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Friday, December 2, 2011

Occupy A School: Occupy Santa Cruz Misspell "Oocupy" On Large Banner

Here is a video made by a member of Occupy Santa Cruz that shows the members illegally breaking into a vacant bank in order to occupy it.

Part of the occupation was to hang a banner from the roof of the building. Ironically "Occupy" is spelled wrong on the banner(Pictured above, the picture can be seen at the 00:26 mark in the video).

Maybe they should have spent a little more time Occupying a school before taking to the streets....

Occupy Santa Cruz even has a website showcasing their illegally occupied building. At the top of the website is a picture of the misspelled banner and on the sidebar they admit the building is owned by Wells Fargo. Here is a screen shot from the website (Click to enlarge):

Now can you please explain to me what would have happened if the Tea Party had done something as blatant and illegal as this? Anyone?

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