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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Communist Party News Claims Social Security Is Not In Crisis

Here is an interview between Communist Party USA News reporter , Tony Peckinovsky, and Nancy Altman of the Director of Social Security Works.

Social Secuirty Works is an organization comprised of everyone from SEIU, the AFL-CIO and Move On.org to the Democratic Socialists of America.


Black Panther Co-Founder @ Socialist Party Event Calls For "Community Control" & "Solidarity"

Now it becomes apparent why the New Black Panther Party supported local control of the St. Louis Police Department, because the Black Panther Party supports "Community Control".

According to an Article in the Communist Party USA news, People's World, during a Southern California Socialist Party Event, Co Founder of the Black Panther Party calls for "Community Control" over Police Etc..:

"On a warm and otherwise typical Saturday evening, Black Panther Party co-founder Bobby Seale spoke to an eager crowd of nearly 100 listeners representing an array of political organizations in the region.

The event, which took place at the Los Angeles Workers' Center, was organized by the Southern California Chapter of the Socialist Party.

Solidarity and unity were recurring key elements in Seale's speech. At the podium, the 74-year-old reflected on his days with the Black Panthers. He spoke about their successful community breakfast program for children, not just as an example from the party's long list of community accomplishments, but as a model of coalition work.

"Ninety percent of African Americans supported what the Black Panthers were doing," Seale said.

Additionally, Seale went on to say that the Black Panthers enjoyed a diverse support, with many of its followers "young white left radicals.".....

....During a two-hour speech, Seale spoke mainly on the need for community control, such as over the police department, and coalition politics.

"I'm not a socialist; I'm a community control economist," Seale said. "I believe in community control. Now, talk about the 'greed control' of average crooked monopoly capitalists. Your definitiveness, your antithesis to them is greater community control."

Yes that makes a nice combination...

Socialists and Black Panthers working Together for "Community Control".

What could possibly go wrong with that?


Dana Loesch on CNN Talking About The Debt Celing

According to CNN.com:

"Anderson Cooper speaks to Paul Begala, Dana Loesch, and David Gergen about negotiations over the debt ceiling."


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Progressive Wants Cars to Be Banned in U.S. Cities Like in Europe

Here is the link to the story he is referring to.

This is the same mindset of the Obama Administration and the "Green" Leftists.

Can you say... Nuts?


Communist Paradise? American Medical Student in Cuba Shares Room with 11 Others, Eats Beans and Rice, Studies by Candle, No Running Water for Days

Progressives, Socialists and Communists love to tout the "Paradise" that will be created if we all just conform our lives to the Marxist concepts of Big Government and Small Individual Freedoms. A Right to Health Care, a Home, a Job and Pure "Democracy" are the "perks" that are constantly thrown in our face as some of the examples they say will make all of our lives "Equal", "Just" and a Venerable Utopia.

Well if your idea of "paradise" is sharing a room with 11 people you aren't related to, eating nothing but beans and rice, having to read by candle light and going days at at a time without running water all the while getting a "free" education then the Progressives are right.

According to an article in the Communist Party USA News, People's World, an American Medical Student, Chasiti I. Falls, describes the Communist Paradise she lives in during her stay in Cuba as she takes advantage of Castro's "Free" Medical School:

"At this stage of my educational career, I am living in a dorm on hospital grounds in Central Havana where I share a room with 11 Latin American students. I rotate through several hospitals depending on their specialty. We eat beans and rice, and complete patient evolutions daily. At times I study by candlelight and go days without running water."

Wow... where do I sign up?

According to an article written in 2007 featuring Miss Falls, these conditions reflect the lives of Cuban Citizens:

"Living as a student in a dorm room with 17 roommates, we are served rice and beans in the cafeteria every day. The U.S. embargo does not exempt me from experiencing life the same as a Cuban citizen…"

Universal Health Care, Free Room and Board, Free Food AND a Free Education...

Why does it always sound like a good idea but in reality... it sucks?

Don't think so?

Just ask Miss Falls, or one of her 11 roommates, while they digest their bean feast and sit around the candle studying at night taking turns fetching water from the well.

With a Communist Paradise like this...

Who Needs..... Hell....?


Where is ICE?: DREAM Act Supporters Storm RNC Offices

According to Breitbart TV Dream Act supporters stormed the Republican National Committee Offices in support of the DREAM Act.

Where is ICE when you need them?


Obama Scare Tactics: Bye Bye Weather Service, Food Inspection/ Kids Safety May be Compromised

According to Breitbart TV this is what President Obama said during a press conference today:

"You go talk to your constituents... ask them if their willing to compromise their kids' safety so that some corporate jet owner continues to get a tax break."


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Glenn Beck Describes Harassment at New York Park

According to Mediaite:

“These people were some of the most hateful people I have ever seen,” said a distraught Glenn Beck this morning as he described an altercation he and his family had last night while watching a screening of Alfred Hitchcock’s The 39 Steps in New York’s Bryant Park. Explaining that a group of people yelled at his family, took pictures of them, and kicked a cup of wine onto his wife..."


Orrin Hatch: Stop the Bailouts to Greece

According to You Tube:

"Tuesday afternoon, Senator Hatch delivered a speech on the Senate Floor discussing the current fiscal crisis our nation faces."


Senator Johnson: "America Hungers for Leadership and It's Not Getting Any"

According to You Tube:

"Senator Johnson took to the Senate floor to note that no serious effort is being made to address the nation's fiscal crisis. He stated his intention to begin to object to legislation coming up for a vote, unless the Senate undertakes serious efforts to tackle this crisis."


Elderly Tea Partier Laughed At By Republican Rep and Progressives for Wanting to Get Rid of the Department of Education

Earlier in June, during a town hall meeting with Colorado Republican Representative Cory Gardner, an Elderly Female Tea Partier stood up to suggest, among several things, the elimination of the Department of Education. Her statement was met by applause from her fellow Tea Partiers but was quickly followed by laughter(and later Ridicule)from the Progressives in attendance.

It even appears at one point after the applause that Congressman Gardner joins in with the Progressives to laugh at the elderly woman, then quickly goes on to state that "I don't think..eh ah.. Isn't what I'm focusing on" he says he is focusing on "Jobs and the Economy".

Well Representative Gardner maybe you should focus on your Job and stop laughing at elderly women at town halls who seem to know bloated Government when they see it....


Monday, June 27, 2011

AFL-CIO Labor Council VP and AFL-CIO Business Rep to Receive Communist Party USA Award

I'm beginning to think that the acronym AFL-CIO really stands for Communist Party USA (CPUSA). In the past several years there have been almost a half-dozen Presidents and Vice Presidents of AFL-CIO locals as well as other AFL-CIO employees who have accepted a CPUSA Award.

Well it's time to add two more to that list of recipients.

According to the "Solidarity" calendar on the St. Louis Jobs with Justice website, the 1st Vice President of the AFL-CIO St. Louis Labor Council and the Business Manager of the AFL-CIO St. Louis Newspaper Guild, are going to be awarded the CPUSA Hershel Walker award:

"The MO/KS Friends of the People's World (CPUSA) presents the 19th Annual Hershel Walker 'Peace & Justice' Awards Breakfast. The keynote speaker is Sally Kohn, Chief Education Officer of Movement Vision Lab, a grassroots popular education organization. Tickets for the breakfast are $25.

Awardees include St. Louis JwJ Leadership Team Labor Co-Chair Shannon Duffy, Business Manager, St. Louis Newspaper Guild; John Ebeling, 1st Vice-President, St. Louis Central Labor Council, CWA 6300; and St. Louis Workers' Rights Board Member Bernie Hayes, author of "The Death of Black Radio" and WGNU radio host.

The breakfast will be held at CWA Local 6300, 2258 Grissom Dr., 63146. For more information visit the People's World website or contact Tony Pecinovsky at 314-583-xxxx or at tonypec@cpusa.org."

Shannon Duffy is now the second known AFL-CIO Employee of the St. Louis Newspaper Guild to take part in a Hershel Walker Communist Award ceremony. During the 18th Annual Hershel Walker Awards then President of the AFL-CIO St. Louis Newspaper Guild, Bernie Lunzer, was the keynote Speaker at the event.

And John Ebeling is not only the 1st Vice President of the St. Louis Labor Council he is also the Vice President of the Print and Media Sector of the local CWA 6300 (AFL-CIO) in St. Louis.

Coincidentally the CWA 6300 union hall was the location of the 18th Annual CPUSA Hershel Walker Awards and is also slated to be the location for the 19th as well. (You Think John Ebeling had something to do with that?)

Oh and in case you didn't notice, take a look at the contact person for the event. It's St. Louis's own CPUSA recruiter and CPUSA News reporter, Tony Peckinovsky. Notice he even uses his CPUSA email address.

The AFl-CIO and the CPUSA seem to have ties as close as kissing cousins here in the St. Louis area and it makes you wonder.....

Does anyone in the AFL-CIO have a "Made in America" bumper sticker on their truck anymore or have they given up any pretense of Pro-Americanism and just wear a Che Guevara shirt now?

Because if a single member of the AFL-CIO disagrees with the close ties to the Communist Party their outrage is so loud.....

.....you can hear a pin drop.


Sunday, June 26, 2011

ICE Told Police to Release Illegals in PA

According to You Tube:

"Obama's amnesty-by-fiat is marching forward. We have reported how Obama is exploring various ways to grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens. Since the American people are not going along with his plan, he is implementing it by top-down executive powers. John Morton, the director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), recently released new prosecutorial discretion guidelines encouraging agents to release most illegals."

So the Obama Administration drops the ball again....surprised?


Gingrich: 'Obama is a Christian'

During a recent stop on Gingrich's Bus Tour, a member of the audience asked if Newt thought Obama was a Muslim.


Hypocrite: Michelle Obama Eats French Fries and Deep Fried Fat Cakes

It looks like Michelle Obama is a 'do as I say and not as I do' kind of First Lady. She is pushing healthy eating but then goes on a tax payer funded vacation (That is what it is no matter what the White House says) to Africa and pigs out on French Fries and Deep Fried Fat Cakes. Yes Fat Cakes...

Well I guess it's no different than President Obama eating two Chilli Dogs and French Fries the day after Michelle Obama released her plan for healthy eating called "MyPlate".

So considering the Obama's current trend of eating habits the "MyPlate" is due for some revisions...:

Hat Tip The Blaze


Saturday, June 25, 2011

Google's Smart Grid Program Fails; Gives Up on Concept

If you are a regular reader of The P/Oed Patriot you have read all about the Obama Administration's approved plan to monitor your Internet and TV usage through the Smart Grid.

But not everyone is having success with seeing their Smart Grid plans become reality , including Google.

According to an article on zdnet.com, Google's plan to give you access to your energy usage information, and healthcare information, online didn't catch on like they thought it would:

"Google is to shut down its PowerMeter and Google Health services because it has been unable to turn them into mass-market propositions, the company said on Friday.

PowerMeter, which lets people monitor their energy contrast usage online, was available to users in the UK and the US. Google Health — an opt-in personal health record aggregator — was by contrast only available in the US, and only in early beta form. Both projects involved multiple partners in the burgeoning smart grid and healthcare industries, respectively.

In a blog post by Google Health senior product manager Aaron Brown and Bill Weihl, Google's 'green energy czar', the company said PowerMeter and Google Health "didn't catch on the way we would have wanted". However, they promised to help users of the services extract their data before shutdown.

"Both [services] were based on the idea that with more and better information, people can make smarter choices, whether in regard to managing personal health and wellness, or saving money and conserving energy at home," Brown and Weihl wrote. "While they didn't scale as we had hoped, we believe they did highlight the importance of access to information in areas where it's traditionally been difficult."

Coincidentally President Obama believes in the same false premise. That if you know more information about your energy usage through the Smart Grid, then you will change your behavior.

But to be honest with the capabilities of the Obama Approved Smart Grid Plan...

The Government could just change your behavior for you.


Wash Post Columnist: "Bachmann is Barbie With Fangs"

Isn't it nice that the left keeps the name calling to at least a 3rd Grade level?

Hat Tip Breitbart TV


Friday, June 24, 2011

GE to Team Up With Best Buy to Push Smart Grid Appliances

In the past several months I have exposed the Obama Approved plan to use the Smart Grid to track everything from your Internet use to your Ice Cube production.

But how will that be possible you ask?

Demand Response Appliances (DRA) will have a wireless capability that will allow them to communicate with the utility company via the Smart Meter attached to your home. The DRA will tell them when it's running, what it's doing, how long it's doing it and it will allow you, and the utility company, to control it remotely. DRAs will encompass everything from your light switch, to your computer, your pool pump and even your electric car.

Who will Push these Demand Response Appliances?

Best Buy and GE of course.

According to an article on Green Biz.com, GE has team up with Best buy to push "Smart Grid" Appliances (Also known as DRAs):

"A device that can lower energy bills by reducing the voltage of electricity streaming into a house and a gadget to control AC based on room temperature and occupancy are slated for a fast track to store shelves under a new partnership between General Electric and Best Buy......

...but a GE said its Nucleus Energy Manager, a plug-in device introduced last July for use in homes, is now expected to reach store shelves early next year and will be available at Best Buy.

GE, which has rolled out a smart-grid ready water-heater, dishwasher and refrigerator, anticipates a growing market for home energy management products -- so much so that it created a new business unit for them last fall."

Without DRA's the Smart Grid would be as threatening to your privacy as a Girl Scout selling cookies. But with DRAs the Smart Grid becomes the ultimate Tool of Tyranny.

History has proven that every Tyrant needs henchmen that helps to suppress the people's rights (right to privacy in this case).

It looks like GE and Best Buy have stepped up to the plate to be those main "thugs" in helping the Administration push your privacy right out of your home....

One "Smart" Appliance at a time...


George Soros, SEIU and Other Unions Give Money to Democrat Super PAC

According to an article in the Huffpo,ultra wealthy progressive, George Soros, SEIU and other unions are giving money had over fist to a Democrat Super Political Action Committee (PAC):

"The contributors to House Majority PAC, the new Democratic Super PAC, reads like a Glenn Beck fever dream. The list includes George Soros, a hedge fund billionaire and long-time backer of political efforts to elect Democrats, and a collection of unions, including the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and Associated Federal, State, County, Municipal Employees (AFSCME).....

The most notable contribution to House Majority PAC is Soros' $75,000 contribution. Soros previously stated that he had little interest in funding political efforts after his massive donations to defeat President George W. Bush failed in 2004."


Dem Rep: 'Obama is Becoming an Absolute Monarch'

According to the Blaze:

"During a passionate speech today on the House floor, Democratic Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) delivered some surprising remarks while pushing for the House to vote for a measure stripping funding from the war in Libya. According to him, Obama is starting to resemble an “absolute monarch.”

Thursday, June 23, 2011

StopSmartMeters.Org Director Arrested For Protesting Illegal Smart Meter Installation

According to StopSmartMeters.Org, their Director, Joshua Hart, was arrested during a protest in front of the local utility company office:

"Joshua Hart, Director of Stop Smart Meters! was arrested this afternoon after blocking the entrance to the Capitola PG&E payment center in protest of PG&E’s illegal “smart” meter installations in the County. The County of Santa Cruz, as well as the Cities of Capitola, and Watsonville have adopted urgency ordinances prohibiting the installation of wireless “smart” meters within their jurisdictions. Forty-three local governments throughout the state have formally demanded a halt to the program because of concerns about health, privacy, accuracy, and fire safety. Contrary to what PG&E and the CA Public Utilities Commission claim, local governments have broad rights granted to them under the California Constitution- including banning installation of wireless “smart” meters, deemed by many experts to be a serious health threat. A showdown is looming between PG&E- who says they plan to disregard local government laws and force smart meters onto people’s homes, and local elected officials who are intent upon upholding the law and protecting the public.

"PG&E has been under fire in recent days for threatening customers in Oakland with disconnection unless they allow the dangerous meters on their homes. “Though the company claims that the threats are isolated to a few renegade employees, there is growing evidence that this is part of a corporate strategy to isolate and intimidate people into accepting the increasingly unpopular DumbMeters.” says Joshua Hart, Director of Stop Smart Meters! “PG&E seems to be claiming that they are more of an expert than the World Health Organization when it comes to deciding what is and what isn’t harmful to human health. Thousands of people have reported serious health damage in California alone.”


Obama Misspeaks about Fallen Soldier

According to Breitbart TV:

"During his remarks to troops at Fort Drum today, the President was reminiscing about the times he has spent with the US Army's 10th Mountain Division, when he got something wrong."

Here is the Video:


Almost Plagarism/From God to Global Warming: NBC Copies Noah's Ark News Story; Ignores God and Adds Global Warming Propaganda

Yesterday NBC news ran a story about a replica of Noah's Ark in the Netherlands constructed by a contractor named Johan Huibers. Here is the NBC story:

Sounds all nice and professional doesn't it?

Well too bad that not only did the NBC story fail to mention the other reason for the construction of the Ark, but the NBC reporter also came very close (like so close she did) to Plagiarizing parts of her story from this one in 2007:

In case you didn't notice the almost Plagiarism let me point it out to you.

At the 2:00 minute mark in the NBC video the reporter says this:

"Of course there are some things you may not want two of."

This is a screen shot of that exact moment in the video:

Ironically in the video from 2007 at the 2:07 mark the reporter says this:

"Of Course there are some things you just wouldn't want two of."

This is a screen shot of that exact moment in the 2007 video:

Notice how the NBC reporter almost committed outright Plagarism but instead decided to change the wording and report just slightly.

That kind of tactic I would expect from a High school student writing a report, not a NBC reporter doing an international news story.

But that isn't the only thing that raised my eyebrow while watching these videos.

The NBC story leaves out completely the other reason that Mr. Huibers built the Ark. In case you missed it, this is what Mr. Huibers said in 2007 when he was asked why he built the Ark:

"To tell the People About God."

Hmmm.. the NBC reporter failed to mention that little fact.

Instead the NBC reporter decided to add information about a different religion and it's god....

Global Warming and Al Gore.

So it would seem that not only is NBC not original enough to come up with their own gags...

They would rather push the religion of Global Warming than the religion of Christianity.

Now I can't take credit for this discovery. I owe this article to my Facebook friend Julie Addington. She is the one who found the video from 2007 and brought it to my attention about the possible plagiarism.

Thanks Julie!


NBC Turns Noah's Ark Story Into Global Warming / Al Gore Propaganda

According to You Tube:

"June 22: On the banks of a small river in the Netherlands, Johan Huibers has constructed a real-life Noah's Ark, built to biblical scale using the ancient measure of cubits -- an arm's length, elbow to fingertip."

Notice how the Story suddenly went from Noah's Ark to Global Warming and Al Gore.


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Obama To Pull 35,000+ Troops From Afghanistan By Election in 2012

According to Reuters:

"Obama will announce in a televised address at 8 p.m. EDT (midnight GMT) a plan to pull out 10,000 troops from Afghanistan by year's end, followed by about 23,000 more by the end of next summer, congressional aides told Reuters."

Hmm Coincidence?


Al Gore Calls For Population Control To Stem Global Warming

Al Gore calls for Fertility Management in order to curb Global Warming.

This guy is nuts...


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

"Stimulus" Money Being Spent for Studies on How Best To Change Your Behavior

Remember the Stimulus and how it was supposed to create jobs?

You Don't?

Well here is the President in 2009 talking about those "Jobs" and the "Stimulus":

While the Stimulus has done anything but stimulate, it has created a few jobs in the "research" department of 10 utility companies.

What are they Researching?

The Best Ways to Change Your behavior of Course...

According to the Obama Administration's Recovery Act Smart Grid Programs website, smartgrid.gov:

"The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (Recovery Act) provided the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) with about $4.5 billion to modernize the electric power grid. The two largest initiatives resulting from this funding are the Smart Grid Investment Grant (SGIG) program and the Smart Grid Demonstration program (SGDP)."

A part of the Stimulus funded SGIG program is a "Consumer Behavioral Study". The Behavioral Study is to help determine what resistance there may be to the Smart Grid's "Real Time" or "Dynamic Pricing"(Under the Smart Grid you will be charged for your electricity by the minute and the price will be based upon demand.) and utility or third party control over your appliances (Also known as Demand Response Appliances).

While those are some of the main reasons given for the behavioral studies, in a document titled "U.S. Department of Energy Smart Grid Investment Grant- Technical Advisory Group Guidance Document #2" a "key" goal is revealed:

"A key goal of the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Smart Grid Investment Grant (SGIG) consumer behavior studies is to provide experimental evidence that certain treatment variables are more or less effective in changing behavior than other options, including the status quo. At the same time, these studies will function to inform utility management, regulators, and policy makers of the economic and operational issues to be expected in a larger, system-wide implementation of those treatments tested."

Basically they want to know if the Government, and the Utility Companies, should use a stick or a carrot to get you, the public, to accept the higher Dynamic energy prices and their control of your appliances through the Smart Grid and if doing so will force you to change your energy usage behavior.

Now if you are lucky enough to be asked, or forced, into one of these "behavioral" studies don't worry, the amount of information the Department of Energy wants the Utility Companies to collect on you is minimal. It only involves information like:

"Education"Level"(Head of Household)

• None,"or"grade"1:8
• High"school"incomplete"(grade"9:11)
• High"school"graduate"(grade"12"or"GED"certificate)
• Technical,"trade,"or"vocational"school"AFTER"high"school
• Some"college,"no"four:year"degree"(includes"associate’s"degree)
• College"graduate"(B.S.,"B.A.,"or"other"four:year"degree)
• Post:graduate"or"professional"schooling"after"college"education"(e.g.,"towards"a"master’s"or"Ph.D;"law,"or"medical"school)


• Less"than"$10,000
• $10,000"to"less"than"$20,000
• $20,000"to"less"than"$30,000
• $30,000"to"less"than"$40,000
• $40,000"to"less"than"$75,000
• $75,000"to"less"than"$90,000
• $90,000"to"less"than"$100,000
• $100,000"to"less"than"$150,000
• $150,000"or"more

Working"Full:Time"for Pay?

• Yes
• No


• Single family
• Duplex"or"twoi:family
• Apartment/condo"in"a"2"to"4 unit"building
• Apartment/condo"in"a">4 unit"building
• Townhouse"or"row"house"(adjacent"walls"to"another"house)
• Mobile"home,"house"trailer


• Owner"of"residence
• Renter"of"residence


• Adults,"18"years"of"age"or"older
• Adults,"65"years"of"age"or"older
• Children,"under"18"years"of"age
Occupant with a Chronic Illness or Disability

• Yes
• No

Occupant Home "Monday"to"Friday" Sometime Between"1"p.m."and"5"p.m."at" Least"One"Day"a"Week
• Yes
• No"

Isn't it nice to see that the Obama Administration is actually creating Jobs..?

Jobs that will help the Government Determine what is the Easiest way to get you to Change your Energy Usage Behavior and Accept the Smart Grid...

That is the kind of change any Environmental Dictator can believe in...


Russian News: Is Obama Putting Lipstick on a Pig with His Foreign Investment Hoax?

According to RT:

"No one knows the state of economics in the US better than the president. Barack Obama is trying to convince the citizens to keep him in office for a second term despite the high unemployment rate and tough times facing the nation. The president has managed to bring some good news, however. The rest of the world might not be excited with US foreign policy, but when it comes to its assets, it seems the US has not lost its sex appeal. Is it a good enough plan to save the economy? Michael Pento of Euro Pacific Capital speaks to RT."


Congressional candidate Shows Chinese Communist Invasion in TV Ad

According to You Tube:

"When President Obama was sworn into office the debt was $10.6 Trillion. This month it's $14.3 Trillion.
The American debt crisis threatens our future.
Join with me in telling Washington that the madness ends now and the Obama debt limit must not be increased."

- Mark Amodei"

Hat Tip Breitbart Tv


X-Congresswoman Says Libya Is a Better Place to Live Because of the Free Education that the U.S. Doesn't Have

According to You Tube:

X-Congresswoman "Cynthia McKinney Claims The US Does Not Have Free Education Which is Why Libya Is a Much Better Place To Live."

Hat Tip The Blaze

Monday, June 20, 2011

Regulations are Killing Job Creation

According to You Tube:

"Senator Hatch sat down with Fox News' Shannon Bream to discuss the job stifling regulations the Obama Administration has inflicted on Americans. Hatch called the administration the most "regulatory" White House since he'd been in the Senate."


Minister Farrakhan - That's a Murderer in the White House

According to YouTube:

"Farrakhan taking President Obama to task over the war in Afghanistan and the bombing of Libya is making its way around the web. In the video, Farrakhan admonishes the president for turning into someone else. Farrakhan says, "We voted for our brother Barack, a beautiful human being with a sweet heart and now he's an assassin. They turned him into them."


Utility and Gov Will Know When You Get Up, If you Have a Dog, How Many People Are In the House and What They Do Through The Smart Grid

Even after I discovered that the Obama administration approves of the Smart Grid tracking your Internet and TV use, there are those who still refuse to understand the dangers that such invasive technology pose when it is forced upon every house in the country. So for those that don't want to believe what the Smart Grid may be used for, here is proof straight from the "Horses Mouth", so to speak, of it's capabilities.

According to an Article from last year on Reuters (Yes a Year Old, No One Paid Any attention to the Smart Grid then), a representative from the Global Mega Giant, Siemens, explains the Utility can use the information collected through the Smart Grid to determine how many people are in your house, where they are, when you get up in the morning and even if you have a dog:

"Smart grid" technologies potentially allow utilities greater control over household energy use, helping smooth demand surges and curbing overall use.

Technologies center around home meters which display live energy use to consumers and allow two-way wireless communication with utilities, so these can forecast demand, charge more at peak times and even switch off individual appliances remotely....

But the data-gathering power of meters has prompted comparisons with "spies" in people's homes.

"We, Siemens, have the technology to record it (energy consumption) every minute, second, microsecond, more or less live," said Martin Pollock of Siemens Energy, an arm of the German engineering giant, which provides metering services.

"From that we can infer how many people are in the house, what they do, whether they're upstairs, downstairs, do you have a dog, when do you habitually get up, when did you get up this morning, when do you have a shower: masses of private data."

Still not worried?

Well take into account that Department of Energy's , Energy Secretary Steven Chu, said this past week that 5 Million Smart Meters have been installed across the nation with assistance from a part of 4.5 Billion Dollars. That 4.5 Billion was allocated from the "Stimulus" in order to push the advancement of the Smart Grid and to help create thousands of "Green Jobs". (That worked well didn't it?)

Think of it this way...

Take the Department of Homeland Security Report calling people in the Tea Party "Radical Right Wing Extremists" , or the Missouri Report Suggesting that Anyone with a Don't Tread On Me flag is a Militia Member, with the Patriot Act that allows the Government to basically investigate and hold indefinitely any U.S. citizen the Government deems as a threat to the security of the nation and combined those with all of the private information that will be collected through the Smart Grid and how that information can be used to determine your habits, number of people in your home, when your home, etc... and that all adds up to one thing..



Sunday, June 19, 2011

Surprise? Climate Scientists "Pad" Data

It would seem that more Climate Scientists are being caught with their hand in the "exaggeration" cookie jar.

According to an article on Fox News, Scientists at the University of Colorado have been "padding" their Sea Level measurements:

"The University of Colorado’s Sea Level Research Group decided in May to add 0.3 millimeters -- or about the thickness of a fingernail -- every year to its actual measurements of sea levels, sparking criticism from experts who called it an attempt to exaggerate the effects of global warming.

"Gatekeepers of our sea level data are manufacturing a fictitious sea level rise that is not occurring," said James M. Taylor, a lawyer who focuses on environmental issues for the Heartland Institute."

Surprised? Me Either...

Utility Company Threatens To Disconnect Service For Refusal Of Smart Meter

According to Stopsmartmeters.org, a man was threatened with having his electric service cut off for refusing the installation of a Smart Meter on his home. Here is the Video:


Smart Grid Resistance Grows: Woman Arrested For Trying to Stop Smart Meter Installation

Faced with the fact that the Smart Grid will track every aspect of your life including your TV and Internet Usage, combined with the knowledge that the Obama Administration supports Smart Grid deployment to the fullest, it shouldn't be a surprise to you then that a Resistance movement to the Smart Grid has taken shape.

According to StopSmartMeters.org, a woman is so against the deployment of the Smart Grid that she was arrested for trying to stop Smart Meter installation in her neighborhood:

"Amy O’Hair- a Glen Park resident who has been documenting the strength of the powerful microwave pulses from ‘smart’ meters in San Francisco- was arrested this morning (Saturday 18-June-2011) for civil disobedience while trying to prevent installation of smart meters in her neighborhood.

This morning, Ms. O’Hair sat on the hood of an installation truck and refused to move. The police were called and arrested her. She has been taken downtown and booked into County jail where she remains as of 2:30pm. We expect that she will be released later this afternoon around 4 or 5pm."

Here is a Video of the incident:


Saturday, June 18, 2011

Woman Gets 5 Years Probation for Spanking Her Own Child

If you needed proof that the world has gone to hell in a hand basket here it is. According to an Article on Volunteertv.com, a woman has received 5 years probation for spanking her own child:

"CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas (CBS) -- A judge in Corpus Christi, Texas had some harsh words for a mother charged with spanking her own child before sentencing her to probation.

"You don't spank children today," said Judge Jose Longoria. "In the old days, maybe we got spanked, but there was a different quarrel. You don't spank children."

Rosalina Gonzales had pleaded guilty to a felony charge of injury to a child for what prosecutors had described as a "pretty simple, straightforward spanking case." They noted she didn't use a belt or leave any bruises, just some red marks.

As part of the plea deal, Gonzales will serve five years probation, during which time she'll have to take parenting classes, follow CPS guidelines, and make a $50 payment to the Children's Advocacy Center."


Democrat Rep: "Christian Militants" Pose Same Threat as "Islamic Radicals"

According to You Tube:

"Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D.-Texas) likened "Christian militants" to Islamic radicals in a hearing of the House Homeland Security Committee on Wednesday, suggesting they posed a comparable threat to the rule of law in the United States."


Orrin Hatch: "White House Response to (Economic) Crisis Has Been a Colossal Failure"

According to You Tube:

"Senator Orrin Hatch discusses a Pro-Growth plan to get the economy moving including: cutting back red tape, stopping the job-crushing tax hikes, increasing American energy production, and slashing government spending.

This video was created as part of YouTube Town Hall, answering the question "We are greatly concerned about the current economic climate in the United States. Not only are prices on consumer goods going up, but the value of our currency is falling. How will congress solve the burdens that weigh so heavily on everyone?"."


China's President Calls for Global Governance by China/Russia

According to You Tube:

"Russia and China's New World Order: Chinese President Calls for Global Governance with Increasing Power for China and Russia over Global Economic System."

Hat Tip The Blaze


Friday, June 17, 2011

Howard Dean Slams Tea Party As Dangerous, Religious Bigots

According to You Tube:

Howard Dean: "The Future Does Not Belong to White Christians Over 55: Howard Dean Slams Tea Party & GOP As Dangerous Desperate Religious Bigoted Haters."

Hat Tip The Blaze


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Andy Stern Told He Should be Ashamed for Supporting Tax Holiday for Corporations

According to You Tube:

"At 3rd Way's pro-corporate tax giveaway conference, former progressive Andy Stern (who sounded more like a hedge fund manager than a former labor leader) joined in the chorus of those folks promoting a 'tax holiday'. US Uncut crashed the panel to ask some simple questions:

"Why not just make all these corporations pay their fair share just like everyone else? Why not pass the Stop Tax Haven Abuse Act and outlaw tax dodging? Why are we rewarding these corporations that are dodging their taxes?"

And then turned to Andy Stern, referencing his recent article in Politico, and said, "And you sir, should be ashamed of yourself."


A Video Camera from Best Buy $250

A Cheap Blazer, Pair of Jeans and a Base Ball Hat $125

Watching the Progressive Left Eat Their Own....Priceless.


Union Leader: "It's Going to Take World War III To Get Rid of Adolf Christie"

According to You Tube:

"Christopher Sheldon, Vice President of CWA District 1, calls Governor Christie and Democratic Leaders Nazis during an anti-pension rally in Trenton, NJ on June 16, 2011."

Hat Tip The Blaze


Op Ed: 'Progressives are Sinking the U.S. Economy'

Here is a letter to the editor of the Delta County Independent that was written by a J.D. Evans. I felt it was worthy of a full reprint here on the P/Oed Patriot.

Here it is:

"‘Progressives’ are sinking the U.S. economy
Written by J.D. Evans
Wednesday, 15 June 2011 00:00

Dear Editor:

If anyone does not yet understand that Obama and the rest of the "progressives" in government are purposely trying to drive any semblance of a free market U.S. economy into the sewer, take a close look at the chart below. Our dollar has lost nearly half its food and fuel buying power over just the past 12 months.

This is not by accident. It is intentional, purposeful, and it is succeeding. Unless your investments are earning more than 11 percent/year, you are losing value on them. Obama clearly stated, even promised, during the 2008 campaign, that he was intent on the "fundamental transformation" of America, and he is losing no time in accomplishing that goal. Also during the 2008 campaign he said, "Under my plan ...electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket ... Coal-powered plants, you know, natural gas, you name it, whatever the plants were, whatever the industry was, they would have to retrofit their operations. That will cost money."

Steven Chu, secretary of the Department of Energy, also has stated, "Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe." The House Oversight Committee recently obtained an email between the EPA Texas regional director and an environmental advocate congratulating each other on progress in creating barriers to energy production from fossil fuels sources.

Two and a half years of Obama's actions including so-called government stimulus, repaying union campaign support with not just public sector jobs but increased control of two major automotive manufacturers, vastly increased government spending, regulation of business, industry, finance, insurance and energy, all demonstrate that Obama's "fundamental transformation" is progressing nicely.

The federal government reports that "inflation is under control and there is nothing to fear." "Official" inflation is tracking at an annual rate a mere 3.2 percent which if it were true would show a healthy growth rate. The problem is that since the early 1980s, the federal government has excluded the main indicators of consumer inflation from the index used to track inflation, primarily food and fuel prices!

Any American who has visited a grocery store or put gas in their car lately would rightly assume that government numbers and the impact of rising prices do not have much in common with one another. The bottom line is that inflation is here and it is real.

When the pundits speak of inflation, they use what is known as the "Core CPI-U." The formula to achieve the number was changed in 1983 and excludes the price of food and fuel as indicators of inflationary pressure. Research analyst John Williams of Shadow Government Statistics has calculated the real rate of inflation using the same methodology the government used prior to 1983 and determined that annualized rate of inflation is not the reported 3.2 percent but actually 10.7 percent!

The chart below shows the real price changes in U.S dollars compared to other national currencies for the year ended May 23. The chart looks at the price of West Texas Intermediate crude oil (WTI), international commodity prices (RJI) and agricultural commodity prices (RGA). The numbers show that American inflation is outpacing the rest of the world by significant numbers.

As most of you know already, inflation is affecting every American. The government numbers are nothing more than a smokescreen to hide the fact that out of control spending, printing money, and market manipulation are destroying our nation's financial future.

J.D. Evans

Via e-mail


Oil Commodities Food

U.S. Dollar 43.6% 37.4% 52.1%

Euro 25.9% 20.5% 33.4%

Aust. Dollar 15.0% 10.0% 21.8%

British Pound 27.7% 22.2% 18.8%

Gold 12.2% 7.3% 18.8%

Swiss Franc 10.3% 5.5% 16.8%

Source: www.WesternPAC.org"

Hear, Hear...


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Obama Lies: Fails to Put Solar Panels On White House

I am beginning to wonder if President Obama really understands the concept of the internet. He seems to have a habit of constantly saying one thing and doing another and acts like no one will notice. Some might even say the President Lies... alot.

But now there are those on the left beginning to notice the President's bad behavior.

According to an article on CNS news, a "green" group isn't very happy that the Obama Administration promised to put up solar panels on the White House by Spring, but have failed to install them:

"It’s almost summer and green groups want to know: Where are the solar panels on the roof of the White House promised by the Obama administration?

On Oct. 5, 2010, Energy Secretary Steven Chu and Nancy Sutley, chairwoman of the White House Council on Environmental Quality, announced a plan to place solar panels and a solar hot water heater on the White House “by the end of spring” in 2011.

"I am pleased to announce that by the end of this spring, there will be solar panels that convert sunlight into electricity and a solar hot water heater on the roof of the White House," Chu said at the 2010 GreenGov Symposium held at the George Washington University in Washington, D.C.

"This project reflects President Obama’s strong commitment to U.S. leadership in solar energy and the jobs it will create here at home," Chu said. "Deploying solar energy technologies across the country will help America lead the global economy for years to come."

Sutley even said the administration wanted to make a point with the installation.
“By installing solar panels on arguably the most famous house in the country, his residence, the president is underscoring that commitment to lead and the promise and importance of renewable energy in the United States," Sutley said."

Here is a video where Energy Secretary Chu announced the planned installment of the Solar Panels.

Secretary Chu Announces Solar Panels on White House at GreenGov Symposium from Center for Innovative Media on Vimeo.

The environmentalists are so upset they have launched an online campaign to get Obama to live up to his promise.

All I can say is Good Luck with that...

Once a Liar..


Socialist X-Congresswoman Claims NATO Committing War Crimes In Libya / Claims NATO Attacked Libya for Oil and Israel

According to You Tube:

"As NATO attacks continue in Libya, ex US Congresswoman and former presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney went to the country on a non-governmental fact-finding mission to see what exactly is going on in the war-torn country."

Fact Finding Mission? Paid by who? Obama, I mean NATO, attacked Libya for Oil and Israel?? Wow.. this woman is messed up.

Um.. well maybe Cynthia McKinney can explain why she spoke on Libya's Government Owned Television station pushing Socialism at the end of last month:

So it would seem that not all of the Nut Job Socialists support President Obama's move of attacking Libya...

Go Figure.


Has the GOP Found Their Anti-Romney?

MSNBC asks a good question for once... sort of.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

1984 Here We Come: White House Agency Requested/ Obama Supports Standards that Collect Your Internet, TV and Ice Cube Usage Through the Smart Grid

Last month I broke a story here on the P/Oed Patriot that described a document which listed the standards for the type of information that is to be collected through the Smart Grid. This document titled "NAESB Energy Usage Information Model", also known as "Priority Action Plan-10" (PAP-10), was written by the North American Energy Standards Board (NAESB) in conjunction with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

PAP-10 lists your Internet and TV usage as well as your Ice Cube production as some of the information that is to be collected through the Smart Grid.

During recent research I discovered that the NAESB, which is made up of over 300 public and private energy production and distribution companies, didn't decide to create these standards out of thin air.

According to an article on the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) website, NIST requested that the NAESB write the standards :

"The governing board of the public-private Smart Grid Interoperability Panel (SGIP) has voted in favor of a new standard important for two-way data communications between utilities and their customers, bringing the next-generation “smart” electrical power grid a step closer to reality.

The board’s vote concerns a foundational standard for the information used to communicate between utilities and the customer, and the way in which that information is organized. This new “energy usage data model” standard was achieved through completion of Priority Action Plan 10, one of 17 Priority Action Plans (PAPs) established within the SGIP to address critical standards needs in order to realize an energy-efficient, modern power grid with seamlessly interoperable parts.

The data standard was developed by the North American Energy Standards Board (NAESB) at the request of the SGIP and the Commerce Department’s National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and will allow utilities and customers to exchange detailed information about electricity usage in a consistent format."

Ironically, The Smart Grid Interoperability Panel (SGIP) is connected to NIST and NIST is an Executive Agency connected to the White House.

"four overarching goals the Administration will pursue in order to ensure that all Americans benefit from investments in the Nation’s electric infrastructure."

Here is a video of the ceremony held at the White House where they announced the official release of the document (You can watch it if you have an hour to kill):

Inside the document at the top of page 42 it states:

"The Priority Action Plan 10 (PAP 10) of the NIST-initiated Smart Grid Interoperability Panel (SGIP 2011) provides a standardized model for exchanging energy usage and cost information between different parties and devices and is the basis for information exchange directly from the meter to household devices, as well as from utility back office systems to authorized third parties."

Third Parties?? ... Like maybe the Government?

But I digress..

The document continues:

"The above principles provide valuable guidance as to how state regulators can support consumers’efforts to direct the secure transfer of data from utilities to third-parties,..."

So the Obama Administration and the NSCT are suggesting that the same NIST PAP-10 Document that states the Smart Grid should collect your Internet and TV usage data is a standard that state regulators can use as guidance?

What Country does Obama think he lives in? Communist China???

As you can see, the Obama Administration supports standards that just happen to have been requested by a White House Agency, that will just coincidentally allow the Smart Grid to track everything including your Internet and TV usage, your Refuse and even your Ice Cube Production.

If this isn't like living in George Orwell's book, 1984... then I don't know what is.


White House Defends Obama's "Meeting" with Wall Street Donors

It looks like Obama's White House Press Secretary is defending Obama's "meeting" with big Wall Street "Donors". According to Politico it's just "Business as usual":

"White House press secretary Jay Carney is defending President Barack Obama's decision to meet in the White House residence with top Wall Street donors who could be key fundraisers for his reelection bid.

The New York Times, which disclosed the session in a story in Monday editions, said the confab was organized by the Democratic National Committee. On the surface, the meeting sounds somewhat like controversial DNC-arranged coffees that President Bill Clinton held at the White House during the 1996 campaign.

"What needs to be made clear is, contrary to suggestions otherwise, this was not a fundraiser. And the fact that a president meets with his supporters in the business arena to solicit ideas about how to improve the economy is surely a dog-bites-man story," Carney told reporters during a gaggle aboard Air Force One on Tuesday. "It's something that presidents of both parties have always done. So, I don’t know what else to say about it."

The question put to Carney was not about the propriety of the meeting but about why it didn't appear on Obama's public schedule despite pledges to be transparent about his daily agenda. The press secretary shed little light on that discrepancy.

“I’m not aware -- I don’t remember. I actually wasn’t in this position," Carney replied before launching into his defense of the sit-down."


Obama Blames ATMS for Unemployment

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

According to Breitbart TV:

"There are some structural issues with our economy where a lot of businesses have learned to become much more efficient with a lot fewer workers. You see it when you go to a bank and you use an ATM, you don't go to a bank teller, or you go to the airport and you're using a kiosk instead of checking in at the gate."


Monday, June 13, 2011

Government Demands Citizens Give Them Keys To Property In case of Emergency

It would seem that some local governments are taking the phrase "never let a good crisis go to waste" to heart.

According to an article in World Net Daily, Cedar Falls Iowa wants business and apartment buildings to post their keys in a little box outside so that authorities can get access in case of emergencies:

"The government of a Midwest college town is poised to require the city's businesses and apartment buildings to post their keys outside, so that authorities can enter the properties "in case of emergency."

According to the Cedar Falls City Council, the plan to require property owners to post keys in designated lockboxes – that city officials can open with a master key – is a justified way to allow the fire department and other authorities access without breaking down doors, especially in cases of false alarms.

To many Cedar Falls citizens, however, giving the city keys to their businesses and homes is a gross violation of the Fourth Amendment's private property rights and a plan fraught with potential for abuse.

"What gives you guys the right?" asked an unidentified citizen at a May 23 public hearing on the plan. "This opens a big can of worms into the intrusion of our private property and our rights."

"Apparently this box is going to be universal, and that's going to have everyone's apartment keys," posited yet another.

The discussion led resident Carol Hanson to ask, "What if a key is stolen?"

The unfunded mandate, known as City Ordinance 2740, has already been approved in two of the three council votes needed to enact it, including a 6-1 vote in the May 23 council meeting.

Councilman Nick Taiber, the lone dissenting vote in the last meeting, explains his objection: "I think that we have not duly considered all the privacy and Fourth Amendment issues that come along with having the keys of your business or to your home on the front of your property."

Judd Saul, a leading opponent of the proposed ordinance, told the Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier he believes the measure is unconstitutional and, "If it does pass, we are going to file a lawsuit."

Here is a video of dissenting opinions at the city meeting discussing this measure in May:

This appears to be a slippery slope where once you give up a little of your privacy, the Government always wants more.


Obama Claims He Doesn't Take Money From Special Interests; Then Holds "Meeting" for Wall Street Donors At White House

Remember when a few weeks ago Michelle Obama released the new suggestions for eating healthy and the next day President Obama was caught eating 2 Chilli Dogs and Fries?

Or maybe the time in 2005 when Senator Obama stood against the renewal of the Patriot Act because it "Puts Our Own Justice Department Above the Law", but just weeks ago President Obama signed a four year extension of that same Patriot Act?

How about in 2002 when Obama gave a speech saying he was against "Dumb wars, Rash Wars", referring to Iraq, but then today we suddenly find U.S. troops fighting in Libya?

It would seem President Obama is a person with a short memory who walks around with a "Do as I say, Not as I do" kind of attitude.

Not Surprisingly this disturbing pattern continues today...

For the past several weeks my inbox has been filled with e-mails from the Organizing for America asking for money on behalf of the President. The most recent email claims it was from the President Himself:

"Friend --

Someone is about to tap you on the shoulder.

It's someone who's already made a donation to the 2012 campaign -- and who's willing to give again if you'll step up and take ownership of it, too.

They've made a promise to match your first donation to this campaign, so if you decide to give $5 now, you'll double your impact.

Will you?


We're not just gathering donations here. We're gathering people.

We didn't get this far by doing things the usual way. Our campaign doesn't take money from Washington lobbyists or special-interest PACs.

We're doing this the right way -- with a whole lot of people like you taking the lead.

One of our earliest supporters is prepared to make a second donation in order to persuade you to make your first. It's that kind of commitment that creates a grassroots campaign capable of changing the outcome of an election -- and capable of changing the course of this country.

That's the spirit that drives us. And it starts with a tap on the shoulder.

Now all you have to do is take them up on the offer. Give it a go:


Thank you,


As you can see, President Obama claims he doesn't take money from Washington Lobbyists or Special Interest PACS but according to an Article in the New York Times, he does take money from Wall Street Special Interests:

"Mr. Mindich and Mr. Wolf were among those at the White House meeting, along with some prominent names from the hedge fund world: James G. Dinan of York Capital Management, Glenn Dubin of Highbridge Capital Management and Paul Tudor Jones.

Members of the president’s economic team and his chief of staff, William M. Daley, a former banking executive, have been more active in reaching out to Wall Street executives about policy issues, donors said, along with Mr. Messina and Patrick Gaspard, the D.N.C.’s executive director.

The campaign and its allies are also seeking to recruit a new group of high-level bundlers, supporters who recruit other donors. They include Antonio Weiss, the global head of investment banking at Lazard; Charles Myers, a senior managing director at Evercore Partners; and James E. Staley, the head of JPMorgan Chase’s investment bank.

The campaign is also courting prominent Wall Street figures who could serve as Mr. Obama’s ambassadors at firms known for leaning Republican: Lenard B. Tessler, a managing director at Cerberus Capital who donated to Mr. Romney and Mrs. Clinton in 2008, and Hamilton E. James, the president of the private equity behemoth Blackstone."

A Democrat Financer did point out the irony of the whole situation:

"One Democratic financier invited to this month’s dinner, who asked for anonymity because he did not want to anger the White House, said it was ironic that the same president who once criticized bankers as “fat cats” would now invite them to dine at Daniel, where the six-course tasting menu runs to $195 a person."

So at least it seems President Obama is living up to his Reputation of ....

Saying one thing.....and then turn around Do What Ever He Wants.

Aren't you Glad We have an Emperor....Errr.. I mean a President Like that?


FEMA Denies Help To Tornado Victims Due to "Insufficient Damage"

According to You Tube:

"Broken Bible Belt: Homes In Ruins From Tornadoes Denied Aid By FEMA For 'Insufficient Damage'"


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Obama to Reveal Plan to "Fast Track" Smart Grid on Monday

The Smart Grid has been exposed as a tool that the utility company, and the Government, can use to track every second of energy usage in your life including your TV, Internet and even your Ice Cube usage.

Who would want such an intrusive and obvious danger to your right of privacy?

The Obama administration of course.

According to an article on ZDnet.com, on Monday the Obama administration is going to announce new initiatives to accelerate Smart Grid deployment:

"On Monday, the Obama administration is preparing announce the next steps that the US will take to build its 21st century electric grid, and IT is expected to play a big part in the plans.

The White House is hosting a 90-minute media event called “Building the 21st Century Electric Grid” and is releasing a new report on what it will take for lawmakers and the private sector to come together to solve this aspect of the energy challenge.

The press invite from the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy stated, “The Administration will announce a number of new public- and private-sector initiatives designed to accelerate the modernization of the nation’s electric infrastructure, bolster electric-grid innovation, and advance a clean energy economy, in part by taking greater advantage of digital and communications or ’smart grid’ technologies.”

The event will feature a number of heavy hitters from the President’s cabinet, including:

Steven Chu, Secretary of Energy
Aneesh Chopra, U.S. Chief Technology Officer
John Holdren, Assistant to the President for Science and Technology
Tom Vilsack, Secretary of Agriculture
David Hayes, Deputy Secretary of Interior
Nancy Sutley, Chair of the Council on Environmental Quality
Phil Weiser, National Economic Council Senior Advisor"

According to Smartgridnews.com, these initiatives will include things to "Encourage" renewable integration:

"Our sources say the announcements will include a new nonprofit to encourage rapid implementation of consumer tools for choice and control.

The meeting will also launch a new report titled "A Policy Framework for the 21st Century Grid." Issued by the National Science and Technology Council, the report will suggest a policy framework to encourage renewables integration; to accommodate electric vehicles; to improve reliability; and to reduce the need for new power plants."

"Encourage" is just another way of saying, force. And if we don't build new power plants (several of which will be closing because of new EPA rules), then won't the cost of energy skyrocket?

Currently the "Policy Framework for the 21st Century Grid" Report is not available for Public eyes. But once it is, I'm willing to bet that it will be full of "initiatives" that will "encourage" us all down the fast track to the intrusive Smart Grid.

High Energy Prices and the Government tracking your every move through the Smart Grid.....

Doesn't that sound like a 21st century you can look forward to?


Dr. Tobler's Speech 2011 Warren County Tea Party

Dr. Randy Tobler of 97.1 FM talk gave a speech at the 2011 Warren County Tea Party.


Obama Can't Be Pro-Jobs and Anti-Business

According to Fox News Insider:

"In part one of Your World's 'Help Wanted' series about how 2012 hopefuls plan to create jobs, Neil spoke with former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, who criticized the Obama administration's handling of the recession and inability to drive growth. Pawlenty says that his plan, which combines tax cuts with a reduction in spending with a goal of 5% growth."


John Loudon: The "Kingmakers" Have Picked Romney

Here is a part of a speech given by John Loudon at the 2011 Warren County Tea Party. He explains it doesn't matter who you want for the Republican Presidential Nominee. That is because the "Kingmakers" have already picked Romney.

To see John's Full Speech Go Here.


Chinese Communist Party: We Will Rule China Indefinately

According to an Article on Reuters, the Communist Party in China isn't going to give up power any time soon:

"Li Zhongjie, a deputy head of the Party's History Research Center, made it clear that China will use the impending 90th anniversary of the Party's founding as a time for rousing pride, rather than reflection on a history that has spanned war, revolution, mass famine and deadly purges.

Under the Party's rule, China had made leapfrog developments, Li told a news conference, and he said it was foolish to expect any party to want to give up power.

"Over the last 90 years, especially the last 30 years of reform and opening up, we have made major achievements. This is something the world basically recognizes," Li said, ahead of the Party's anniversary of its 1921 founding on July 1.

"I could ask, 'Mr. Obama, does your Democratic Party still want to contest the election'? Do you still want to stay in power? They would think that a weird question. Of course our Party hopes to remain in power.

"...Objectively, the issue is rather: how is your rule, and how effective is it? Is it welcomed by the people? Are you running the country well, or into the ground? The Communist Party has built China to what it is today. Many countries in the world are extremely envious. So why can't we carry on? It's a very simple question."