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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Department of Energy Issues New 'Permanent' Fridge Efficiency Standards To Curb Carbon Emissions

Part of the Obama Administration plan to Transform the Oil Economy into a Green Economy is through the use of new energy efficiency standards. If the Government can't force you to buy the products they want, they can at least limit your choices to the products they want you to buy.

At the end of August the Department of Energy (DOE) issued new Energy Efficiency standards for refrigerators.

According to the DOE website these new standards will prevent the creation of 340 Million Metric Tons of Carbon, oh and save you money:

"According to the Department’s analysis, the standards announced today will ultimately save enough electricity each year to power 3.4 million homes, about the same number of homes in the entire state of Virginia. The standards will also avoid more than 340 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions over 30 years.

These standards are part of a broader Department of Energy effort designed to help families save money by saving energy by increasing the efficiency of residential and commercial appliances and products. Under the Obama Administration, the Department of Energy has finalized new efficiency standards for more than thirty household and commercial products, which are estimated to save consumers a total of $300 billion through 2030."

Oddly enough the Obama Administration's idea of saving you money doesn't necessarily mean the "Green" Fridge is going to be cheaper in price than the one you have now. As a matter of fact, according to the standards, it will probably cost you more:

"EPCA establishes a rebuttable presumption that a standard is economically justified if the Secretary finds that the additional cost to the consumer of purchasing a product complying with an energy conservation standard level will be less than three times the value of the energy savings during the first year that the consumer will receive as a result of the standard, as calculated under the applicable test procedure."

Just in case you think that a new Administration may be able to roll back these insane energy standards, think again.

According to the standards themselves they contain an "Anti-Backsliding" provision which prevents future Administrations or DOE from removing them:

"EPCA also contains what is known as an “anti-backsliding” provision, which prevents DOE from prescribing any amended standard that either increases the maximum allowable energy use or decreases the minimum required energy efficiency of a covered product."

Just in case your wondering why the DOE didn't force manufactures to make these new Energy Efficient Fridges Smart Grid compatible, well that isn't because they didn't want to, it's because they legally couldn't:

"This section discusses comments received regarding demand response or smart grid controls. These are controls that can react to signals from utilities or other external organizations and alter the product’s operation. This capability might be used to allow utilities to reduce energy use during peak demand hours by reducing the power input of many connected appliances.

DOE received comments on this topic during the preliminary analysis phase from LG, the U.S. Navy, and the IOUs. (LG, No. 44 at p. 5; USN, No. 35 at p. 2; IOUs, No. 39 at p. 13). DOE explained in the NOPR that it did not consider a demand response feature, in part because of the uncertainty of overall benefits and the limitations of the legal framework under which DOE would be able to pursue such a design requirement approach."

Isn't it nice to know that much of the damage that is being done to the U.S. Economy by the Obama Administration will not only be "Green" but some will even be Permanent?

Maybe Obama needs a new slogan for his re-election campaign..possibly something like:

"Save the Planet... Destroy the Economy.....Vote Obama."

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