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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Former Obama Delegate and SEIU Local President Says U.S. Unions Would Benefit From Socialist Union's "Energy"

Mr. Javier Morillo-Alicea is President of SEIU Local 26 in Minnesota, and a former Obama Delegate, who recently gave a speech at Occupy Minnesota where he stated that the protest isn't about class warfare, it's about naming the problem:

Ironically, while Mr. Morillo-Alicea denies that the Occupy movements are about Class Warfare, just 3 days after his speech to Occupy Minnesota, he traveled thousands of miles to attend an event held by those who relish using Class Warfare as a political tactic and who's political foundation is built upon it, the Communists/Socialists.

According to an article in the Communist Party USA News, People's World, Mr. Morillo-Alicea traveled to the Third Annual Congress of the Transport and Allied Workers Union in South Africa:

"MINNEAPOLIS - As people mobilized in the streets of Minneapolis to demand that Wall Street be held accountable for creating the economic crisis, SEIU Local 26 President Javier Morillo-Alicea was thousands of miles away - hearing a similar message in Sun City, South Africa.

Morillo-Alicea represented the 2.1 million members of the Service Employees International Union at the Third National Congress of the South African Transport and Allied Workers' Union, composed of 165,000 workers in several industries there, including security and cleaning.

He found workers in both the U.S. and South Africa discussing the same issues, such as rising income inequality, and grappling with similar challenges, particularly concerning their role in advancing a progressive agenda."

One of the main goals of the South African Transport and Allied Workers Union (SATAWU) is to:

"advance and defend the cause of democracy and socialism in the workplace, the economy, the country and internationally."

This founding principle is proudly displayed on their banner: (Click to enlarge):

The People's World article goes on to state that SEIU, the same Union that helped elect President Obama, have an ongoing "relationship" with the Socialist SATAWU.

But the SATAWU also have other like minded 'Allies' that they have a "relationship" with, the South African Communist Party (SACP) who, coincidentally, work towards:

"End the system of capitalist exploitation in South Africa and to establish a socialist society based on the common ownership of, participation in, and control by the producers of the key means of production."

This close knit relationship between SACP and SATAWU is demonstrated by the fact that the SACP symbol is openly displayed on the sidebar of the SATAWU website and the fact that SATAWU allowed the SACP Leader, Mr. Blade Nzimande, to speak at the Event where he called for even more cooperation between SACP and SATAWU. Below are pictures at the event taken during Mr. Nzimande's speech that I discovered posted on their Facebook page:

What was the SEIU President's, Mr. Morillo-Alicea's, reaction to all of the rampant Marxism on display in South Africa?

Well according to the People's World article, he was happy and excited by the atmosphere of it all and felt that U.S. Unions could benefit from the "energy" :

"The super-wealthy and corporations are taking over our democracy," Morillo-Alicea said. "In the end, we can ask whatever we want of politicians, but if we don't do something about the inequality of wealth, there are limits to what they can do."

While the SATAWU convention was marked by intense debate on serious issues, the Local 26 leader was struck by the festive atmosphere, which included singing before and after each speaker, who also were sometimes interrupted by song. U.S. unions would benefit from such energy in their proceedings, he said.

"I've never heard so many union songs in my life," Morillo-Alicea said, smiling."

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