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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Stimulus Wasted: Biden Admits Unclear What Administration's Attempts To Invigorate Clean Energy Economy Will Yeild

The Obama Administration have pushed hard recently to accelerate their plan to Transform the U.S. from the old Oil Economy into a new Green Economy but they have run into a small snag, they are running out funding.

According to an article on AOLenergy.com, members of the Obama Administration, like Energy Secretary Chu, lamented the fact that when the Stimulus runs out this year that it will be the end of a large portion of the funding for the "Green" Transformation of the U.S. These revelations came about at the National Clean Energy Summit in Las Vegas:

"Chu admitted that the clean energy industry was facing a period of uncertainty now that the Recovery Act was winding down, but said that the US could still recapture lost ground in the global development of clean energy.

"The Recovery Act is coming to an end and the question is, where do we go from here? And we find ourselves in challenging times," he said. "We have to take actions to reduce the federal deficit. And in these hard times, there are a number of people who argue that we can't afford to make continued investments in clean energy.

"We've had a temporary boost from the Recovery Act with $34 billion invested by the US government US in 2010 compared with $54 billion in China and $41 billion in Germany. When the clean energy loan ends this year and if we do nothing we will fall between Italy and Spain."

But ironically, while Vice President Joe Biden said that the U.S. is at risk of the Biggest Mistake in History if we have to stop 'investing' in Green Energy, he is 'unsure' what all of these efforts and money will produce:

"The United States is at risk of making the "biggest mistake in its entire history" if recent political battles in Washington force the government to drop investment in clean energy, Vice President Joe Biden said yesterday.

Biden warned delegates at the National Clean Energy Summit in Las Vegas yesterday: "We are at an inflection point in our history. If we don't make these investments and set these goals we are going to lose. This negative argument that we hear all the time is not new in America. There are naysayers in the political leadership who say that the government has no role and should not be setting a vision for the future by providing seed money for anything.

The Vice President said that it was unclear what the Obama administration's attempts to invigorate the US clean energy economy would yield. But he said that history had repeatedly pro
ved the positive impact of government investment on step changes in technology."

Well Mr. Vice President, all of this 'investment' in a new "Green" Economy was supposed to, according to President Obama, yield jobs. But somehow that just didn't quite work out did it?

So don't be surprised that as the President is screaming for a New Stimulus to help "Build infrastructure", what he is actually doing is trying to get more funding to continue his transformation of the U.S. Economy.

But if you think that calling the President or the Vice President and telling them that their ideas to Transform the U.S. Economy will fail, according to the Vice President they don't care:

"Had we listened to those [naysayers] in 1843, Congress would never have collaborated with Samuel Morris to build a demonstration telegraph from Washington to Baltimore unleashing a telecommunications revolution.

"If President Lincoln had listened to those voices during the Civil War, he would never have paid private companies $16,000 for every 40 miles of track for the transcontinental railroad.

"And if President Eisenhower had listened to those voices, he would never have invested $25 million in research in an endeavor which invented ARPA net and became the internet.

"If President Kennedy had listened to those voices we would have never have reached the moon and reaped the incredible benefits that flowed from that efforts. I can assure you that President Obama and I aren't going to listen to those voices."

Nice to see that idea of "Representative" Government at work... isn't it?

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