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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Astro Turf: ACORN / M.O.R.E. Hijacked Occupy STL Protest

A few days ago I brought attention to the fact that there was a Civil War of sorts going on among the Occupy St. Louis organizers.

The problem at the time I wrote the article was that I didn't know who the factions were that made up the two sides of the Civil War, that is until now.

After some extensive research I have discovered that it appears Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment (MORE) have successfully ripped the Occupy STl movement away from the Grass Roots organizers.

Who is MORE?

Well a Communist affiliated spin off of the former ACORN.

The Civil War in Occupy STL appears to have been started by one of the original organizers of the movement, who after watching the takeover of the movement by MORE, began yelling from the mountaintops by utilizing the Occupy STL Facebook and twitter accounts in order to tell people that the Movement had been co-opted.

Here are some tweets discussing this:

It would appear that those in MORE, and in Occupy STL, didn't much appreciate being outed by one of their own. According to more tweets, the original grass roots organizer trying to expose the take over, received Death Threats:

One of the other Occupy STL Organizers named JayPhantom42, went so far as to try and intimidate the informant by posting her personal information on the Occupy STL Forum and then tweeting a link to that forum about 30 times. Here is a screen shot of the forum (click picture to enlarge):

It would seem that the threats and intimidation worked well, so much so that the informant gave the sign of surrender on twitter, even denying that she was involved with the take over of the twitter and Facebook accounts:

I contacted the informant and was quickly denied any information or permission for an interview because of the fear she has for her safety and the safety of her family.

But even without her help it is more than obvious that MORE has officially taken control of Occupy STL since almost every local article talking about the Occupy STL movement quotes and/or pictures a member from MORE.

For example, Here is an article from the Riverfront Times that not only quotes a MORE member but pictures him as well. The MORE member's name is Paul Joesph Poposky and he is described as one of the leaders of Occupy STL. Here is a screen shot of the article (click to enlarge):

Mr Poposky appears to be the onsite MORE liason for the Occupy STL protests, he can be seen there regularly taking part in Committee decisions.

Also here is an article from the STL Beacon about Occupy STL, featuring a picture of MORE's Lead Organizer, Cathy de la Aguilera. The article also quotes the Executive Director of MORE, Jeff Ordower. Here is a screen shot of the article (click to enlarge):

Here is a screen shot of Cathy de la Aquilera from her Facebook page for comparison:

Jeff Ordower used to be the Kansas state contact for Healthcare for America now, representing ACORN.

But it would seem that not only are MORE members primarily featured in news stories but so are those that Fund MORE. In an article from the St. Louis Post Dispatch about Occupy STL, it quoted "veteran activist" Bill Ramsey as saying:

"It's snowballing," Ramsey said. "You can't put it aside like a flash in a pan."

Ironically Bill Ramsey belongs to an organization called the Conscience and Military Tax Campaign. According to NWTRCC's website Bill reported that CMTC gave MORE a financial grant:

"The projects receiving CMTC grants.....

Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment – to support home foreclosure counseling and direct action to challenge decisions by banks to foreclose on low-income and moderate-income homeowners."

Part of the St. Louis Post Dispatch article even describes an Occupy STL march that was led by none other than MORE's Lead Organizer, Cathy de la Aquilera:

"The easy symbolism offered by Wall Street was not to be found in St. Louis. But targets for the group's anger were still at hand. On Wednesday, it was Bank of America, which has a namesake office tower at the corner of Walnut and Market streets, a block away. Protesters sat on the amphitheater steps as Cathy de la Aguilera, 29, with Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment, explained the mission. She wanted a large show of force. Call your friends, she said. Get them out here.

"We want to go over there and demand they pay their fair share and stop foreclosing people's homes," she said."

The fact MORE has taken over the Occupy STL protest shouldn't surprise anyone because "Anti-Bank" is MORE's trademark.

Here is a video from MORE's You Tube page where, after they held a Mock Trial titled "the People's Hearing" and found Banks Guilty of the theft of people's homes, mentioned the Occupy STL motto of the 99% vs the 1%:

In this next video MORE is protesting a bank while being lead in a chant by Communist Party USA member, Tony Peckinovsky (Guy in the beard and sunglasses):

Coincidentally MORE belongs to the St. Louis Jobs With Justice which not only has the Communist Party USA organizations, Friends of People's World and the Young Communist League, listed as members, but also shows Tony Pecinovsky as the Secretary.

Tony even posted a link on MORE's Facebook page suggesting that MORE adopt the tactic described in the article, dumping garbage in the lobby of banks in a form of protest (click to enlarge):

Funny how these groups are intertwined isn't it?

But it would seem that MORE has so thoroughly taken over Occupy STL, that they have given up any pretense of Grass Roots and have started telling people on their Facebook page to "Join Us". Here is a Screen Shot:

So as any person with one eye can see, the Occupy STL protest is no longer a Grass Roots protest but instead has successfully been co-opted by the former shadow of ACORN, MORE.

And with ACORN's record of fairness and integrity, what is there to worry about?..?


Dandapani said...

When you lie down with dogs, you come up with fleas.

Cybrludite said...

I'm honestly torn between outrage & schadenfreude on this one...

Anonymous said...

You should also know that Poposky claims to be very involved in Anonymous and gathers the personal info and does investigations gathering info on people who go to that website, sign up, and have a differing opinion than the groupthink he demands. What this anarchist and socialist is doing with the information, names, addresses and etc information he is gathering on citizens one can only guess.

a ji o ji suno ji said...

Happy New Release Day! Congratulations on this continuing journey, all I have to say if WOW after reading your list I am petitioning the gods to be one of your characters - a little taste of heaven :) Thank you for sharing with us