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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Occupy Disrupt College Lecture About Capitalism

According to You Tube:

"This occured December 1st during a lecture hosted by the New England Objectivist Society and the UMass Republicans. Titled: "Global Capitalism: The Cure for World Oppression and Poverty" given by Professor Andrew."

Here is another angle of the disruption:


LRod said...

The Occupiers are a disgrace and they are what is wrong with America.

Van said...

LMAO... you mean it really is possible to be so stupid as to try and make OBJECTIVISTS feel bad about making money or being rich?

Robert said...

It's really no more stupid than a country trying to win the "Hearts & Minds" of a society willing to kill themselves to destroy a country that they think is trying to pollute their hearts and minds....