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Sunday, September 4, 2011

So Sorry: Blogger Competition Forcing Main Stream Media To Adopt Blogger Style Tactics

As a Blogger, I am forced to carry my 'Office' with me when I cover events. For example, In my 15 lb backpack I carry things like my laptop, power cables, cameras, pens, paper, rain ponchos, ear phones, digital voice recorder and my own mobile Internet hotspot just to name a few. From my mobile 'Office' I can shoot video, do interviews, take pictures and have it all edited, written, uploaded and posted in a matter of minutes.

While not all Bloggers do this, enough of Us must since We seem to be having quite an affect on the Main Stream Media.


Well, some of the Local TV stations here in St. Louis are forcing their 'Roving Reporters' to, in essence, become Bloggers by making them carrying their 'Office' with them as well.

Several weeks ago I was covering a major local event when I ran into some of the local Main Stream Media reporters. (They didn't give permission to use their names so I won't).

During our conversation I discovered that their 'Main Stream Media' bosses are forcing them to carry cameras, set up the tripods, shoot their own video footage, edit it, write an article to go with the video if necessary and post it without the help of anyone, even a camera man.

When I asked if this was a direct result of the fact that Bloggers have proven covering events can be done single handed the local reporter replied in a joking way, "Yea, Thanks Alot."

This new phenomena also seems to be affecting not only 'rookie' reporters but the 'veteran' reporters as well. While I discussed this new 'craze' with a veteran reporter of 40 years she assured me that she thinks, "this 'Backpack' thing will not last."

That particular day at this event there was to be a visit from the Missouri Governor so the TV station was nice enough to send a camera man, with camera, to help a reporter cover the event. But as that reporter pointed out to me, "I'm usually alone."

When I asked the Camera man how he felt about the Bloggers 'one man band' style being adopted by the TV station and how it is actually putting camera men out of work he responded with a scowling, "No Comment".

So it would seem that the Main Stream Media is being forced to adapt to Bloggers, who normally work for free might I add, and their 'One Man' tactics in order to stay competitive.

Well all I can say to those in the Main Stream Media is..

I'm So Sorry...

But If I can do it... so can you.


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Anonymous said...

Way to go, Patch! Maybe you can even teach them to be objective.