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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Union Bosses: If Obama Doesn't Win We Are Doomed and There Will Be Fascism and Chaos.

During an SEIU Protest in PA, two Union Bosses make Dire Predictions if Obama Isn't Re-Elected.


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Anonymous said...

Don’t we have fascism and chaos UNDER Obama?

I was just researching the Gibson Guitar raid by DOJ. They used loaded guns, confiscated product, but no charges have been filed. Could it be they were raided because Gibson is non-union and their major competitor, who uses the same allegedly illegal wood source, is union? (Who’s CEO has given far more to Democrat interests than Gibson CEO gave to Republican’s.) Could the union be targeting Gibson? Could the DOJ be using thuggery on behalf of union leadership? Why did the DOJ, during the raid, tell Gibson CEO he could avoid legal action by moving manufacturing from Tennessee – a Right To Work state – to India?

Seems like DOJ is using fascist intimidation until it becomes a fully accredited Gestapo. If the rank-and-file thinks (and I’m not sure they do) attempts to scare jobs out of the country helps their cause, their delusions will be shattered. Fewer available jobs = lower pay… union, or not.