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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

UPDATE: ACORN/MORE Executive Director & Lead Organizer Attend Meeting Between Occupy STL and Mayor's Representative

I broke the story a few weeks ago that the Occupy St. Louis movement was hijacked by an offshoot of ACORN called Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment (MORE).

While some have questioned the validity of my claims, after tonight's meeting between Occupy St. Louis and the St. Louis Mayor's Office, those doubts can be put to rest.


Because one of the main players for Occupy STL who attended the meeting was none other than Jeff Ordower (Pictured Above), MORE's Executive Director.

Jeff Ordower was the Midwest Regional Director for ACORN and the Kansas State Representative to Health Care for America Now for ACORN.

The Picture and later video are compliments of Stacy Washington.

Adam Sharp also has something posted about Jeff being at the meeting.

More Coming Soon!


It would appear that the dark haired woman sitting next to Jeff Ordower in the above picture is none other than MORE's Lead Organizer, Cathy de la Aguilera.

Here is Video of the event:

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