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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Obama's Economic Plan Was Created By The Communist Affiliated Apollo Alliance

Recently President Obama has said that he is going to push for another $400 Billion Dollar "Stimulus" in order to help turn around the economy. This massive Government spending bill would be the second under the Obama Administration, the first Stimulus having failed to turn around the economy in the past 2 years.

This revelation thus begs the question, if the first Obama "Stimulus" failed why borrow Billions more for another?

Well the Answer to that is two fold.

First, Obama is pushing for another Stimulus because his first Stimulus didn't fail, it's actually going according to plan.

Who's Plan?

The Apollo Alliance's of course.

Who is the Apollo Alliance?

Well I'll let Kate Gordmon of the Center for American Progress explain. (Comment Starts At 00:00 to 01:55)

The Apollo Alliance, according to Discover the Networks, is a program of the Tides foundation and, as Ms. Gordmon said, not only has it had Communists and Socialists, like Van Jones, on it's Board of Directors but is also comprised of many organizations including Communist affiliated ones such as, the Working Families Party and unions like the Communist Funding AFL-CIO.

According to the Apollo Alliance "Achievements" page, they wrote Obama's first Stimulus plan which is being used to fund the Transformation of the U.S. Economy, Not to Save It:

"In 2009, the Apollo Alliance marked these achievements:

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. In February 2009 Congress approved and President Barack Obama signed the breakthrough clean energy and green-collar jobs provisions of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The $787 billion stimulus legislation that President Obama signed in a Denver museum partially powered by a rooftop solar array contains $86 billion in clean energy and green-collar job programs, plus $27.5 billion in road and highway construction funds, much of which state transportation departments will use to repair infrastructure and not on building new highways. As Apollo noted since the package was introduced on January 15, the provisions that formed a big part of the foundation of the stimulus was funding to build new transit and high speed rail lines, weatherize homes, develop next generation batteries for clean vehicles, scale up wind and solar power, build a modern electric grid, and train a new generation of green-collar workers. In every way, the clean energy provisions of the stimulus bill are a surpassing achievement.

The magnitude of the investment and the bill’s comprehensive sweep reflect the unleashing of a pent-up demand for a new way to power and employ America — $17.7 billion for rail development, $34 billion for energy efficiency, $7.9 billion for renewable energy, $10.9 billion for a smart electric grid, $3.3 billion for next generation batteries and alternative fuel vehicles, $4.5 billion for energy research. The clean energy focus of the stimulus was inspired by the Apollo Alliance’s vision, and the specific content of many of the bill’s provisions was influenced by policy proposals that the Apollo Alliance made last year in The New Apollo Program and the Apollo Economic Recovery Act. “The recovery bill represents the focused work of labor, business, environmental and social justice organizations who developed a clear strategy about where the nation needed to go, and worked together to achieve it,” said Phil Angelides, former California treasurer and chairman of the Apollo Alliance. As Senator Harry Reid, the Senate Majority Leader, noted in a statement. “We’ve talked about moving forward on these ideas for decades. The Apollo Alliance has been an important factor in helping us develop and execute a strategy that makes great progress on these goals and in motivating the public to support them.”

Now where did the Apollo Alliance get this "Strategy" that they, and the President, are using to Transform the Economy?

From a plan called the "New Apollo Program" and according to the Executive Summary on the Apollo Alliance website, this lays out the exact 10 year plan the Obama Administration is using to create "Green" jobs and Transform America:

"The "New Apollo Program" is a comprehensive economic investment strategy to build America’s 21st century clean energy economy and dramatically cut energy bills for families and businesses. It will generate and invest $500 billion over the next ten years and create more than five million high quality green-collar jobs. It will accelerate the development of the nation’s vast clean energy resources and move us toward energy security, climate stability, and economic prosperity. And it will transform America into the global leader of the new green economy."

Once you read the 5 key initiatives of the "New Apollo Program" you suddenly understand where the President has received all of his talking points on how to turn around the economy and why Obama has done what he has done during his Presidency. From spending Billions of Dollars on programs like the Smart Grid, writing New Regulations, creating New Efficiency Standards or pushing Cap and Trade to the Government take over of GM and the sudden interest in Electric Cars, it's all right there in the 5 Key initiatives:

"The New Apollo Program will set the nation on a new path to prosperity. Its five key initiatives will reduce pollution, increase efficiency, promote research and development, provide good jobs, and expand opportunity for all.

The New Apollo Program will:

REBUILD AMERICA CLEAN AND GREEN. America must generate cleaner power and use the power we have more efficiently – especially in the residential, commercial, industrial, and technology sectors that make up nearly 70 percent of our current energy use. We call for a range of solutions including an Energy Smart Fund to upgrade the energy efficiency of all buildings by at least 30 percent by 2025; consistent long-term public support for clean energy projects in order to produce 25 percent of the nation’s power from renewable sources by 2025; new environmentally sound transmission corridors and “smart grids” to bring new clean power to market; efficiency measures for existing utility and industrial power systems including mass recycling of waste heat; investments in carbon capture and storage (CCS) deployment projects; and affordable and convenient transit to connect America’s 21st century neighborhoods and cities.

MAKE IT IN AMERICA. Retooling the nation’s energy systems will require a new and improved manufacturing sector to produce durable equipment like advanced heating and cooling systems, biofuel refinery boilers, next-generation cars and trucks, efficient transmission lines, wind towers and turbines, and solar panels. To capture the low-carbon markets of the future and lower the carbon footprint of our manufacturing sector, we call for new grants to retool and retrofit America’s factories and retrain skilled workers. So that we never again rely on other nations for our energy security, and so that we do not dramatically increase carbon emissions by importing parts, these grants will be directed to companies that use American-made components and parts, assemble systems in America, and put Americans to work.

RESTORE AMERICA’S TECHNOLOGICAL LEADERSHIP. The new clean energy economy will be built on innovation. The rich scientific and technical resources of American universities, private-sector inventors, and national laboratories have been responsible for significant breakthroughs in building efficiency, solar panels, wind turbines, carbon sequestration, and other clean energy and environmental technologies. Yet funding for basic energy research and development has not kept up. We call for an aggressive energy innovation agenda to double the annual federal investment in energy research and development, and to create a National Energy Innovation Fund to take the most promising new technologies to commercial scale.

TAP THE PRODUCTIVITY OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. America must scale up its workforce to meet the demands of the clean energy economy. We call for expanded investment in state and local green-collar worker training initiatives, higher education scholarships, and union apprenticeship programs that focus on preparing workers for everything from low skill, entry-level jobs that help Americans climb the ladder of opportunity all the way up to high-skill, high-wage jobs at the leading edge of technical innovation. Resources will be dedicated to creating green pathways out of poverty for low-income job seekers so they may better access green-collar job career ladders. At the same time we must invest in an effort to graduate significantly more engineers and natural science majors from our universities. Finally, we call for a clean energy service program that allows Americans from all walks of life to serve their country by working for clean energy independence.

REINVEST IN AMERICA. Building a new energy economy requires a new way of doing business in America, one that takes the cost of global warming into account. It also requires visionary new investments in our industries, our communities, and our workers. To generate and strategically reinvest the hundreds of billions of dollars necessary to build the new clean energy economy, the next president and Congress must enact a cap and invest mechanism to reduce carbon emissions, trade the allowances, and invest proceeds directly back into energy efficiency, renewable power, transit and transportation, and green workforce initiatives. We recommend the creation of a new Clean Energy Investment Corporation to invest these funds, to ensure accountability in spending public dollars, and to help hard hit communities and families make the transition to the new energy economy.

This is a bold agenda, meant to move America toward a sustainable and vibrant future. But it is not unprecedented. What we propose to invest – $50 billion per year – is a smaller share of our gross domestic product than what we spent on the original Apollo program. It is one-third the amount that we spend each year in Iraq. Surely, our energy security challenges are serious enough to warrant this level of national commitment."

If this Executive Summary isn't enough, then you can read the full detailed report of the "New Apollo Program" below:

Full Report Final

The "New Apollo Program" even includes Obama's latest plan, and talking points, about "Rebuilding the Infrastructure":

Strengthen and improve America’s transportation infrastructure by “fixing it first.”

Roads and bridges are the backbone of our metro areas and our interstate economy and they are falling apart. The National Surface Transportation Policy and Revenue Study Commission found that America needs to invest at least $225 billion annually for the next 50 years to upgrade our existing system to a state of good repair and create a more advanced surfacetransportation system to sustain and ensure economic competitiveness. We are spending less than 40 percent of this amount today. We must make maintenance of existing highways, bridges, and roads the highest priority in American roadway construction policy. A “fix-it-first” policy, incorporated into the transportation bill and all other transportation funding measures, will promote more efficient land use patterns by fixing existing infrastructure before investing in new highways. As such, it will encourage in-fill development —discouraging sprawl, reducing fuel consumption and emissions, and improving traffic flow. It will also create enormous numbers of high quality jobs. Every $1 billion spent on federally aided highway resurfacing projects creates some 10,421 person-years of construction jobs (as compared to 9,316 person-years of work for a similar investment in new highway construction). Finally, resurfacing projects offer the opportunity to change the way we build roads and to incorporate new types of concrete and asphalt that can better absorb water, helping to reduce stormwater runoff and flooding across America."

The document even explains why Obama is pushing for "Public Service" programs like The 21st Century Youth Conservation Corps and why he signed the bill expanded funding for groups like AmeriCorps. Again, because it is all apart of the "New Apollo Program":

"Finally, Congress should double federal support for national service programs, with the goal of expanding service opportunities in clean energy and energy efficiency. Americans understand the imperative of moving to clean energy technologies and of combating global warming, and they overwhelmingly support national service. A clean energy service program would expand national service opportunities — including AmeriCorps, Senior Corps, and Learn and Serve America — and put Americans of all ages to work to build the new energy future."

But I explained earlier that the reason Obama wants the second Stimulus was two fold. The first was because Obama's first Stimulus is actually working according to the "New Apollo Program" plan. The Second reason is because that Plan is running out of funding.

At the recent National Clean Energy Summit held by the Center for America Progress in Las Vegas, the Vice President and Energy Secretary Chu both lamented the fact that as the current Stimulus runs out this year, so will the funding for the Green "Transformation":

"Biden warned delegates at the National Clean Energy Summit in Las Vegas yesterday: "We are at an inflection point in our history. If we don't make these investments and set these goals we are going to lose.

Chu admitted that the clean energy industry was facing a period of uncertainty now that the Recovery Act was winding down, but said that the US could still recapture lost ground in the global development of clean energy.

"The Recovery Act is coming to an end and the question is, where do we go from here? And we find ourselves in challenging times," he said. "We have to take actions to reduce the federal deficit. And in these hard times, there are a number of people who argue that we can't afford to make continued investments in clean energy.

"We've had a temporary boost from the Recovery Act with $34 billion invested by the US government US in 2010 compared with $54 billion in China and $41 billion in Germany. When the clean energy loan ends this year and if we do nothing we will fall between Italy and Spain."

When the first Stimulus was passed, Obama wasn't too concerned about getting re-elected. As a matter of fact, I would almost bet he thought he would have 8 years in the White House to complete most of the 10 year "New Apollo Program". But now that he is looking at possibly being defeated in the next election, and with only a small amount of the $500 Billion spent that the "New Apollo Program" calls for, he knows he may be running out of time. Which explains why his new "Stimulus" will cost over $400 Billion Dollars. Obama needs to accelerate the Transformation before he is ousted from office.

Now some of what you just read was exposed by Glenn Beck 2 years ago. Which explains why the Apollo Alliance tried to scrub this information from the Internet. But thanks to "Cached" I was able to provide you with links and documents none the less.

Amazing isn't it? Obama's Economic playbook was written by the Apollo Alliance before he was even elected to office and Obama is following it like his life depended on it.

Which is why it's very important that the Next President in the White House is Not a Progressive, Global Warming disciple. Because if that person is, then there is a very good chance that the "New Apollo Program" will continue and the Transformation of the U.S. into a "Green" Fascist State will be complete.

Liberty Or "Green" Totalitarianism.....

The Choice Is Yours.

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