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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Residents In California Removing Smart Meters From Their Homes Without Permission

Here is a video from an Occupy protest in California where a Anti-Smart Meter activist was interviewed. During that interview she revealed that some Residents in California have taken the "law" into their own hands and are removing Smart Meters from their homes and replacing them with Analog Meters.

There is even a company based out of Northern California that is selling the Analog Meters to the public.

Is it legal?

Who knows.. but it's nice to see someone fighting back against this insane concept of the Government controlling your life through your energy use, even if it's some progressive in California.


Anonymous said...

Power to the people!
Death to Progressivism.
I think they are learning!


Anonymous said...

And someone PLEASE tell her to look at the GOVERNMENT and the U.N. and the smart grid, not corporations.

Visit the website to give a little lesson.