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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Friday, April 29, 2011

The Bloody History of Communism Part 3, 4 & 5

Part 3

Part 4 go HERE.

Part 5

Do to my present workload, I am making the next several days the 'Bloody History of Communism' Weekend.

Next week I will be back to my usual blogging. But for now enjoy the reminder of why Communism is not only a failed concept but a very violent ideology.


Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Bloody History of Communism Part 1 & 2

Part 1

Part 2

Here is Part 1 and 2 of a 14 part Series that I will be posting here over the next 7 days.

Communism has a long bloody history of Tyrannical Control and Mass Murder.

Those who don't know History are Doomed....


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Former Miss America Molested by TSA

According to Infowars:

"In the video below, the former beauty queen who held the Miss America title in 2003, Susie Castillo, says a TSA “screener” fondled her vagina during an intrusive pat-down."


Missouri, Politicians, Professors, Radical Communists and the JWJ

(From Left)Fidel Castro, Steven Tilley, Che Guevara,Client Zweifel (Far Right) Judy Ancel

Normally when someone would think of Missouri visions of the Gateway Arch, the Lake of the Ozarks or maybe the National World War I museum might pop into their head. But lately those visions are being replaced by union sabotage, hatred for America and Communists.

It would seem that the Communists have been busy in the heart of the Midwest getting politicians elected, working with unions and Democrats while at the same time infiltrating Universities.

Recently several videos were released showing University of Missouri Professors Judy Ancel and Don Giljum teaching union sabotage and Communism.

That isn't surprising considering Don Giljum is a Communist and a Graduate of the Jobs with Justice (JWJ) Leadership Program in 2008. Oddly enough Judy Ancel is also heavily associated with Communists through the same Union allied organization JWJ of Kansas City.

Ironically a good friend of both Judy and Don is the Communist radical organizer Tony Pecinvosky. Tony is on the Leadership Team of the St. Louis JWJ while also performing as a writer for the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) News, People's World and is the head organizer of the CPUSA in St. Louis. Tony was even invited by Don and Judy to speak to their University students about his hatred for America's flag and how to defeat the United States in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Coincidentally the University of Missouri isn't the only 'higher place of learning' where Communist Radical Tony Pecinovsky has friends through JWJ.

A long time critic of the St. Louis Tea Party, and teacher's assistant at Washington University, Adam Joseph Shriver, is also a Member of the St. Louis JWJ Leadership Team. And according to Adam's two Facebook pages, Tony and Adam are friends.

But the support for the Communist Loving Missouri JWJ isn't restricted to just University professors and teachers assistants. JWJ has their fair share of political support as well.

During the 10th Anniversary of the St. Louis Jobs with Justice, a special keynote speaker was selected, Missouri Democrat Clint Zweifel. Serving alongside Clint on the Host Committee for the event was Communists Tony Pecinovsky, Jim Wilkerson and Julie Terbrock.

Another Missouri Politician that doesn't seem to mind the Communist influence of the Missouri JWJ is Congressmen Lacy Clay. Not only does Congressman Clay list JWJ as a friend on Facebook, he even serves on JWJ 's Workers Rights Board.

Other Missouri Politicans listed on the JWJ Workers Rights Board are:

Rep.John Bowman,Missouri House of Representatives
Senator Joan Bray,Missouri Senate
Senator Maida Coleman,Missouri Senate
Senetor Rita Days, Missouri Senate
The Rev. James Morris, Lane Tabernalce CME, MO House of Representatives
Rep. Jeanette Mott Oxford, MO House of Representatives

Other Public 'friends'of this Communist Organization, the JWJ, are St. Louis County Public Official Charlie Dooley and Progressive Reporter Charles Jaco of Fox 2 News.

JWJ works with unions and Democrats from around the state in order to either push or stop certain pieces of legislation. But occasionally a Republican now and then will find themselves on the same side as the Communists at the JWJ.

Case in point, the Missouri JWJ and local unions oppose the Missouri Legislature's attempts to pass a recent Right to Work bill. Right to work could be used as a tool to de-fund many of the unions who's leadership have be co-opted by Communists, like the AFL-CIO. This is possible because it allows workers to decide if they wish to support the union at their workplace financially.

Who would oppose such an Idea?

Well Communist supporting Judy Ancel for one and Missouri Republican Speaker of the House Steven Tilley. Steven Tilley said in a recent video that such legislation is not a 'priority', but I believe that Rep. Tilley's comments earlier on a different piece of legislation more clearly define his true position:

“We don’t want to go from being a state that is anti-business and become a state that is anti-worker."

Rep. Tilley seems to believe that any legislation that may empower freedom loving workers in the State of Missouri to help remove the Communist influence on the unions' leadership isn't a priority. Oddly coincidental, Judy Ancel doesn't either. But it's not surprising because Steven Tilley has a habit of aligning himself with Radical Extremists.

So as you can see, the Communist loving JWJ seems to be a gathering place for 'like minded' people be they, University Professors, Politicians or Communist Radicals.

If the State of Missouri keeps funding learning institutions who allow Communism to be taught in their halls and the voters of Missouri keep electing Politicians who openly collaborate with Radical Communist, then eventually the only image that will pop into someones mind when thinking about the Show-Me-State is...

The Hammer and Sickle.


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Judy Ancel and Her Communist Connections

Recently a video was released on Big Government showing Professors, Don Giljum and Judy Ancel, who is the Director of Labor Studies at the University of Kansas City, teaching a college class the need for industrial sabotage, union violence and Communism.

Judy Ancel denies the video's accuracy on her facebook page saying:

"what's really preoccupying me is Andrew Breitbart's attack on me and Don Giljum and our labor studies class. Don't believe what you see, it's a chop shop job."

While Judy may want you to not believe your eyes concerning that video, she is going to have a hard time denying the fact she associates with Communists.

Judy Ancel is on the Leadership Team of the Kansas City Jobs with Justice. Two of the Member Organizations listed with the Missouri, Kansas City and St. Louis Jobs with Justice are actually Communist Organizations:

The Friends of PW (People's World)
YCL (Young Communist League)

People's World is the Communist Party USA Online News and the Young Communist League is an organiztion known to support all forms of revolution including violence.

In case Judy feels compelled to claim that those connections don't mean anything, here is something else she may not want you to believe.

Judy Ancel and Don Giljum had a special guest speaker in their class, Tony Pecinovsky. Tony spoke about how the American Flag is racist and explained how to defeat the United States in Iraq and Afghanistan. Tony also happens to be the Head Organizer of the Communist Party USA in St. Louis and a writer for the Communist Party USA News, People's World.

Here is the Video:

What Judy may have a hard time explaining is how Tony Pecinovsky, a known Communist, was allowed to speak to her college class.

Well.... let me answer that for her.

Tony just happens to be on the Leadership Team of the St. Louis Jobs with Justice listed as the Secretary.

Isn't it a hell of a coincidence that Judy, who is on the Leadership Team of the Kansas City Jobs with Justice, ends up having Tony, a known Communist and on the Leadership Team of the St. Louis Jobs with Justice, speak to her class?

So Judy what is it we are not supposed to believe...

That you associate Heavily with Communists?

Or that there is a very good chance you are one?


Iraq Veteran Hit by Car on Texas Highway

According to Fox News Insider:

"As if surviving bombs and bullets while serving in Iraq weren't enough, one war vet had to fight for his life after being run down by a car while riding his motorcycle on a Texas highway. Check out this crazy video of the collision."


Prices for Meat and Vegetables Going Up

According to Fox News Insider:

"New forecasts from the U.S. Department of Agriculture over rising food prices could have consumers feeling squeezed given the recent oil run-up. Shannon Bream spoke to Fox Business Network's Eric Bolling about what this means for the economy at-large."


Obama Compares Immigrants Who Came Through Ellis Island to Illegals Crossing the Border

According to Fox News Insider:

"President Obama is garnering criticism for comments he made at a fundraiser last Thursday in which he compared those who came through Ellis Island with illegals crossing the U.S. border with Mexico. Radio Host mike Gallagher reacts."


Monday, April 25, 2011

Supreme Court to Delay Obamacare Review

According to Fox News Insider:

"Stuart Varney spoke to Greta about the Supreme Court's decision not to expedite a review of the health care overhaul. The On the Record host said it's disgraceful that the justices will take a recess while uncertainty over the health care law hangs in the balance."


Obama 2012 Strategy Meeting

Here is the Strategic Framework from the Obama Campaign on what they are going to do in order to re-elect President Obama.


Andrew Breitbart at The Heritage Foundation

Here is the video of Andrew Breitbart's speech at the Heritage Foundation.


Union Teacher/Official Teaches College Course in Union Thuggery

It appears that there really is someone teaching Violent Union Tactics for Idiots Class.

Let me Guess the Teacher was certified by SEIU?

Hat Tip Breitbart TV


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

I want to wish you and yours a Happy Easter.

I will be taking this day off to spend with my family, see you tomorrow!

Take Care!

Patch W Adams

Saturday, April 23, 2011

VIDEO: Tornado Damage At Lambart Airport in St. Louis Missouri

Here is a news report from KMOV in St. Louis on the Damage caused by the tornado at Lambart Airport. The Airport is now closed.


VIDEO: Tornado Devastation in Bridgeton Missouri

Here is video footage of the devastation in Bridgeton Missouri caused by last nights tornado.


VIDEO: Tornado Damages Homes/ Closes Airport in St. Louis

Here is video of some of the damage caused by the tornado last night in the St. Louis area.


Friday, April 22, 2011

Supporters Heckle Obama: "Where is Our Change?"

Talk about Funny.. Burn..


Obama Doesn't Have As Many 'Friends' As Sponge Bob; Thinks It's Something to Aspire To

Here is a Rather disturbing video of a bunch of Obama Groupies cheering for everything Obama says including the comment that he doesn't have as many friends (on Facebook) as Spongebob Square Pants.

Somehow I think a fictional cartoon character wouldn't have screwed up this country any worse than Obama Has..


International Labor Movement is Overridding U.S. Sovereignty

According to The Blaze:



Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cuba Held First Communist Congress and Military Parade in 14 Years Due to Possible Communist Collapse

According to You Tube:

"Cuba's Communist Party is to hold its first congress in almost 14 years on Saturday, in a move aimed at devising new economic and social policies for the central American state.

The meeting comes as the island nation struggles to deal with a major drought, crumbling infrastructure and economic stagnation."

The Anniversary of Communist Cuba was on April 15th.


Chinese President Sends Congratulations Message to Cuba

Everyday it seems like we hear someone in the Obama Administration praise the way that China is run. Add on top of that most of the products we purchase every day say Made in China on them and you can see how easy it is to forget that the Chinese Government is Communist.

But every once in awhile we receive a reminder on who's side the Communist Chinese are really on.

According to the international news agency Prensa Latina, the Chinese President and the Secretary General of the Chinese Communist Party, Hu Jianto, sent a message to Cuba applauding Fidel Castro's Communist Efforts on Cuba's 50th Anniversary. Hu goes on to reaffirm the ties between Communist Cuba and Communist China and is ready to take "forward the ties of friendship and cooperation between both parties and countries."

Here is the Article:

"Havana, Apr 21 (Prensa Latina) Chinese President Hu Jintao expressed his most sincere respect and cordial greetings to the leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro.

The 6th Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba, held on the 50th anniversary of the proclamation of the socialist character of the Cuban Revolution, has been a Congress that inherits the past and projects into the future, the Chinese leader stated in his message, released here on Thursday.

During 50 years as founder and promoter of the revolution and construction in Cuba, Fidel Castro, unafraid of foreign pressure, has led the Cuban people in safeguarding their national sovereignty and dignity, said Hu, secretary general of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba.

Hu described Fidel Castro as an eminent revolutionary, ideologist, strategist and statesman, and said that 51 years ago, he resolutely declared the establishment of diplomatic relations between Cuba and the People's Republic of China.

"You have always engaged in promoting Cuban-Chinese friendship, followed Chinese development closely, and given fraternal aid and support," the Chinese president noted.

"We will continue supporting Cuba's socioeconomic development as much as we can, and take forward the ties of friendship and cooperation between both parties and countries," Hu said."
Isn't it nice to be reminded that not only does President Obama seem to idolize the Communist Chinese but that we are all funding it's continued existence by buying products that are made in Communist China?

Ahh. the American way.. Freedom, Liberty.. and Supporting the Sworm Enemy of Capitalism..

Not your Grandpa's USA anymore..


Steve Wynn: I Worry About The Gross Irresponsibility of the Government

According to Fox News Insider:

"Neil Cavuto spoke to Steve Wynn, CEO of Wynn Resorts, about market jitters, the Obama administration's plan to tax the wealthiest Americans and how to incentivize businesses to hire again."


Obama Calls GOP Budget Radical at Facebook Town Hall

This is part of the new tone President Obama was talking about. This is his example of "working" with the Republicans..by calling them 'Radical'.

Makes me want to work with him how about you?

HatTip Breitbart TV

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fox News: MI Police Using High-Tech Device to Retrieve Info from Cellphones

According to Fox News:

"A new report reveals that the iPhone 4 model keeps a record of users' locations, without offering an opt-out option. And now, law enforcement in Michigan can use a device that accesses information from your cellphone, be it an iPhone or a different model, leading some to wonder if this would violate drivers' privacy. Shep's legal panel weighs in."


Fox News ALERT: Manhunt in Missouri for Man Who Stole Trooper's Gun

According to Fox News:

"Jenna Lee spoke to Sgt. Sheldon Lyon of the Missouri Highway Patrol, on the latest details in the manhunt for Justin Heller, who shot at a state trooper and is believed to be a danger to law enforcement and the public."

Radicals at Powershift 2011 Call for Revolution; Powershift Supported by President and Democrats

Here is a disturbing video of the leftest Young People at Powershift 2011 and video footage of Members of the Obama Administration supporting them.

Hat Tip Breitbart TV


Dana Loesch Interviews 14 Year Old Girl that was Heckled by Union Thug

Dana interviews the 14 year old girl that was heckled by a Union Thug using profanities while she spoke at a Tea Party Rally.

Hat Tip Breitbart TV

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Trump: I Love the Tea Party

Here is a Video recorded after Donald Trump's Speech at the Tea Party in Boca Raton.

Talk about Kissing Butt...


Tea Party Counter Protester Montage: Man Dressed as a Koch Brother, Man Yelling "Keep Taxes Going So I Can Stay on Welfare."

According to You Tube:

"Here we see GARY SWARTZENDRUBER, the idiot, protesting as one of the Koch brothers at the Salina Tea Party outside the City-County Building in Salina, Kansas. These are the stunts liberals and progressives stoop to in order to get their word out...."

Here is a Counter Protester in San Fransico supporting taxes.... for his welfare.

Yes I want that minute of my life back as well...


Lone Chicago Tea Party Counter Protester: 'Tea Party is a Bunch of A**Holes'

According to the Rebel Pundit:


"At the 3rd annual Chicago Tax Day Tea Party we found this lone counter protester on hand, carrying a home made "Tea Party Sucks" sign. We tried to find out why.."


Obama Gets Testy With Texan Reporter

According to Breitbart TV:

"A visibly agitated President Obama sat for a tense interview with veteran Texas newsman Brad Watson. When the interview had concluded, the President had an admonition for Mr. Watson, while the camera was still rolling."


Monday, April 18, 2011

The Place to Be This Friday Night in St. Louis: Art For A Cure 2011

Friday April 22nd in St. Louis Missouri there will be a Fabulous Event called Art For A Cure 2011.

At the Famous Lemp Mansion from 7:00 P.M.-11:00 P.M. baaware.org will be holding a fundraiser to help with research for a cure for Biliary Atresia.

According to baaware.org Biliary Atresia is:
" an inflammation and blockage of the tiny tubes (bile ducts) that drain bile from inside the liver to the gall bladder and on to the small intestine. As a result of the blockage, bile becomes trapped in the liver causing scarring and eventually cirrhosis.
This disease begins very soon after birth and affects 1 in approximately 15,000 infants. There is a specific surgical treatment known as the Kasai procedure which has proven to be most successful if performed before two months of age, making early detection critical. Infants with Biliary Atresia generally appear normal at birth but develop jaundice at 2 to 3 weeks. Stools are pale in color and urine is dark. Sometimes, a swollen and firm abdomen may be present due to an enlarged liver. It is recommended that infants with jaundice beyond four weeks be tested for Biliary Atresia.

The majority of patients require a liver transplant before 15 years of age. Liver transplantation in children has a very high success rate and brings great hope for Biliary Atresia patients.

It is our mission to help find a cause and a cure for this disease. We promote Biliary Atresia awareness and the importance of organ donation. We support those battling Biliary Atresia. We raise funds which go directly to the research of Biliary Atresia at St. Louis Children’s Hospital and to needy families who are affected by this disease."
Art For A Cure will not be your everyday Fundraising Art Show. While there will be 25 Art pieces to bid on as well as 15 Silent Auctions, there will also be Entertainment, Appetizers, a Dessert Buffet and several types of Beer. There will even be attendance prizes for those who pre-purchase tickets! Come Dressed for FUN!

For More Information go to the Art for the Cure Facebook Page or to Buy Tickets for the Event Go Here.

Food, Fun, Art and Good Friends getting together for a Great Cause!

Is There A Better Way To Spend a Friday Night?!!

Hope To See You There!!


Bring in the Clowns: SEIU Members Perform Lame "Street Theater" Protest

According to You Tube:

"SEIU-UHW Street Theater Protest at Centinela Hospital"

SEIU has gone from Thugs to Theater... Which one is Scarier?


Todd Akin on the Budget and a Possible Run Against McCaskill

According to Politico Mo:

"U.S. Rep. Todd Akin visited Joplin, Mo., to speak about the budget and court support for a possible senate campaign against Sen. Claire McCaskill."

Did he refer to Claire McCaskill as a HE?


Donald Trump's Speech at Palm Beach Tea Party

According to You Tube:

"Keynote Speaker Donald Trump at the 3rd Annual Tax Day Tea Party in Palm Beach County."

ABC Creates Insulting Report: Obama is Not Drinking Tea Party Kool-Aid

Can you see the obvious bias in this report or is it just me?


Sunday, April 17, 2011

VIDEO: Secretary Chu Brainwashing Children for Global Warming Extended Version

As a Blogger it is sometimes difficult to decide what and how much information to post on any given subject. When you conduct research for an article there are times you find information that you never intended to, that is the case with my sudden rush of postings about Secretary Chu.

Earlier this weekend I posted a video of Energy Secretary Chu discussing how the Government can brainwash children in order to use them as a way to help change their parents behavior. To me this was alarming, but I realize now that I didn't provide enough information with the video. So this article is an attempt to correct that.

In October of 2009, the Department of Energy held several forums, with Green Tech business leaders, discussing Climate Change (Global Warming) and what 'Green' Technology could be used to not only reduce Climate Change but to spur economic growth.

During the forum held on October 28th, Energy Secretary Chu gave a speech highlighting the importance of combating Climate Change and how the U.S. needs to develop more Green technologies in order to compete with China in particular. One of the ways outlined to do this was to reduce our dependency on oil.

Near the end of his speech Chu was asked a question from a member in the audience:

"Can you do one thing for us, tell Obama when he gets elected and becomes a lame duck to tax the bejesus out of gasoline."

This question was based on a statement made by Thomas Friedman ,where he suggested that in order to break our dependency on oil the Government needs to put a $1 tax on gasoline. This extra money, Friedman argued, could be used to pay down the deficit and fund health care while at the same time forcing people to change their behavior away from oil and get more electric vehicles on the road.

Energy Secretary Chu goes on to answer the question by saying that while the President would be willing to make such a move, Congress would not. Chu then explains that support for such a drastic move would have to come from the American Public if 'We' are really serious about cutting oil dependency.

Now remember the main reason Chu wants to cut oil dependency is because of Climate Change.

But what Chu goes on to explain next is how "YOU" (the word he seems to use instead of Government) can help create this support from the people:

"In the meantime YOU do the other things, YOU improve the mileage standards in an accelerated manner."

He then goes on to explain how doing this is actually a good thing, then he continues:

"So YOU do the regulatory things, YOU try to convince people it's the right thing to do, YOU do a number of things...YOU make it ..you know....convince..uh... The young people actually seem to learn a little faster than their parents. The young people convince their parents to stop smoking. the young people have a really good plea they can look at mommy and daddy and say 'Don't you care about me?'...'Your going to leave me what world?' (he laughs) 'And do you really need to go 0 to 60 in 5 seconds?'"

Here is the Video:

Some readers may wonder why is this statement important. Why should you care that in 2009 Energy Secretary Chu talked about how kids can convince their parents to change their behavior?

Well to answer that you have to understand that progressives think 25-50 years into the future, most people do not. The progressives in the government are laying the foundation now for a progressive socialist future in 25-50 years. The 'Green' movement is an important part in that strategy because if they can convince people that Global Warming exists, then progressives feel they can justify controlling every aspect of your life.

What foundation are the progressives laying using our kids?

Well for one, the Department of the Interior just announced several weeks ago that the Obama administration has created the 21st Century Conservation Youth Corps. This Corps is going help kids learn about how to protect the nations natural resources from the effects of climate change while at the same time encourage kids to make a career out of working for the Government. What is truly disturbing is that this Corps is going to come to your child's school to spread it's form of propaganda.

This week the President had a meeting with kids who attended Powershift 2011 where, according to the Gateway Pundit, the President reminded the kids that it's "grassroots organizing in communities and states will help move our nation on energy and climate."

During Powershift 2009, the Secretary of the Interior gave a speech to 12,000 young people where he said:

"You gathered here with powershift 09 as young people from the ages of 18-30 you are the engines of change, you are the engines of change.

I'm here tonight for Barack Obama because he is an agent of change.

But we can not accomplish the change we need to accomplish for our world, for our country, for our communities, for all of you, for all of our families unless we have the young people of our country and the world involved. Do you agree with me on that?"

During this same speech he announced the idea for the 21st Century Conservation Youth Corps.

You have to understand that the progressives in power have already given up on trying to change your mind about Climate Change. So they are now going to concentrate on indoctrinating your kids into believing in the junk science of global warming while laying the foundations in our society for brainwashing future generations.


Because by convincing them of the 'Dangers' of Climate Change, progressives will be able to make your Children and Grandchildren willingly give up their God Given Rights to Liberty and Freedom in order to 'Save the Planet'.


Secretary Chu Asks Advice From Communist China on How to Get Citizens to Pay for Expensive Green Tech Upgrades: "We Tell Them How Important It Is"

In October of 2009, Department of Energy Secretary Chu held several Energy Forums with Green technology business leaders.

During his speech at the Energy Forum on the 28th of October, Secretary Chu tells a story about a time when he asked a Communist State Owned company advice on how they get the Citizens of Communist China to go along and pay for expensive "Green" tech upgrades.

My first thought was I guess Secretary Chu doesn't really understand the concept of "Communism". The citizens of Communist China don't really get a say in what they can and can't pay for, but I digress.

Secretary Chu continues his story by saying that the Communist State Run Company explained that:

"Of course people don't like the Government reaching in and taking money out of their pockets, but we explain to them how important this is."

Secretary Chu then proceeds to look at the crowd and says laughing:

"So I am explaining to you how important this is."

Now what should be disturbing to any Freedom loving American that is reading this is the fact that the United States Department of Energy Secretary asked a Communist State Owned Company how they force their Citizens to do what the Government wants them to do. Then the United States Department of Energy Secretary goes on to 'jokingly' act on that advice.

Everyone must realize we are dealing with people in the Government who see nothing wrong with asking Totalitarian Communist Governments advice on how to deal with the American People.

If that doesn't send chills up your spine nothing will.

Here is the Video:


Energy Secretary Chu: Chevy Volt Battery Packs Won't Last the Lifetime of the Car

In 2009, Secretary Chu admits the Battery of the Chevy Volt won't last the Lifetime of the Car. He goes on to say that current battery technology is only good enough to make batteries last 3 to 5 years.

The Chevy Volt does carry an 8 year or 100,000 Mile warranty on the Battery packs. But after the warranty expires the cost of the battery pack replacement is $8,000 every 3 to 6 years.

A brand New Chevy Volt costs around $40,000

Don't believe me about the cost of the Volt battery pack?

According to an Article on CNET about the GM Volt Battery Pack factory, the cost of each battery pack is $8,000.

And according to another CNET Article, GM doesn't know how long the battery packs will last,but the target length for the battery life is hopefully 10 years.

Secretary Chu has access to information that the public doesn't and obviously by the answer he gave the batteries only last 3 to 5 years.

Does that really sound like the Chevy Volt or Electric Cars are going to save you money? Really?


Energy Secretary Chu on Global Warming: Brainwash Children to Help Change Behavior

Energy Secretary Chu explains how the Government can make people change their behavior, like losing their dependency on Oil, for the sake of Global Warming.

1. Regulations
2. Convince People to do the "Right" thing
3. BRAINWASH Children


Saturday, April 16, 2011

Obama: "The American People Will Feel I Deserve a Second Term"

Ok it's official, President Obama lives in his own little progressive world where everything is wonderful...and where he thinks he has a chance of getting re-elected.

Talk about delusional...


Progressive Thug Arrested At Phoenix Tea Party Rally

Acccording to Tucson Citizen.com, a Progressive Thug that was harassing people who attended the April 15th Tea Party in Phoenix was arrested by police:

"Timothy R. Coomer, 39, was intimidating people in the front row of the “Feet to the Fire” tea party rally held on the Senate and House lawns at the state capitol building between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m, said DPS Officer Bob Bailey. Coomer was sitting on his bicycle in an area for the media when authorities arrived. He became belligerent when police and event organizers asked him to leave, Bailey said, and he also resisted arrest but eventually was taken into custody and booked into Fourth Avenue Jail. Coomer has been arrested before on suspicion of marijuana possession, Bailey said."

Tensions were high at the Tea Party Rally as this video of Sheriff Joe's speech will attest. During his entire speech a counter protester does his best to drown out Sheriff Joe with a bull horn:

2 other people were arrested at the Tea Party Rally but there are no details on those arrests.

Here is a Video from a local news station on the event. It appears the event got a little crazy. The elderly gentleman yelling at the counter protester is a great example of what not to do:


Trump to GOP: "Vote For Me or Obama Gets Second Term"

According to You Tube:

"Donald Trump: Trump threatens 2012 Independent run - Democrats smile Monday, Donald Trump, Republican presidential hopeful, said he would run as an Independent in 2012 if denied the GOP nomination. The prospect of a Trump Independent candidacy in 2012 has Democrats smiling and Republicans worried. As an Independent candidate Trump would split the anti-Obama vote, and most certainly assure President Obama's reelection."


Friday, April 15, 2011

Progressive Hoax? Fake Tax Day Tea Party Flyer with KKK Symbols Distributed in California

According to You Tube:

"Chico's Tea Party is reacting to flyers posted around Butte County that mockingly promote a Tax Day rally in Downtown Chico next week. Tea Party member B.K. Brooks tells KPAY "I think whoever's behind it is trying to stir up violence against us with misinformation." Brooks will discuss the flier and event tomorrow with the KPAY Morning News and More."

According to the Chico Tea Party website:


Here is a link to the story on KPAY's website


NH Democratic State Rep: "Ignoring the Federal Government is Treason"

A New Hampshire Democrat claims that ignoring the Federal Government is an act of treason. I think he is referring to some states who wish to exempt themselves from certain Federal laws like Obamacare, or Republicans who wish to vote on such laws that exempt their states (To be honest it's not real clear). The video goes on to show a progressive woman who goes off on a tangent about how Libertarians don't want to pay for her sick son's care.


Rep Republican: "Obama Declared Class Warfare"

According to You Tube:

"Rep. Tom Graves (R-GA-09) went on MSNBC and talked with Contessa Brewer about the need for more serious spending cuts, and how President Obama declared class warfare in his "Budget Do-Over" speech."


Obama Caught on Tape Explaining What Happened Behind Closed Doors During Budget Talks: "You Think We're Stupid?"

Obama explains supposedly what was said during budget negotiations with Republicans.

He goes so far as to claim he asked the Republicans if they thought he was "Stupid"...

To be honest Mr. President, the Problem is you think the American People are..

Hat Tip Breitbart TV

Thursday, April 14, 2011

X Carter Official: Obama Should Bash Republicans With Baseball Bats

According to Breitbart TV:

"Earl Bender, former Carter Administration official: “Instead of a baton, I think he should pick up a baseball bat and just start bashing them over the heads hoping the Republicans will gain some common sense”."


Obama Says We Would Not Be a Great Country Without Government Entitlements

It appears that the President thinks Big Government is what makes America Great. News Flash to the President, it's our FREEDOM that makes us great, not Big Government Entitlements.

Hat Tip Breitbart TV

Dana Loesch Interviews Donald Trump

Dana Loesch had a chance to interview Presidential Hopeful, Donald Trump.


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Kucinich: Obama Admin Transferring Wealth to the Few

According to The Real News:

"Dennis Kucinich: Obama administration presiding over transfer of wealth from the mass to the upper few."


Pelosi: Elections Shouldn't Matter as Much as They Do

Sounds like Nancy Pelosi would rather have a dictatorship with one point of view.

Democrat Rep Mocks Tea Party Politicians Using "Red Neck" Accent

According to Breitbart TV:

"Rep. Loretta Sanchez (D-CA) appeared on the nationally syndicated Stephanie Miller Show to discuss how it is working with her new, Tea Party colleagues in the House."


Obama's Plan to Reduce the Deficit: Raise Taxes

It appears Obama is going to do the good progressive thing and raise taxes instead of cutting spending.


Obama's Real Energy Plan..Control

Obama is not worried about high gas prices, because he wants to use them as an excuse to control your life.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Trump: I'm Obama's Worst Nightmare

Donald Trump responds to an Obama Adviser's comment that Trump doesn't have a chance against Obama.


Left Unhappy About Budget Deal: Obama budget tactics baffle Rachel Maddow

Progressive Rachel Maddow seems a bit disappointed and confused about President Obama's direction on the Budget.

Of course it's not that hard to confuse Rachel Maddow is it?


Limbaugh: Backlash Against Budget Deal is Mounting Despite Republican Spin

Rush Limbaugh says that according to his emails, there is a backlash mounting against the Republicans after their joke of a budget deal last week.


Monday, April 11, 2011

Allen West on Budget Deal: "We Need to Show the American People We Can Do a Little Bit Better"

Allen West explains how he feels about the Budget Deal.

To me, This Budget Deal was a Joke...


Obama Advisor: Trump Has Zero Chance to Win

During an interview an Obama Advisor comments on Donald Trumps chances to win if he went up against Obama.

Hat Tip Breitbart TV


11 People Confirmed Dead 103 Injured in Subway Explosion in Minsk

A Bomb went off in a subway station in Minsk, the death toll grows to 11 people confirmed dead, 103 injured.


Republican Rep from Texas: "We All Deserve to Be Tarred and Feathered"

According to Breitbart TV:

"Rep. Jeb Hensarling (R-TX) discusses the size of the budget cuts agreed to last week to avoid a shut down of the federal government."


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Jesse Ventura Compares Actions of U.S. to Nazis; U.S. Revolt Needed

According to RT:

"RT's Anastasia Churkina caught up with TV personality, best-selling author, former Governor of Minnesota, former US Navy Seal and professional wrestler -- Jesse Ventura. His latest book "63 Documents the Government Doesn't Want you to Read" hit the shelves in the US this April. Ventura said his book has the spirit of WikiLeaks, the difference is -- they have been available in the public domain, it's just that the mainstream media, according to the author, has not been willing to dig up any of the covered up information. Revealing the truth was Ventura's goal. Although, Ventura claims he is not set to become the new Julian Assange."

Former Top Obama Economic Aide Attends Soros Funded Conference to 'Reshape' World Order

Larry Summers, former Top Obama economic Aide, attended the George Soros Conference on changing the world order.

According to RT:

"Major financial players from around the world are debating the future of the global economy in the iconic US town of Bretton Woods. The summit held by billionaire philanthropist George Soros is focusing on the place emerging nations will take in the new world order. RT's Lauren Lister reports from the venue."


Mark Levin: Budget Deal "Is a Historic Scam"

Mark Levin decides to give his 2 cents on the "budget deal" that was reached late Friday.

Hat Tip The Blaze


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Beyonce Wrote Song For Michelle Obama's 'Let's Move' Campaign

Beyonce wrote this song for Michelle Obama's pet project, 'Let's Move'. Somehow this song is going to help your kids not be fat, oh an I guess the whole 'Wave the American flag' line at the end is supposed to be... patriotic?

And the part about 'Shaking your little hips' is supposed to be...?

Just sitting here listening to this song I can see the fat just falling off...

Oh give me a break I assume Tax Payer Money was spent on this..?

I want a refund.


SEIU Members Arrested in WA After Pushing State Troopers

In this video you will see SEIU members who were arrested for not only pushing State Troopers, but for failing to comply with the orders of the State Troopers.

This is what a bunch of Thugs looks like...

Hat Tip to Breitbart TV for the heads up, but this is not the same video posted there.


Dana Loesch Takes on Spitzer and Democrat Rep Over Planned Parenthood

According to Breitbart TV:

"Dana Loesch, Big J'lism: Earlier tonight I appeared on “In the Arena” with Eliot Spitzer. Neither Spitzer or Rep. Jackie Speier were fully forthcoming in the facts about federal funding for abortions. I also wish that the times Rep. Speier repeatedly interrupted me were shown as well in the original take, finally prompting my response in the video below, but content must adhere to a clock during broadcast."

Bring on the Haters....

Hat Tip Breitbart TV


Friday, April 8, 2011

Bachmann: Dems' Shutdown Strategy is to Blame the Tea Party

According to You Tube:

"Rep. Bachmann appeared on CNN this morning to explain that a possible shutdown is not the result of the Tea Party. Instead, it's Sens. Reid and Schumer, and Howard Dean who think a shutdown will politically profit Democrats. She also voiced her support for defunding Planned Parenthood, but she reiterated Speaker Boehner's statement saying policy riders are no longer the issue in the negotiations and that includes the issue of Planned Parenthood. Bachmann said she believes a fight should occur over the larger issue of defunding ObamaCare, not a difference of $6.5 billion in a $3.5 trillion+ budget."

Hilarious: Dana Loesch Runs Circles Around Democratic Strategist and Anderson Cooper on CNN

According to You Tube:

"Tea Party's Dana Loesch schools Cooper and Begala. She laughs at the silly arguments being proposed by Begala. It would be fumy if it were not so serious. Dem's poised to torpedo Obama's second term."


Uber Liberal: Elect Hillary 2012; Obama is a Total Failure

Even the Uber Liberals are beginning to turn on Obama. According to a Liberal You Tube talking head, Really Rick, the Left wing of the Democratic Party has had enough of Obama. Here is what Really Rick has to say:

"I, like many others, reluctantly supported Barack Obama for President when candidate Hillary Clinton asked me to in 2008. However after 4 years of this President it has become clear that he has no idea what he is doing and has lost any crediblity to lead. As a staunch Democrat I feel it is time for a drastic change and the person to do that is none other than Secretary of State Hillary Clinton! Join me in a grassroots effort to draft Hillary Clinton to challenge Brack Obama for the Democratic nomination!"

Granted 'Rick' Doesn't like people on the Right, but this is one of the first Liberals that I have seen so far that will go on the record as to saying they want Obama out.

Nice to see that the left isn't as unified as they would liek us all to believe.


Senator Lee Suggests Obama Planned a Government Shut Down

According to You Tube:

"In a bold speech on the Senate Floor, Senator Lee defends the Tea Party against those who claim the Tea Party is shutting down the government. He also calls into question the serious lack of leadership coming from the White House and Democrats."


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Secretary Chu U.S. Will Have to Cut Carbon Emissions 80% by 2050

It appears that the Obama Administration is more than happy to adhere to the agreement that was made in the G8 summit.

Now you might understand why the EU recently wanted to ban all gasoline powered cars from their cities by 2050. Because the EU also agreed to cut their carbon emissions by 80% by the 2050 deadline.

A similar type of ban will have to happen in the U.S. in order for that goal to be reached.

Now you may understand why the President is pushing so hard for electric cars over Bio-diesel.

Forget Freedom, the Progressives only care about fictional Global Warming. Or at least the Control over your life that the fake crisis gives them.


Orrin Hatch: Democrat's Budget is Nothing

According to You Tube:

"Orrin Hatch, speaking with FOX's Lou Dobbs talks on why we are so close to a government shutdown: the Democrat's budget is literally a blank sheet of paper. Democrats have had two years to pass this budget for 2011 and have failed. Now they want to blame the shutdown on Republicans, who are the only ones who have offered budgets. Fiscally conservative policy is the only solution to the mess we are in."


Doubletalk: Democrat Blames Tea Party Over Budget Stalemate; Then Says "We Don't Get Anywhere by Finger Pointing"

According to PBS News:

"Gwen Ifill talks to Maryland Rep. Chris Van Hollen, the ranking Democrat on the House Budget Committee, about the state of a budget stalemate for the rest of this fiscal year, the prospects for a government shutdown and what's at stake in negotiations for future budgets."

Gwen calls out Chris Van Hollen by telling him that a poll says both sides are playing politics. Confronted by this Van Hollen says 'We don't get anywhere by finger pointing".

I think Rep Van Holler needs to make up his mind.


Allen West: "I Now See the Democrats as the Party With No Solutions"

According to Fox News Insider:

"The Tea Party has been taking a lot of heat when it comes to the budget, but what should Republicans do in the current debate? Hear what Tea Party Caucus Member Allen West (R-FL) has to say on this issue."


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Obama Administration Wants to 'Spread the Wealth' of Green Technologies

President Obama has been pushing for several years the concept that we can create jobs here in the U.S. and make the U.S. the leader in 'Green' Technology. All we have to do is "Invest" Billions of dollars in the 'Future'.

While that is the message President Obama is telling us here, Energy Secretary Chu is telling a different story overseas:

So in reality, President Obama is using your tax money to fund the development of "Green" technology that we are not only going to share, but in doing so, will help jobs get shipped overseas. Because in order for something to be built here only in the U.S., we are the only ones that can know how to build it.

Seems like Socialism affects everything the Obama Administration does.


ABC's Paul Krugman: United States Could Be Socialist Like Europe If It Weren't So Racist

Paul Krugman seems to think that Racism is the only that that stands in the way of Socialism in this country. Wow.. Paul Maybe Freedom loving Maericans have something more to do with it than racism.

Hat Tip The Blaze

CBO Chief Says Economy Falls Apart in 2037

According to CNS News:

"House Budget Chairman Congressman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) said President Barack Obama’s budget strategy is to “do nothing, punt, duck, kick the can down the road” while the debt remains on track to eventually hit 800 percent of GDP. Ryan added that the CBO is saying it "can't conceive of any way" that the economy can continue past 2037 given its current trajectory."


Monday, April 4, 2011

Radical Communist Youth Leader is also an OFA Rally Organizer

Ohhh to be young again. Your hopes for the future, the excitement of falling in love and being strong in your convictions about supporting President Obama, Communism, Violent Revolution and Anarchy. While that may not describe most peace loving Americans, it does describe Jordan "Red Skin" Farrar.

Jordan "Red Skin" Farrar (Pictured above second from right) is the National Coordinator for the Young Communist League (YCL) and Co-Organizer of the Communist "Red" School Bus Tour. Jordan also has aspirations about running for President in 2020. While this seems harmless enough Jordan has a much Darker, Radical Side.

On the Young Communist League Facebook page there is a picture of supposed communist, Woody Guthrie. The Picture is titled "What Would Woody Do"? The saying on Woody's Guitar answers that question:

Who does Jordan label as fascists?

Well according to Jordan's Presidential Campaign Facebook page, Tea Partiers:

September 12th and 13th 2009 were the days where Millions of Tea Party supporters gathered to Protest in Washington D.C. It's nice to know that Jordan was one of those counter protesters screaming and yelling at Tea Party members. I'm just glad Jordan didn't ask "What would Woody do?" at the counter protest.

Jordan Farrar is also listed on You Tube as 'Comrade Jordan', and he describes himself as:

"a Marxist-Leninist from Baltimore Maryland and your worst fucking nightmare!"

Here is a screen shot of his You Tube page:

Jordan just posted a video taken at the most recent stop on the Communist "Red School Tour" which was in New Haven, Connecticut. In the video it shows Young Communists learning a form of martial arts all set to music that encourages Violence and Revolution. The first song in the video is titled "It's Bigger than Hip Hop" sung by Dead Prez. The lyrics of the song outright call for violence:
"White folks says it controls your brain I know better than that
That's game and we ready for that two soldiers head of the pack
Matter of fact who got the gat? And where my army at?

Rather attack than not react.."
The second song near the end of the video I can't identify, but it refers to 'Comrades' and 'taking back the city' with more 'thumpers' (aka guns).

Here is the Video, Warning! Strong Language:

The actual Dead Prez music video portrays a "People's Army" and calls for "warriors" to "unite" and claims that "Our time is Now". This music video is eerily similar to Jordan's video of the Young Communist League Gathering because both highlight groups of people apparently learning to fight. At the .27 sec mark you can even see the corner of a Che Guevara poster being held up above the crowd. To coincide with the video's obvious Marxist theme, they even use subtitles that are set in the style of old Soviet type lettering.

Here is the Video Warning! Strong Language!:

Because of Jordan's apparent interest in Revolution, he has gone so far as to try and unite the Young Communist League with Anarchists. On the Young Communist League Facebook page there are pictures of a gathering between Jordan Farrar with his young Communists and Anarchists. Below is a Picture of Jordan, and some of those in attendance, taken in front of a large piece of paper that was signed by all who were there (Jordan is circled in red):

Below is a picture of the "Sign" on the wall behind Jordan. Notice the Anarchy and Communist symbols along with the word Revolution in Spanish. Jordan's signature is below the blue hammer and sickle on the left:

Here is another sign at the event that calls for "Revolutionaries" to "Unite":

Early this year Sam Webb, leader of the CPUSA, called for the Communists to begin working more closely with Democrats in order to help push forward a Progressive Agenda.

It seems Jordan is ahead of the curve.

According to Organizing for America's (OFA)website, Jordan Farrar is not only a member of OFA but organized a Rally in 2009 to support Obama's Health Care Bill. This wasn't a small rally either, the event took place in the Senator Theater in Baltimore MD and the speakers included the head of the local NAACP, a city councilmen and a Representative from Congress:
"A night of speakers, music, and rallying for the public option at the historic Senator Theater in Baltimore MD. Speakers include the president of the Baltimore City NAACP Marvin L. "Doc" Cheatham, City Councilman Bill Henry and more. Also featuring the music of ellen cherry along with hip-hop and other acts. Come support the Public Option with a night of music and making your voices heard!"
Here is a screen shot from OFA, notice the name of the "Host":

Jordan even advertised the event on his Facebook page:

Surprisingly (or not), Democratic Representative Elijah Cummings was the Congressman that spoke at Jordan's Official OFA Rally.

I wonder if Representative Cummings realized that the Rally was organized by a Radical, Revolutionary Communist. After listening to Representative Cummings speech I don't think he would have cared.

Here is the Video of his speech:

Isn't it nice to know that President Obama's Organization, OFA, is willing to work with Anyone...

Even a Radical Communist who supports Violent Revolution and Anarchy.

That's the Kind of Change Karl Marx can Believe In!


Disturbing: SEIU Members Flash Mob at Target

According to You Tube:

"PSE leaders, attending SEIU Member Leadership and Action Conference in Los Angeles March 25-28, took part in a flash mob and rally in support of Teamster drivers attempting to organize truck drivers."

Watching a bunch of uncoordinated Leftists dancing and chanting in the ladies section of a retail store is disturbing....

Did I just die and go to hell?


Obama Announces Run for President.. Online

It would seem President Obama is trying to announce his run for reelection with little fan fare.

Or is it just cheaper for him to make a YouTube video than hold a giant expensive rally where no one will show up?


Guest Blogger Carol: Jake Zimmerman is Not Right for St. Louis County

A reader named Carol submitted this Article to me. I loved it enough to share it, here it is:

Jake Zimmerman is Not Right for St. Louis County

Jake Zimmerman has a new ad out where he tries to tug at your heart strings with the story of an elderly friend of his (progressive activist Margaret Hasse) having to pay more than $4000 a year in real estate taxes on a fixed income. This ad is part of his new strategy, which is to appeal to elderly voters and pretend he can help them with taxes, instead of focusing on the actual job of the county assessor.

Maybe Jake doesn't understand how the assessor's office works, or maybe he just thought that the picture of a little old lady was all he needed to pretend to be sympathetic, but the victim, Margaret, hasn't seen the assessment of her home rise since 2007 .

According to those same county records we used to expose the $115,000 drop Jake's father got, you can look up and see that in 2009, the "victim," Margaret, saw no change in her assessment. The preliminary assessment for 2011 goes down as well, which means that Margaret hasn't been a victim of anything the assessor's office has been in charge of.

She is paying substantially more in taxes, but that isn't the fault of the assessor's office. Local taxing entities raised rates to prepare for drops in assessments, leading to a growth in taxes paid in 2009 and 2010. In other words, Jake's statement that he wants to see Margaret keep her home rather than be assessed at an unfair rate has nothing to do with the office he runs for. Furthermore, there's nothing he can do about it as assessor. He isn't in charge of tax rates, which are raised as assessments fall to shore up local funding.

You'd think an assessor candidate would know this, but again, Jake is all about privilege and connections, not understanding where money comes from and where it goes. His use of this woman as an object of sympathy is nothing more than a typical cynical campaign ploy. He wants seniors vote, so he pretends that he can do something for them.

It would be bad enough if it stopped with Jake's lack of information on the job he's running for. The house Jake references in the commercial is not owned by Margaret in the same way that you and I own our homes. She is a trustee for the house, which is most likely a family trust designed to provide tax-free alternatives to her inheritors. It's a tax avoidance trust. There's nothing wrong with that, but it is even more ridiculous to claim Margaret is going to be thrown out of her home because of rising rates if the home they're referencing is held in trust to save on taxes down the road.

See what I mean about privileges and connections? Democrats like to pretend they pass laws in fairness, but the lawyers spend their days figuring out how to get around those laws. Margaret is a longtime progressive activist, but when it comes down to her property and her family, she does her best to avoid paying what Democrats claim is her fair share. How many Zimmerman voters have access to that kind of legal advice?

Zimmerman has loads of money, the support of the local media, and a county with a heavy Democrat voter registration. He is trying to use this office as a stepping stone, and his ability to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for an assessor's race is troubling. If he wins next week, no one will be surprised. But the result won't do much for property assessments. Voters will have replaced a Dooley-appointed assessor with a Dooley-approved assessor.

The good news is that the assessor is a job for a workhorse, not a social climber. Or maybe that's the bad news. We'll find out on April 5th.

If you don't vote, you don't get to cry about it later.