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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Chu Admits Obama's Jobs Bill Is About "Green" Energy

I revealed earlier this week how Obama's Jobs bill will still fund the Smart Grid under the guise of the "Infrastructure Bank".

According to an article on Red State, Chu admits the "Infrastructure Bank" is about Green Energy:

"Energy Secretary Steven Chu is emphasizing that the jobs proposal has a green tint. In a blog post, Chu is touting the green energy potential of the National Infrastructure Bank in Obama’s jobs plan.

From Chu’s post Friday on the Energy Department blog:

This bank would issue loans to promising infrastructure projects -– including for important clean energy projects – providing them with the seed money necessary to help them secure essential private investment dollars that might otherwise sit on the sidelines.

He later notes:

With China pouring more than $30 billion of low-to-no interest financing into solar technologies alone, we must continue to take steps to support innovative, job creating clean energy technologies in this country or risk being left behind in the clean energy race. The proposed national infrastructure bank will help us do just that.

The bill also has $25 billion in funding for school infrastructure projects, including efficiency upgrades, as we noted here."

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