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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

52% Of Municipal Owned Utilities UnSure Who Owns YOUR Smart Grid Data

(Graph from Green Tech Media.com)

The Smart Grid has a two way communication built in that will, thanks to the Obama Administration, allow the utility to track everything from your TV and Internet use to your Ice Cube Production and Home's Carbon Creation.

But who owns all of YOUR Data that is collected through the Smart Grid?

Well according to a poll taken by Greentechgrid.com, 52% of public owned utilities are not sure:

"Earlier this year, GTM Research surveyed nearly 100 municipal utility executives at the inaugural Municipal Smart Grid Summit held in Bonita Springs, Florida about their current and future smart grid deployment plans.

The results are both predictable and surprising. Three-quarters of respondents see smart meters as a prerequisite to their utility’s vision of a smarter grid. “The focus is on customer and operational loads and understanding what the load looks like on the edge,” said David Leeds, Senior Manager of Smart Grid at GTM Research. (The full collection of survey data can be downloaded here.) Additionally, a whopping 76 percent see the smart meter as the customer's gateway to the home area network.

But as for the data coming and going from that gateway -- well, that’s anyone’s guess. More than half of the execs said they are unsure whose property the granular consumer energy data is. A quarter of respondents said it belonged to the customers, and 23 percent said it belongs to the utility.

Although municipal utilities have far fewer customers than their investor-owned brethren, there are more than 2,000 of them serving millions of customers."

So what would you say if someone asked you who owns all of the Data collected through the Smart Grid, So much Data that someone, even the Government, could track your every move though out the entire day?


Or Them?

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