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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Smart Grid is "Infrastructure" In Obama's Jobs Bill

Central to President Obama's Jobs Bill is the creation of an "Infrastructure Bank" that will allow the Federal Government to create another "department" in order to fund "Infrastructure Projects" without having to go back to Congress for constant approval of funds.

Ironically, what is Central to the Apollo/Blue Green Alliance's Plan to create a "Green Collar" Economy in the U.S., the same Plan Obama is following to Transform the Nation, is the Smart Grid.

The Smart Grid is Central to "The New Apollo/Jobs21 Program" because it will allow the Government the ability to not only track your Internet and TV use, but allow them to track, and eventually restrict, your individual Carbon creation.

Coincidentally the Obama Administration is lamenting the fact that as the 2009 Stimulus, which was created by the Apollo Alliance, ends this year, so will the funding for the "Green" Transformation of America. So it's no surprise that the President decided to include in his "Jobs" bill funding for the Smart Grid.

According to page 38 in Obama's Jobs Bill the Definition of "Infrastructure Project" includes Energy Infrastructure:

"(A) IN GENERAL- The term `eligible infrastructure project' means anynon-Federal transportation, water, or energy infrastructure project, or anaggregation of such infrastructure projects, as provided in this Act."

Then on Page 39 of the Bill "Energy Infrastructure Project" is defined as :

"(D) ENERGY INFRASTRUCTURE PROJECT- The term `energyinfrastructure project' means the construction, alteration, or repair of the followingsubsectors:(i) Pollution reduced energy generation.(ii) Transmission and distribution.(iii) Storage.(iv) Energy efficiency enhancements for buildings, including public and commercial buildings."

Here is the Text of the Full Bill:
American Jobs Act -- Final

So the Infrastructure Bank allows funding for the "Alteration" of the "Transmission and Distribution" System of the Power Grid.

Do you think it's a coincidence that the Definition of the Smart Grid just happens to be :

"The modernization of the nation's electricity transmission and distribution system."

No.....Me Either...

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