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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

AFL-CIO Telling Members To Call Their Senators Today To Push Obama's Jobs Bill

Here is an email I just received from the AFL-CIO telling their members to call their Senators and voice support for Obama's Jobs Bill:


Today, the Senate is expected to take up President Obama’s American Jobs Act—which will put America back to work fixing our crumbling bridges, schools, roads, ports and more.

With millions of America's workers unemployed or underemployed, it’s critical that our elected officials stop playing partisan games and pass this legislation. But unfortunately, some politicians in Washington would rather let millions go without jobs than to reach across the aisle and vote for jobs.

Please call your senators toll free at 1-888-659-9401 right away. We’ll give you directions and connect you with your senators’ offices.

Here are some reasons why you and your senators should support the American Jobs Act:

It will create nearly 2 million jobs and prevent 280,000 teachers from losing their jobs.(1)
It prevents 5 million workers from losing their unemployment benefits.(2)
It makes immediate investments in rebuilding and upgrading America’s highways, transit, rail, airports, bridges, ports, schools and communications and energy infrastructure.(3)
To make sure the wealthy contribute their fair share to fixing our economy, the American Jobs Act is paid for by a 5.6 percent surtax on millionaires.(4)
Call 1-888-659-9401 now. It only takes a moment to make your voice heard.

Thanks for all the work you do.

In Solidarity,

Manny Herrmann
Online Mobilization Coordinator, AFL-CIO

(1) Moody’s Analytics, 9/9/11; Executive Office of the President, 10/4/11
(2) The White House, 9/9/11
(3) The Center for American Progress, 9/22/11
(4) S. 1660, introduced 10/5/11"

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