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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Occupy Leader Wants To Force You To Pay For Him & Everyone.

According to You Tube:

"Occupy Leader Chris follows me from Del Monte and Alvarado to the front of the Custom House. I was on my walk with my mother that we've been taking for 15 years. I had no expectation of running into the Occupy Movement that had set up in front of the Chase Bank located on Del Monte. I guess they need to expose themselves to the tourists that stay in the two nearby hotels at that location.

Chris "Cowboy" approached me after I had passed their sidewalk protest along Del Monte. I hadn't said a word until Chris "Cowboy"stated that he had seen my video on YouTube. I said "Wait until you see the next one"..... well thanks to Chris "Cowboy" here's the next one.

Note that after minutes of banter he finally comes out and says what the Occupy Movement is all about..... they want those that have to pay for those that have not. Then his claim of being self sufficient falls flat in the face of his statement that he wants others to pay his way.

My comment about him trying to grab my camera was as I pulled it back up yet again as I was continuing on my way. He did reach for my hand and pulled back. And yes I had someone who saw his action. I think he has a control problem.

You got to love a guy from Naperville, Illinois complaining about anything when Money Magazine rated it Second Best Place to live in the United States 2006. Median Income is $85,000 for males vs. $46,000 females. Families pull in a $130,160 average. It is the center for a number of major corporations that he benefitted from growing up in that community. What a fraud dude!

You also have to enjoy the fact that Naperville, Illinois is located in the 13th Illinois Senate district where Barack Obama was a State Senator. Gotta love the internet to find these little tidbits of information. Then the public donations that helped remodel the local Naperville Library. Yet the this young man condemns corporations and Capitalism."

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