs-Young, acting NIFA director. “Sound science helps farmers, ranchers and foresters make the right decisions to reduce the effects of climate change and increased variability on their operations. The grants we are announcing today support a wide range of fundamental global agricultural concerns, from cereal crops and animal production to forestry and pest management.”

Today’s announcement represents an investment of more than $53 million to study how climate patterns and variability affect agricultural production. The long-term goal of these USDA-sponsored projects is to help prepare the nation’s agricultural and forestry sectors for unpredictable global climate effects, while helping agricultural and forest production systems play a valuable role in addressing the global challenge of climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing carbon sequestration."

Fiscal Year 2010 projects were funded in Arkansas, Arizona, California, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Texas, Washington and Wyoming. Project highlights include:

A project in Arkansas to evaluate options for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from swine operations and develop accessible and practical means for swine producers put these options into practice."

The "Green House Gas" emissions that the article refers to is the methane and carbon dioxide created by the Swines' Feces or as I like to call it Pig Poop.

According to the list of recipients on the USDA website, the University of Arkansas is going to conduct this "important" study (Insert Bill Clinton /Arkansas/Pig Jokes Here):

"University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Ark., $4,999,633. This project will evaluate options for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from swine operations and develop accessible and practical means for swine producers to put these options into practice."

Oddly enough as the USDA spends this $5 Million in taxpayer money on the study of Pig Poop and Global Warming, an article was released today saying that the world's temperature hasn't risen in 10 years.


Because of the Pollution created by China.

Wow.....Pig Poop and Pollution.

Now you know why Normal, Sane people call Global Warming.....

Junk Science..