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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Black GOP Candidate Called Uncle Tom Ni**er by Obama Supporter

During the President's recent visit to St. Louis, the St. Louis Tea Party and other Conservative Groups protested an Obama fundraiser held at Tom Carnahan's mansion (Congressman Russ Carnahan's Brother).

During the protest Martin Baker, GOP Congressional Candidate for Missouri District One, was confronted by Obama Supporters, one of whom called him an "Uncle Tom Ni**er".

Here is a picture taken shortly after the racial slur incident (Compliments of the Keyboard Militia):

Isn't that a great example of tolerance?

To learn more about Martin Baker Go Here.

Hat Tip Adam Sharp for the Half Speed Idea.


To Read more about that night in St. Louis go to Dana Loesch's article on Big Journalism Here.

Or Jim Hoft the Gateway Pundit's article Here.

Or Blogodidact's article Here.

Here are some more photos of the protest taken by Keyboard Militia:

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commoncents said...

THANK YOU for posting this! I used it with 2 Hat Tips!

Common Cents

Rosemary said...

Where was the media when all this was occurring? Oh, I know, they were in North St. Louis tracking who was killing or stealing. The mainstream media is absolutely worthless and these DIMocratic morons know they can get away with this type of behavior, just as Hollywood knows it can still rake in money despite the outrageous behavior of actors/actresses. No wonder these two groups stick together--they have a lot in common.