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Monday, September 19, 2011

University Of Missouri Receives $1.5 Million From DOE To Help "Transition To Clean Energy Economy"

No matter how bad the jobs picture becomes here in the U.S., the Obama Administration appears to continue 'full steam ahead' with their Apollo Alliance created blueprint to transform the U.S. economy. The name of that Apollo Alliance blueprint is called "The New Apollo Program" and it would seem that the Obama Administration has recently taken a play from page 4 of that blueprint where it states:


America must scale up its workforce tomeet the demands of the clean energy economy. We call for expanded investment instate and local green-collar worker traininginitiatives, higher education scholarships, andunion apprenticeship programs that focus onpreparing workers for everything from low skill,entry-level jobs that help Americans climb theladder of opportunity all the way up to high-skill, high-wage jobs at the leading edge of technical innovation."

Don't take my word for it, read it for yourself:

Full Report Final

In line with "Tapping the Productivity of the American People" by "investing in instate and local greencollar training incentives" the Department of Energy has issued over $30 Million Dollars to Universities around the Nation, $1.5 Million to our own University of Missouri, in order to set up "industrial training programs". According to eponline.com, Energy Secretary Chu says that these new training facilities are the "boots-on-the-ground progress toward our transition to a clean energy economy":

"More than $30 million have been awarded to 24 universities in 23 states across the country to train undergraduate- and graduate-level engineering students in manufacturing efficiency to help them become the nation's next generation of industrial energy efficiency experts. Each school will receive $200,000 to $300,000 per year for up to 5 years to help university teams to gain practical training on core energy management concepts through DOE’s successful Industrial Assessment Center program.

The Industrial Assessment Center program enables promising engineering students around the country to conduct energy assessments in a broad range of manufacturing facilities, providing skills and experience that prepares the students to compete in today's economy while helping local companies and factories to reduce energy waste, save money, and become more economically competitive.

“This industrial efficiency training program opens the door to good jobs in a growing, global sector for thousands of energy-savvy students while promoting real, boots-on-the-ground progress toward our transition to a clean energy economy,” Secretary Chu said. “The Centers will provide a boost to the next-generation of American workers as well as to the businesses with which they work.”

Think this will help create large amounts well trained individuals for the "Clean Energy Economy"?

Well only if your idea of "large amounts" is about a dozen a year:

"Under the program, each Industrial Assessment Center will be expected to train at least 10 to 15 students per year, conduct approximately 20 energy assessments annually, and perform extensive follow-on reporting, tracking, implementation, and management-improvement activities."

Isn't it nice to see the State funded University of Missouri, and about 24 other Universities, are taking such an integral part in the Federal Government's "Green" Transformation of the U.S. economy?

If one didn't know better one would think that this was a tyrannical take over of the U.S. economy by the Obama Administration utilizing all of the major Federal Agencies to force their will upon the state and local populace.

Oh wait...Silly me.... that is exactly what it is...

Where is that in the Constitution Again?

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