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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Visitor to Occupy St. Louis: Occupy Wallstreet Arsonist on The Run Or Liar?

Occupy St. Louis posted this video on their Facebook page of a Man named Jamie Christofanelli (According to Occupy STL's Facebook page Jamie's Occupy Host family said he was a nice guy and claims to have seen his ID) from Vermont who claims to have torched a Police car several days ago about 6 miles from Zuccotti Park in New York right before his best friend, a 26 year old Chris Carter from upstate New York, was supposedly shot twice in the Chest by Police.

Now upon researching Jamie's story I have discovered that there is a 28 year old Chris Carter from upstate New York/Pennsylvania who is a Medic at Occupy Wallstreet, but I do not know his whereabouts or his status. Here is that particular Chris Carter's picture:

I also discovered that while Wallstreet is less than a mile away, and not 6 miles away from Zuccotti Park as Jamie had claimed in the video and no cars were torched there recently, there were cars torched 6 miles away from the park in a Jewish Neighborhood in Brooklyn on the same day Jamie claims he torched a Police car (Nov 11th). But coincidentally, not one of those vehicles that was torched in the Jewish Neighborhood was a police car and there were no reports of any shootings in that area.

So all of this begs the question...

Is Jamie one of the Vandals wanted by New York Police that torched cars in a Jewish Neighborhood who is just trying to boost his street cred with Occupy St. Louis members by claiming he set alight a Police car instead of a Lexus and his friend was shot for it?

Or is he just some nut job who likes attention..?

Or Both?

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