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Monday, October 17, 2011

Young Communist League Urges Members To Join Occupy Movements Because Occupy Youth "Want to Redistribute Wealth"

It would seem that all of the Communist Party USA wants to support the Occupy movements, even the Young Communist League (YCL).

According to the YCL website, they are urging their members to join Occupy movements near them because Youth have an "immediate need to redistribute wealth":

"Comrades, we encourage you all to get out on the streets, out on your campuses, and out in your communities during these exciting times. All over the country, youth are talking about the immediate need to redistribute wealth and political power from the hands of a few to the working class majority. The YCL needs to be front and center in these discussions and actions."

Here is a screen shot of their page (click picture to enlarge):

So it seems that while most people are confused about what the Occupy movements stand for, the YCL has a good idea of what they think they are about....

Or at least...what they want them to be.

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