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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Obama's "Economic Architect" Sees Climate Change As A Way To Redistribute Wealth And Push Progressive Change

The Obama Administration's Economic Plan has been, and still is, the Apollo Alliance's "The New Apollo Program".

Who was the key "Architect" of that Program?

The former Co-founder and Director of the Apollo Alliance and Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress, Bracken Hendricks.

In 2006 Bracken Hendricks was featured in a Center for American Progress video where he discussed Global Warming and ways to combat it. While Mr. Hendricks explained his theory of how to save the planet, he just happens to point out the fact that he sees the current energy crisis as a way to redistribute wealth:

(00:56)"....clean energy solutions and carbon trading can be used to lift up the poorest countries on the planet.

So basically we see Climate Change and the crisis going on in energy right now as a tremendous opportunity to address deep economic inequality issues and real imbalances in the over all macro economy using energy as a driver for progressive change."

Here is the video:

Mr. Hendricks echoed this exact sentiment in the book he co-authored with co-founder of the Apollo Alliance and Democratic Rep Jay Inslee titled, "Apollo's Fire", where he pointed out that Community Organizers have found out that green jobs is a perfect way to redistribute wealth.

So as you can see, Obama's economic plan, as envisioned by it's architect, isn't really about creating jobs, it's about Redistributing Wealth...

And Pushing Progressive Change by using the Energy Agenda and Climate Change as a Front.

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