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Monday, October 17, 2011

Occupy STL Discuss Storming Field At World Series

The Occupy STL movement here in St. Louis has been Hijacked by the former organization ,ACORN . And now that same Astro-turf organization is discussing how to use the exposure St. Louis will receive, with the Cardinals playing in the World Series, to their advantage.

It's bad enough that Occupy STL has used the Cardinal's Logo to push Class Warfare but now, disturbingly, several members of Occupy STL are suggesting that they should storm the field in order to get more press time for their cause. Here are some screen shots of the discussion on the Occupy STL Facebook page (Click photo to enlarge):

Some in the group point out that this idea would be a lousy way to get support here in St. Louis, but the idea seems to still be taken as a serious suggestion:

If that isn't bad enough some members of Occupy STL suggest putting up tents around Busch Stadium or even finding a way to Occupy the stadium itself:

So it would seem that there are several Occupy STL members openly suggesting disrupting the World Series in some way in order to push forward their agenda.

If they do, they might as well pack up their tents, sleeping bags and clean up Kiener Plaza ahead of time, because once Occupy STL tries anything that disrupts the World Series, it won't be the Police that storm their Home Base at Kiener with an eviction notice....

But a Sea of Red made up of Angry, Pissed Off and Vengeful Cardinals fans who, I fear, will have No Mercy.


Frank Muretich said...

Calls to Mayor Slay's office to end this Illegal act NOW!!!

stlouismb said...

When I used to hear about Tea Party antics being suggested by a few, like those being suggested by a few at OccupySTL, I mostly ignored them, thinking that the majority of the Tea Party have cool heads. I have been supportive of the Tea Party right to assemble and free speech, even when a very few TPs were acting and speaking foolishly. I am granting the same grace. To Occupy Wall Street movement. If you did the same, you would win some friends and perhaps begin collaboration to fix the system.

Anonymous said...

if you would of read the whole discussion, since anyone on social media knows that comments will continue over time. you would of seen that they were not serious about this at all. so thanks for taking a snap shot of a conversation and twisting to make up fake hysteria. heck, they even are thinking about projecting the game on a screen for all to watch.

Anonymous said...

I think if you read the Title it says DISCUSS, it doesn't say anywhere that you are going to do it.

He posted the the screen shots of the DISCUSSION.

If anyone created the story it was the Occupy STL people for even allowing such comments to be made and then remain on their Facebook page.

All Patch did was report what he saw and didn't edit anything out and even included a link to the post.

If he was trying to "create" a story he sure didn't do a good job of hiding the info did he?

Occupy STL.. get your head out of your butt.

Anonymous said...

#tcot #FAIL