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Sunday, September 11, 2011

FLASHBACK: Beck Exposes Apollo Alliance Influence on Obama Administration

Little did I realize when I wrote my article about how the Apollo Alliance wrote Obama's Economic plan that this information had already been talked about by Glenn Beck.

Tomorrow I will be publishing an article that shows how Obama's New jobs plan is still an extension of the Apollo Alliance's plan but under a new name.

So if this is not new information to you since you are an avid Glenn Beck watcher, just consider my articles an independent confirmation that Beck is right.... again.

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Mark Polege said...

I am very glad to see this is getting covered more. One of my first articles, back in Aug. 2009, was on this subject. It was one of the motivating factors that got me writing and researching. Also watch for the government controlled student loan angle as well as Obama's interest in building a civil army "just as strong and just as well funded" as our U.S. military. Here is my article from 2009: http://keyboardmilitia.com/2009/08/24/obama-and-the-fundamental-transformation-of-america/?preview=true&preview_id=252&preview_nonce=7b412ba4e7