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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tea Partier Attacked by San Diego Occupiers

According to You Tube:

"On Nov. 8, 2011, in San Diego a woman trying to learn more about the occupy movement is attack by homeless Occupiers, because they thought they had a right to privacy in a public place and objected to being videotaped while occupying public side walks in San Diego. There were two reporters at this sight that were also threaten by occupiers, that left the area in fear."


Anonymous said...

I wonder how many of us feel this same way about Obama? Are we sufficient?
Can we do this? When he refused to speak at Notre Dame until they covered the statues and the school complied, I have feared for my country ever since. When he celebrates muslim holy days but not Easter, when his Christmas tree has an Mao ornament. Please pray for his removal from Americas Presidency.

Anonymous said...

Since Professors Clavin and Piven started indoctrinating our college youth about socialism and the overthrow of the Republic form of government, our Country has slide into a destructive collapse. Demanding free food,housing,medical,and a no return in labor or payment is pure socialism and unaccepatable in the United States of America. Did these drones ever serve their country?, volunteer for the good of their community,State? Very unlikely and they've been voting for Democrates who buy their vote with "socialized" freebies.Occupy Wall street is nothing less than anarchy by the takers and nongivers.The OWS movement is driven and pushed by the socialists,communists, and marxists in our Country.I don't embrace any of their ideals and feel they all need to be escorted from our Country and have their citizenship revoked forever. Traitor is as a traitor does. You created turmoil for attention,disruption, and distraction.Your end results will be zero in success.