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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tyranny!- Republican Congressman Has Police Confiscate Citizens' Cameras At Town Hall

Steve Chabot, a Republican Congressman from Ohio, recently had Police seize Private Citizen's personal video cameras in an attempt to prevent "an embarrassing You Tube moment". (The Police claim it was to protect the I.D. of the constituents according to Info Wars.)

I don't care if the audience was full of Think Progress, Communist stooges, No Politician has the right to seize Private Citizens' video cameras at a public event.

First we get Politicians calling the Tea Party, Terrorists, "The" Enemy and now we have a Politician having Police seize video cameras at a Public event...

It all adds up to one thing...

Tyranny.. plain and simple.



CultureVigilante said...

This guy should be a TeaParty Target during the next election. Until then, Yank His Conservative Card. Free Speech is sacred.

Anonymous said...

It’s good to see citizens exercise their rights, even if they’re not successful. Part of the reason we’re losing them is because we don’t challenge the authorities enough. Apparently Chabot doesn’t respect citizens’ rights and should look for a new job. Good luck with that.

Rosemary said...

Chabot should get along well with obummer since they use the same tactics. I'm happy to see that some people stood up for their rights. The problem is too many people accept this type of treatment from elected officials. No polititian should have the power to utilize a police department for anything other than terrorist threats.