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Monday, November 7, 2011

Astro Turf Showing Again: ACORN/MORE Lead Organizer 'Leads' Occupy St. Louis Bank Protest March

Several weeks ago I exposed the fact that the Occupy St. Louis movement was as Astro Turf as the field in the Edward Jones Dome.

Astro Turfed by Who?

An offshoot of ACORN called Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment or MORE for short.

MORE has been exercising it's control over Occupy St. Louis ever since it hijacked the movement while it was in it's infancy. Since then, more ties to the former ACORN and other Occupy movements have continued to be exposed. The heat that has been generated by these revelations has caused at least one offshoot of ACORN in New York to destroy documents and fire individuals in order to hide their Astro Turf connections.

But here in St. Louis, no one seems to care that the former officials of the corrupt ACORN are now pulling the strings for the Occupy movement and MORE hasn't been intimidated in the least by their exposure.

For example, this past Saturday was to be the deadline for the Occupy movement's "Bank Transfer Day" protest. The concept of this protest was to encourage individuals and cities to transfer their funds from a bank, like Bank of America, and deposit them in a Credit Union. On the day of the deadline marches were scheduled in every 'Occupied' city in order to show support and solidarity with the protest, but so far it appears the "Bank Transfer Day" was a big flop.

According to the below Occupy St. Louis video, only about 30 protesters showed up for the Big "Bank Transfer Day" protest, which coincidentally, was led by MORE's Lead Organizer, Cathy de la Aguilera. Below is a screen shot taken from the video showing Cathy de la Aguilera leading the protest:

Here is the video taken by Occupy St. Louis clearly showing Cathy in charge as she asks for people to step forward to go with her to hand some demands to the Attorney General. (Begins around the 3:40 mark.):

Ironically, Cathy's Facebook page lists some of her interests as: Social Justice, Cuba and Labor Unions (She is only missing Communism.).

Here is a screen shot of those interests, since it seems every time I expose something about her through Facebook, she adjusts her Privacy settings so what ever was exposed can no longer be seen. (As she did with her Facebook Photos after my article exposing MORE's ties to the Occupy STL movement. Click photo to enlarge):

So as you can see, ACORN/MORE still have their Iron Claw wrapped around Occupy St. Louis.
Which allows the Occupy movement to be used by the Political Establishment on the left as an example of a "Grass Roots" movement in order to push forward their agenda.

Someone needs to tell the Protesters at Occupy St. Louis that it's kind of hard to 'Rage Against the Machine'...

When your Run By It.

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