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Thursday, September 1, 2011

White House To Use Children To Push Agenda Through Petition Website?

The White House has announced that they will be starting a website called "We The People" that is aimed at kids which will allow them to create a petition about "Important Issues", as the White House website calls it, and then share that petition on social networking sites like facebook.

Here is a video from CNS News describing this new initiative:

I found the White House video that CNS News took segments of to make their video. The White House video looks rather harmless until you take a closer look.

According to the White House the "We the People" website isn't officially up and running but if you look at the White House screen shot of the website in their promo video, under the section listed as "Recent Responses", you will see what appears to be Obama's "Christmas List" Agenda. One of the examples of this 'Agenda' is a posting titled "Increase Fuel Standards on all cars in U.S." another one is "Make a Rule to Lower CO2 Emissions". There is even one that says "Make January 20th a Holiday for Jimmy"(I assume they mean Jimmy Carter).

Here is the Screen Shot from the White House Video:

(Click on the picture to enlarge.)

Here is the video:

So can we assume, according to the White House's own video, that the Petition website is going to be used to push Obama's Progressive Agenda?

If that is the case can I somehow prevent my tax dollars from being spent on this obvious indoctrination and mobilization website?

I mean what is to prevent a bunch of "fake" kids created by the White House on facebook from creating petitions, getting signatures and then taking those petitions started by fake people and using them to put pressure on politicians???

Technology can be a good thing..

Except when a Politician uses it to manipulate the system...especially when that manipulation involves your kids.



Anonymous said...

What is to prevent a bunch of "fake" kids, NOT created by the White House on facebook, from creating petitions and pushing a conservative agenda using this website? Just saying!

Mr Patch W. Adams said...

Nothing... but then again I'm not the Government either.

Mr Patch W. Adams said...

Or Am I.....?

Keith W said...

To Anonymous at the top, seriously do you think they would even consider a conversative cause even if its created by real kids and gains support. Me thinks that if anyone tries they will have technical problems with their site/petition.