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Friday, September 9, 2011

McCaskill's Idea to Save Post Office Mocked By Daily Show

According to Politicomo.com:

"McCaskill is against the closings, stressing the importance of mail service for rural communities, but had another idea that caught the idea of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, a political satire program on Comedy Central.

McCaskill suggested a marketing campaign stressing the “value of the written letter.”

“I had an opportunity to go through a box of letters that my mother had from my grandmother’s house that were my letters I sent to her in college,” McCaskill said. “My kids are in college now — I don’t have a box like that.”

Stewart — poking fun at McCaskill for calling out her daughters for texting her asking for money — called the act “jedi-knight mother guilting.”

“Claire McCaskill just entered the fact that her children don’t write her enough into the Congressional Record,” he joked."

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