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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Occupy St. Louis To Begin Harassing Police Officers and Their Families?

Recently on Occupy St. Louis's Facebook page they are asking people to give them any video footage of Police Officers' name badges.

Here is a screen shot from their Facebook page showing the request (click to enlarge):

There have not been any violence committed by the Police towards Occupy here in St. Louis so why are the ACORN/MORE Organizers of Occupy St. Louis worried about getting the names of the Police Officers?

Well, I contacted a St. Louis Police Officer in order to answer that question and he said that the St. Louis Police Officers were warned that Occupy movements in other cities have used the Officer's name and badge numbers to gather personal information in order to harass them and their family members.

While no news stories have been written describing this, I discovered this video from Occupy San Diego where an Occupy protester used a Police Officer's name off his badge to personally threaten him, the protester says:

"Officer Pollack, we are legion, you will not hide Officer Pollack. We are legion you will be found."

Here is the Video (Comment begins at 0:27)

So it would seem that Occupy St. Louis are ramping up their tactics against the Police here in St. Louis by using intimidation.

But ironically instead of garnering more support for their cause, in the end all this will accomplish is to further drive a wedge between the Astro Turf Occupy movement and the law abiding citizens of St. Louis.

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