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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Young Communist League Allowed to Lead Occupy Chicago Protest March

The Communist Party USA News, People's World, attended an Occupy Chicago Protest to do some interviews.

Ironically they also caught something else on video, the Young Communist League (YCL) leading the Occupy Chicago March.

Here is a picture from the video of the YCL leading the March (Begins around the 3:20 mark):

If that doesn't convince you, then here is another picture taken from the video showing most of the banner where the words "Young Communist League" can clearly be seen:

Why is this important?

Well because earlier in the year I exposed the Young Communist League as an organization who supports "All Forms of Revolution, Including Violence".

So are you surprised that the Young Communist League, which supports all forms of Revolution, was allowed to lead an Occupy Chicago March consisting of Union Members, Union Leaders and other leftist organizations?

Nah, Me Either...


Anonymous said...

Dear pissy patriot,

For some time now you have been whining about the Young Communist League. As a member myself and being the comrade in the pictures that you have posted (the tall shaved head guy) I feel the need to respond. We do NOT advocate violence in ANY way! You took one quote from one of our clubs from a year ago and decided that it is our mantra. However while you continually whine about us and the falsified "violent revolution" you yourself have multiple pictures of actual violent revolutionaries on your blog... Jefferson, Washington and Adams were all violent revolutionaries who all Americans do and should praise for their brave rejection of imperialism. However this is definitely a case of the pot calling the kettle black. If you want to whine about violent revolutionaries, maybe you should move to canada or something. The YCL is a NON-VIOLENT organization and has been in our 90 years of struggle for equality for ALL Americans, not just the super rich. I hope that you will clarify this point in the future. Furthermore, constantly attacking a group of kids, some of who are as young as 14, is pretty petty and immature of you. Why not pick on the communist party our fraternal organization? Try threatening adults instead of a bunch of kids and students, like a real man would.

In patriotic solidarity,
-Jordan Farrar
National Organizer
Young Communist League, USA

Mr Patch W. Adams said...

Dear Mr. Farrar,

Thank You for finally clarifying the fact that one of your clubs actually advocated violence. As one of your official clubs I would ask if their website content was reviewed by you before posting it online? If not, then why not and what have you done to not only correct the "error" but to discipline that club? Are they still apart of your organization?

Ironically that statement of supporting Violent Revolution is still on the website where I found it but yet you freely chose to travel with the organizers of this group on your Red School Bus Tour. (Ever heard of guilt by association?)

Sir if anyone needs correction or advice it would be you.

Shame on you for teaching Children as young as 14 that the pipe dream of Communism is a possibility, while not only ignoring the violence caused by Historical Communist figures but holding them up as icons. (When was it that Washington, Jefferson or Adams executed Hundreds of thousands of people who politically didn't agree with them in order to consolidate power? Yea I missed that in History class.)

And shame on you for introducing 14 year olds to Anarchists during a meeting while having each of them sign their names on a piece of poster board with the Anarchy symbol while hanging signs about Revolution on the walls.

As far as going after the CPUSA, I regularly visit their meetings here in my home town. I have even attended awards ceremonies where Revolution was preached from the podium. So no worries, the local Communist organization loves me here.

The Communist Manifesto dictates that for Communism to take hold, a Violent purging must take place. Do you deny your own founding documents?

The U.S.S.R., in creating the CPUSA and the YCL, dictated that not only should your organizations have obvious 'peaceful' groups but covert and violent ones as well. Do you now say that no longer applies?

Mr. Farrar I will be more than happy to point out that when I reference the YCL that one of your official organizations does indeed support all forms of revolutions, including violence.

If you wish for that to end, I suggest you have them not only scrub their website, but banish them from your organization.

Because if you truly advocate non- violence, then I suggest you follow that up with action and remove those from your organization that do.

Once that is done, I will happily report that you have taken action to ensure your organization is violence free.

Many Thanks for your Time and Comment,

Patch W Adams
The P/Oed Patriot

Mr Patch W. Adams said...

Oh I almost Forgot Mr. Farrar, I have never, and will never threaten you or anyone else.

If I have done so please point it out.

I myself do not condone violence except in self defense.

You are free to be a communist that believes what ever you want.

My problem with the CPUSA and the YCL is that they are not happy to live as a Communist, they want to change the U.S. so that we all must live as close to Communism as possible.

If you or any other Communist wish to live in a Commune, share your own wealth while leaving me alone, then sir I would fight and die to protect your right to do so.

But if you continue to insist that we all must live the way of Marx and Engels then I will continue to expose the CPUSA and YCL at every opportunity.

Thanks Again,

Patch W Adams
The P/Oed Patriot

Van said...

Dear pathetic thug,

Nothing says NON-VIOLENT quite like ALL CAPS. But humor aside, the fact that you don't understand the meaning of your own ideas, doesn't mean that calling them nice sounding words will change either their meaning, or what will result from them if they are ever put into practice.

Allow me to help you out here by plucking a few relevant nuggets from an old post of mine, starting off with one of those old violent American revolutionaries, John Adams, he
... nailed the purpose of a Republic: The protection of Property Rights:

"...the original meaning of the word republic could be no other than a government in which the property of the people predominated and governed; and it had more relation to property than liberty. It signified a government, in which the property of the public, or people, and of every one of them, was secured and protected by law. This idea, indeed, implies liberty; because property cannot be secure unless the man be at liberty to acquire, use, or part with it, at his discretion, and unless he have his personal liberty of life and limb, motion and rest, for that purpose. It implies, moreover, that the property and liberty of all men, not merely of a majority, should be safe; for the people, or public, comprehends more than a majority, it comprehends all and every individual; and the property of every citizen is a part of the public property, as each citizen is a part of the public, people, or community. The property, therefore, of every man has a share in government, and is more powerful than any citizen or party of citizens; it is governed only by the law...."

What Adams and many others of the time realized, was that without solid support for property rights, no other rights are even possible.

From his 'Defense of the Constitutions of Government of the United States',

"The moment the idea is admitted into society, that property is not as sacred as the laws of God, and that there is not a force of law and public justice to protect it, anarchy and tyranny commence. If "Thou shalt not covet," and "Thou shalt not steal," were not commandments of Heaven, they must be made inviolable precepts in every society, before it can be civilized or made free."

If property rights go, you no longer have rights of any kind, only favors... if you keep those with the power to bestow, or withdraw, those favors, sufficiently flattered, that is. The purpose of a Republic, is to structure a government which will preserve the property of the people, and through that their innumerable unalienable rights, through few and defined laws.

According to Marx,

" In this sense, the theory of the Communists may be summed up in the single sentence: Abolition of private property. "

, which is a fundamental tenet of every and all leftist ideologies, Marxism, Communism, Socialism, Fascism, Progressivism, and to the extent they succeed in tampering or destroying property rights, that is the extent which doom will follow close after them.

Do I really need to say anything more?
Nothing you advocate for, if ever put into practice, will result in anything but death and destruction, and if you are subjecting 14yr olds to your tub thumping swill, it should be grounds for child abuse.

Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

In response,

The constitution of the YCL can be found at http://yclusa.org/article/articleview/1517/1/278/. You will find that there is no mention of violence in fact, quite the opposite. The post that you are referring to on the southern California site was written by one comrade who has been spoken to about it. As for why it remains on their site, I am at a loss. However we, being a democratic organization do not simply purge members, clubs or ideas that we do not agree with. That is called fascism.

I would like to thank you for your civility, however the idea that you are peaceful yourself while offering jiu-jitsu classes on your page and flaunting that you are a member of the 'tea party militia' leads me to take this with a grain of salt. In fact your logo even displays a minute man with a rifle in shooting position. The minute men also being a terrorist organization that was outlawed by our democratically elected government.

As for the founding of our party and YCL, the American people founded the YCL and the Party and not Moscow or any other international entity, to learn more about our party's history you can read it for yourself at http://cpusa.org/history/.

and as far as teaching youth about communism, we do not go out and recruit people to our ideology. The young people who join our organization are communists when they join, they are simply searching out an organization of like minded young people.

I would again say that while you yourself may not advocate violence openly on your page, the people who might frequent your page full of images of rifles and violent imagery just might. If one of these extremists decide to take the information you give about our schools, members or meetings and act with violence against them, that will be on your hands. If the idea of some nutcase shooting up a bunch of kids who are exercising their democratic right to peaceably assemble and hold political convictions that may not be popular hits your heart in any way, I would ask you to be more discreet in your coverage of our organization. I honestly believe that this would keep you up at night knowing that you had contributed in any way to a violent act against young people taking part in the American dream of freely identifying as communists, a freedom remind you that people in the fascist nations of Saudi Arabia, Iran, and other nations that I believe that we both can agree are oppressive and backwards, where they would be executed for doing so.

Lastly, we have no interest in creating another soviet union here in the states, we simply want a real democracy where corporations, lobbyists and billionaires don't control our democratic process. And an economic system where ALL Americans can benefit from the bounty that we as working men and women create in this fine nation.

I in my heart believe that the majority of Americans believe the same thing despite their understanding that we call that socialism. The 99% movement is a perfect example of America's conscience aligning with that of the Communist Party.

God Bless the USA,
and long live the democratic people's revolution!

-Jordan Farrar
National Organizer
Young Communist League, USA

Van said...

ycl organizer said "I in my heart believe that the majority of Americans believe the same thing despite their understanding that we call that socialism."

If you actually believe in a persons freedom to make their own choices, then you must believe in their right to retain the fruits of their choices, and their right to conduct themselves, speak their mind and assemble with those they choose, without fear of recrimination, violence, intimidation or of having their property taken from them, yes?

That is what is meant by supporting Individual Rights and Property Rights. Congratulations, you're on your way to becoming an American in ways other than by certificate of birth.

If you believe in a persons freedom to make their own choices and to be secure in their Individual Rights and Property, then you must also believe that people should be free to offer their services and products for the consideration of other free peoples, and if another is interested, come to an agreement for compensation with them, without fear of threats of physical force and intimidation, right?

Then congratulations, you believe in the Right to Contract.

Do you believe that people should have a right to make their own decisions about what they would like to eat, wear, shelter, protect, read, adorn or amuse themselves with? Do you believe that they should be free to exchange with other people, some mutually agreed to amount of their own property for those items? Do you believe that they should be free to do so without the threat of intimidation and physical force by either party or from some third party?

Then congratulations, you believe in the Free Market.

Do you believe that anyone who threatens or exerts force to compel people to act against their own wishes, or who robs or swindels them of what is theirs, or to otherwise deliberately or negligently injure or endanger them, should be fined and or imprisoned - No Matter WHO they are or what their position in society is?

Then congratulations, you believe in the Rule of Law.

Do you believe that people in a society should be able to agree upon general norms of conduct, and establish laws to uphold and defend their lives, rights and property from the abuse of anyone else, foreign or domestic? Do you believe that these rules and laws should be written and accessible to all and that no one should be able to improperly alter or manipulate them for their personal benefit?

Then congratulations, you believe in a proper government.


Van said...


Do you believe that it is the responsibility of those in that society who are protected by that government, to aid in supporting that government?

Then congratulations, you believe that there is no right to evade proper taxation.

Do you believe that no one should be able to abuse another, intimidate them, force them to act against their will or take what rightly belongs to another? Do you believe that simply having a majority of the people present saying that they'd like to abuse another person in that way, does not make it okay to do so? Do you believe that even if that majority REALLY wants to, and even writes it down as a rule that it's now okay to abuse a person or people, because a majority of the people agree that they REALLY want to do it, do you believe that even then, such a thing would still be wrong and so must not be allowed to be done?

Then congratulations, you DO NOT believe in a Democracy, what you believe in is called a Republic, and only in a Republic is the person, rights and property of a minority, protected by law..

Do you believe that members of a community should be able to choose those amongst themselves who they believe is best suited to maintaining, amending or writing new laws, to represent them in their government?

Then congratulations, what you believe in is a Constitutional, Representative Republic, and your ideas are compatible with being a Citizen of the United States of America.

Do you believe in the "Abolition of private property"? You do? EHHHhhhh... Ooh, sorry, sorry, if you believe in that, or any obfuscatory way of edging towards that, then you reject every preceding line above, then you are a Communist, and no matter your best of intentions - which were also doubtlessly shared by those who supported and formed the USSR, Mao's Red China, Pol Pot's Cambodia, etc - your system will result in death and destruction because violence, and the threat of it, the abandonment of objective law and true rights, the abolishment of contract and even the denial of the potential of individual human worth, is what must follow from your best intentions, as Hell always does.


Because the preceding is the only known way, to secure to each individual the right to pursue life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Mr Patch W. Adams said...

Mr. Farrar,

First Mr. Farrar, I too appreciate calm and rational debate and, while I understand your concerns, can not accept blame for actions of others. Especially considering the fact that my article was not based upon fiction, but instead upon the writings of one of your own members.

I appreciate your attempts to try and correct the error, and If I feel the need to mention your organization again in any future article, I will endeavor to point out the fact that your Central YCL Constitution differs from that of the Mission Statement of the SOCAL Club.

But I differ in your concepts of Fascism. Purging from your ranks those that openly do not share your peaceful intentions is not oppression but a affirmation that you have a zero tolerance policy for any concept of violence.

As for my logo, that is marketing. When I began this blog it was my intention to use it to vent, not compose articles that might end up on Glenn Beck's Show, as the one about your club did. But as you know with your own logo, it's better to create a trademark that when the public see it, they will instantly associate it with the website or organization. The fact that it just happens to be a revolutionary war solider is because at the time of it's creation, I found it was original and to be honest, "cool". The fact he is aiming his rifle never entered my mind, but instead I was thinking of how attractive the word placement was in the design.

As far as the Tea Party Militia goes, that is something you and I have in common. As you may or may not know the Department of Homeland Security deemed those in the Tea Party to be dangerous members of "Militia" groups several years back. It is in my personality to thumb my nose at those who wish to label me so I came up with an idea to do just that. If you click the picture it will take you to a link that explains that I do not advocate violence and that Militias are a deep part of our American History. But I have a feeling you already knew that, but in the hopes of scoring points in our debate, decided to point this out anyway.

Also those on my sidebar about individuals who wish to advertise on my Blog. While I don't make any money from them, they are friends of mine and I am happy to help in any way I can. As you know jiu jitsu is not something one learns in order to reap violence on another, but like many things deemed "violent", is mainly used for self defense purposes.

As far as openly recruiting individuals Mr. Farrar, please feel free. It is indeed a free country so if others wish to learn about Communism, as I have, and embrace it that is their choice and I will defend your, and their, right to do so.

But as you know Mr. Farrar the "Red School Bus" tour was exactly that, a recruiting drive to gather more members to your organization. Again, really doesn't matter to me but my main concern was that you were openly cooperating with, or at least seemed to endorse by working with, an official club that openly advocated violence if successful.

As far as wanting to create another U.S.S.R Mr. Farrar I am happy to hear that. And having had debates with countless Communists before, I understand the "Dream" of Communism. But unfortunately it can only be a dream.


Because, Mr. Farrar, in order to live the dream of Communism or Socialism certain God Given "Rights" have to be destroyed. One of those Rights is the ability to keep the fruits of my labor. The destruction of Private Property is essential to Liberty and Freedom in general.


Because history, and every Communist experiment has shown, that there will always be those, like me, who will not give up their property freely and therefore must be forced to and thereby in forcing those like me to comply, destroying the rest of our Rights in the process.

Mr Patch W. Adams said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mr Patch W. Adams said...

So while you do not wish to install another totalitarian Communist Regime in order to reach your goals, reality has proven that is the only way to achieve those goals.

Which means in and of itself those Goals can never totally be achieved.

While I share your hatred for Crony Capitalism where Corrupt Politicians do favors for their friends and vice versa, the destruction of individual rights is not the answer.

What is the answer is replacing those Corrupt politicians with Honest, Normal, real "People" politicians while at the same time holding them accountable to the Law and the U.S. Constitution.

Because if I protect your Right to assemble then I am protecting my Right to assemble. And if you Protect my Right to Free Speech then you are Protecting your Right to Free Speech.

And if I Protect my Right to Private Property, including income, then I am Protecting your Right to Private Property and your Right to dispose of it as you see fit.

The U.S. is more than large enough to allow us all to worship, believe and congregate as we wish, but if those among us continue to push for the destruction of one person or segment of the populations' Rights in order to benefit another, then History shows none of our Rights are safe.

Thanks Again Mr. Farrar, It's a shame you didn't get a hold of me sooner.

Take Care

Patch W Adams
The P/Oed Patriot

Mr Patch W. Adams said...

One last thing Mr. Farrar, Militias have not been outlawed. In quite a few states, even my own, they are legal and it is perfectly lawful to form one.

Having said that, I do not belong to one other than the fictional one that is mentioned on my blog.

Again Thank you for our attempt at civility.

Patch W Adams
The P/Oed Patriot