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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Unions to Create Astro Turf "Occupy Congress" Tent City In Washington DC To Push Obama's Agenda

The unions have been an extension of the Obama administration since the beginning of his term and now it appears they are still carrying his "water" when it comes to the Occupy protests.

According to the Communist Party USA News, People's World, in order to help push Obama's Jobs bill the unions are going to create an Astro Turf "Occupy Congress" Tent city of Jobless people in Washington DC:

"Starting Dec. 6, lawmakers in Washington will have to confront, face to face, the people left jobless by the Great Recession.

The labor and Occupy Wall Street movements are joining forces again - this time to launch "Occupy Congress." Evoking memories of the Resurrection City encampment in the nation's capital during the civil rights struggles of 1968, the plan involves setting up tents housing jobless workers from every state in the union, with the numbers of unemployed emblazoned on signs outside the tents.

"We decided to take back the Capitol. We want them to stare the unemployed workers in the face," declared Service Employees President Mary Kay Henry over the phone from her union's headquarters in Washington. "What we're doing," she said, "is setting up a people's camp."

Obama's buddies are all going to be there like SEIU, the AFL-CIO and other Progressive Astro Turf organizations:

"In addition to SEIU, other unions, including the Communications Workers of America and the Steelworkers, are already calling members and supporters to build support for Occupy Congress. Groups such as MoveOn.org and the Center for Community Change have announced that they too plan to participate. The action is also being discussed in Occupy Wall Street encampments and meetings across the country."

This event is sooo Astro Turf they are even busing in the participants:

"Thousands of people have signed up already to come to Capitol Hill, Henry said "and many will also make their own way to the camp. We're figuring out buses and transportation now."

The article goes so far as to point out that the only reason this is event is even taking place because the unions want to pressure the Republicans to pass Obama's Jobs Bill:

"Henry said that the Occupy Congress demonstrators will push hard for Congress to pass legislation that can put unemployed workers "back to work as soon as January."

She said one specific goal of the protests will be to pressure Republicans to support President Obama's jobs creation proposals and that protesters also hope to shine the spotlight on "Congress's misguided obsession with the deficit and the overall inaction on unemployment."

So as you can see the Obama administration and his Progressive minions are not trying to distance themselves from the Marxist radicals, lawlessness and bullying tactics of the Occupy movement, but instead are choosing to embrace them in order to accomplish their goals.

If that isn't a perfect example of why Progressives need to be voted out of office, then I don't know what is.

(Above picture is of Occupy St. Louis)

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