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Friday, October 7, 2011

Irony: Greed and Civil War Hits Occupy St. Louis

It would seem that the protest that is taking place in St. Louis Missouri, that is supposed to represent "Solidarity" with the Occupy Wall Street Protesters, who supposedly stand against corporate greed, are having their own problems with Greed and a lack of Solidarity.

According to the Occupy St. Louis Facebook page there is a bit of a Civil War going on in the movement:

"Occupy St. Louis
Please disregard all posts from the twitter feed @OccupySTL. This account belongs only to Angelina, aka Whisper Dharma, and does not represent the people actually involved in the Occupy St Louis movement. She dumped all of the group's admins from the original OccupySTL community page, and changed the passwords on the @OccupySTL twitter feed. Now she is harassing our members, and stating that the movement has been hijacked. Which is ironic because she hijacked our original community page and our original twitter feed for her own selfish ends. Please make sure to let her know that the community we have created will not tolerate such divisiveness, and will continue despite her efforts to discredit the movement.

I am in contact with Occupy Wall Street and they have been made aware of the compromise, as well as Anonymous. We are posting a thread in thehttp://www.occupystl.org/forum/viewtopic.php?id=108 General Discussion forum to link the sites that are still within the control of the Occupy St Louis group."

Here is a screen shot of comment:

So a member of Occupy St. Louis hijacked their Twitter page...sorry that's funny.

If Occupy St. Louis was ever Grass Roots to being with, then of course it's more than obvious that it has been co-opted.

When the Big Unions, many of whom are larger and are run just like the corporations they claim to oppose, take over the movement it's called being co-opted.

Add to that the fact that the President and the Progressive Politicians are doing their best to use it to their advantage and you have a complete and utter take over of what may have been once a grass roots movement.

So it would seem this sudden take over of Occupy St. Louis has caused them to turn on themselves.

It appears the same qualities that the Occupy Protesters claim they are above like Greed, Selishness and a lack of Solidarity with their fellow man, seem to have worked their way into the movement. (Or maybe it's Human Nature..Duh)

I guess Corporations aren't the only Groups of People who suffer from those "Problems".....

Ironic Isn't it?

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