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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Occupy STL Hands Out "Chant" Sheets For Protest

I have been to many a Tea Party gathering but I have never seen this.

While attending the M.O.R.E hijacked Occupy STL protest on October 14th I was handed the paper pictured above. (Click the Picture above to enlarge.)

What is that paper?

Well a "Chant" paper, among other things. This paper lists all of the Chants that were to be used during the march (but most of them were not).

Ironically the March didn't even follow the prescribed path described on the paper, but instead, was so terribly mismanaged that the M.O.R.E organizer in charge of the march was yelled at by Anarchists.

Funny, most "Grass Roots" organizations don't have the money to print and hand out such a "Chant" sheet to hundreds of people.

But I guess if you have been co-opted by a group heavily involved with the establishment on the left, especially Unions and Communists, then the designing, printing and distribution of these "Chant" Sheets is just a matter of having them printed at a Union Shop,(Look at the logo at the bottom of the page) and have them handed out by SEIU members.

If Occupy STL isn't careful... the "Astro-Turf" might show through their "Grass Roots"...

Oops.... too late.

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