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Thursday, November 3, 2011

PSST... Occupy Protesters Your Being Used..... By The Top 1.5%

The Occupy movement seems to be fascinated with slogans with percentages such as "We Are the 99%" or "Stop the Greed of the 1%". Aside from the nifty use of the % sign, they also claim to be against the large amounts of money in politics that allow the top 1% to buy influence in Washington D.C.

That's Funny...because the Occupy Protests are being supported, and in many cases funded, by the Top 1.5% who also inject a ton of money into Politics in order to buy influence in D.C...... but no one who is 'Occupying' seems to care.

Who is this Wealthy Top 1.5% pulling many of the strings of the Occupy Movement?

The Unions Bosses of Course...

According to an Article on Financial Samurai.com, the Top 5% of Income earners in the U.S. make anywhere from $150,00-$380,000.

Coincidentally according to Union Facts.com, the Top Union Bosses of SEIU and the AFL-CIO make $253,660 and $283,340 respectively. So therefore their incomes put them in the top 1-2% of income earners in the country.

The combined Top 10 incomes combined of the Employees in both Unions total well over $3 Million dollars at least.

But that isn't all..

According to Union Facts.com, in 2010 SEIU spent over $55 Million and the AFL-CIO spent $30 Million in lobbying politicians in Washington.

Now some of you on the 'Left' may say well the Unions have to try and offset the influence of Wall Street and therefore are forced to spend money to buy influence in Washington.


Well then explain to me why SEIU spent $85 Million to elect a President who is openly raising money from those same Wall Street Bankers you hate so much?

I'll tell you why, it's because the Union Bosses know where their money comes from...Union Dues. Only 12% of Americans are in a Union and while 33% are Employed in the Public Sector, 8% are Employed by those same 'Evil, Greedy Corporations' that Occupy supporters supposedly hate so much. And where does the Government get the money to pay those 33% Public Union Members? From the Taxes that are paid by the Citizens, and yes, the Corporations in the United States of course.

So in essence, the Union Bosses know that without 'Evil' Wall Street to not only employ it's private sector members, but to pay the taxes to fund the jobs of it's Public Sector members, they themselves wouldn't have a job.

So why would Union Bosses try to bite the hand that feeds them by supporting the Occupy Protests?

They're not... They are using the Occupy Movement as Pawns to Create Leverage for their Own Interests.

Take the Oakland Port Shutdown for example...if the Occupy Movement is all about the influence of Banks and the 1% why choose to shut down a Port?

That's because the AFL-CIO told them to..

According to Occupy Oakland's own Press Conference, the reason they shut down the port is to Support the AFL-CIO/ILWU Labor Dispute with a Company called EGT (Comment starts around the 4:28 Mark):

Ironically, the Labor Dispute isn't so much Union vs Corporation as much as it is Union vs Union.

According to an Article on Transport Workers.org, the AFL-CIO/ILWU are mad that in September of this year, EGT brought in 50 Union Laborers from other parts of the country to do the work in a newly built port expansion instead of utilizing AFL-CIO/ILWU workers. The Afl-CIO protesters became so angry that they eventually stormed the Port of Longview in Longview Washington and destroyed tracks and held 6 guards hostage.

It would seem that the Real reason behind Occupy Oakland's celebrated decision to shut down the Port in Oakland is the basic definition of Irony. Because it didn't have anything to do about protesting Capitalism, it was about using the Occupy Protesters to create leverage in a Capitalist dispute so that 50 Longshoreman, who belong to the AFL-CIO, can take a Job from a rival Union.

So to my Friends on the Left who support the Occupy Movement, I strongly suggest that before you grab your sign and head to a the next protest you check and see who's agenda your pushing.

Because while you may personally be standing against the Greed of the Top 1%, Banks and their Influence in Washington...

By Protesting you may just be doing the bidding of the Top 1.5% just so that they can expand the power and income of their supporters so that they can buy more influence in Washington in order to push their own Capitalist agenda.

Somehow Ironic just doesn't seem to cover it.....does it?

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