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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Communists In New "Red Dawn" Movie Mirror "Occupy" Slogans

In 2012 the remake of the great 80's hit, Red Dawn, will be released.

In the original film, troops from several Communist countries (Cuba, U.S.S.R.) invaded the U.S. which forced a small group of high school students to become Guerrilla fighters.

For the 2012 remake, the Communist invaders come from North Korea and ironically, according to a video made on the set of the new movie, the Communist are using slogans from the Occupy Protests on their propaganda posters such as "Greedy Corporations" and "This Is Not Democracy". Coincidentally the 'Communists' are also in alignment with the First Lady's 'Anti-Obesity' campaign since they display a poster with donuts on it that says "Weapons of Mass Destruction".


Here is a behind the scenes of the remake from a year ago in Potomac Michigan:

For those that have never seen the original, here is the movie trailer of Red Dawn from 1984:

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