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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Occupy LA Protester: " I'm Here To Put An End To Our Current Political and Economic System"

"Dave" the Occupy LA protester featured in the video, never really admits what he wants to replace our current political and economic system with but he does mention something about how he isn't happy that "Education and Medicine that used to be run on sustainability and compassion are now for profit enterprises."


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Ashley Carey said...

You seem to have misunderstood the message. Free market enterprise is indeed what made this country great, but the fact remains that education -- the right to know, and health -- the right to be alive, are basic human rights. The line should be drawn where these basic rights are denied to those who cant afford to pay premiums.

Other than that, go free-market crazy! Capitalism is wonderful, but abuse of Capitalism can get ugly, and it has.