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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Irony: Study Shows White Roofs INCREASE Global Warming

Several years ago Energy Secretary, Steven Chu, came out and said that in order to save the world from Global Warming everyone needs a white roof. Here is a video of a local news story discussing this suggestion:

But according to an article on Clean Technica.com, Secretary Chu's suggestion will actually increase Global Warming:

"....new research has flipped this white roofs solution into a potential global warming problem (showing that even the simplest geoengineering solutions may have side-effects we didn’t think up from the start). The study, led by Mark Z. Jacobson, a professor of civil and environmental engineering at Stanford University, found:

Jacobson’s computer modeling concluded that white roofs did indeed cool urban surfaces. However, they caused a net global warming, largely because they reduced cloudiness slightly by increasing the stability of the air, thereby reducing the vertical transport of moisture and energy to clouds. In Jacobson’s modeling, the reduction in cloudiness allowed more sunlight to reach the surface.

The increased sunlight reflected back into the atmosphere by white roofs in turn increased absorption of light by dark pollutants such as black carbon, which further increased heating of the atmosphere.

Now, one thing Jacobson’s team didn’t include in the study was how much white roofs reduced demand for electricity (and, thus, burning of fossil fuels). Of course, white roofs would also mean a house in a cold climate would need more heating in winter, but it’s not clear which way the benefit is stronger.
Summary points:

1.Looks like we shouldn’t go painting everyone’s roof white after all.
2.Geoengineering (even “soft” options) will have more than the obvious or targeted effects.
3.The best way to address global warming is still to just cut our burning of fossil fuels (vie basic energy efficiency or switching to clean energy options).

In Jacobson’s words: “There does not seem to be a benefit from investing in white roofs…. The most important thing is to reduce emissions of the pollutants that contribute to global warming.”

That is the problem with the theory of Global Warming....It's based off of computer models.

Because the local weatherman also uses computer models to forecast the weather....

And he can't even accurately predict anything past a 7 day forecast.

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turnrite said...

How does this play out with solar panels?
Has this hoax been THAT dangerous???