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Friday, October 7, 2011

FAIL: Communist Party News Calls 30 ACORN/MORE Protesters "Hundreds"

The Communist Party USA News, People's World, used a little creative reporting to claim that there was hundreds of Occupy St. Louis protesters at a Bank of America, when it's more than obvious from their own video that there are probably about 30 ACORN/MORE Communist members.

How do I know?

Well they posted it on their Facebook page of course.

Ironically, they only had 55 people register for the protest... Not Hundreds.

Here is a screen shot of their page (Click to enlarge):

If that isn't convicing enough then lets go to the video

In the video posted above you see this man:

Coincidentally we find this same man in a video taken from the MORE You Tube Channel:

Here is the Video:

Why does he always seem to be yelling?

Anyway, as you can see the Communist Party USA has taken to using fake propaganda to inflate the numbers of those who are apart of Occupy St. Louis.

Sad thing is I think Comrade Stalin was much better at Propaganda than this...

BIG Hat Tip to Adam Bohn of the Blog Bad to the Bohn for putting me on to this protest. Adam Bohn will be releasing his own video taken at this protest soon, which I will post here.

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