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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Astro Turf BUSTED: ACORN/MORE's Lead Organizer Caught Organizing Occupy STL Protest

Several weeks ago I broke the story about how Occupy St. Louis was hijacked by a branch of the former ACORN called Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment (MORE). Over the past few weeks I have shown how MORE Organizers have led almost every Occupy STL Protest and have been prominently seen at Occupy STL Events. While these examples are compelling arguments as proof that Occupy STL is actually being run by MORE it isn't rock solid proof, that is until now.

Recently Occupy STL advertised a protest march on November 4th to encourage the City of St. Louis, and private citizens, to transfer the funds in their Bank of America accounts into a Credit Union Account. Here is a screen shot from their Facebook page:

Who Organized this Occupy STL Protest?

According to an AD on moveyourmoneyusa.org, Cathy de la Aguilera, MORE's Lead Organizer.

Here is a screen shot of the ad, notice that the address for the location of the protest is Occupy STL but the contact info is Cathy's MORE email address (Click picture to enlarge):

Here is Video of Cathy de la Aguilera leading that exact protest:

Ironically, while 30 year old Cathy de la Aguilera is listed as a "Free Lance Web Designer" on her examiner.com profile, she is not new to organizing people who live in tents.

While Cathy was earning her Degree in Cultural and Women's Studies at Yale(04'), (Not many 99%ers could afford Yale.) she was a volunteer for an advocacy group consisting of students, New Haven residents, and local homeless men and women called Respect Line which "helped the home less people organize over political issues that effect them".

Fresh out of Yale, Cathy was hired by Local 355 of Unite Here in Miami Florida where, in 2008, she earned around $40,000-50,000 a year as an Organizer. While on her stint with Unite Here Cathy had her picture taken by LIFE magazine while she was at a protest in Miami in 2006:

When MORE was founded from the remnants of ACORN in 2010, Cathy de la Aguilera moved to St. Louis to join Jeff Ordower, MORE's Executive Director and Former ACORN Employee, to help spread Social Justice in St. Louis, Missouri.

So as you can see, the employees of MORE, like Cathy, are more than qualified and trained to hijack a Grass Roots movement and use it to push their own agenda.

Which, Coincidentally..... They Are.

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