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Friday, August 19, 2011

Trend?: Another Mock Funeral Staged By A Union in Front of Politicans Office

According to You Tube:

"Members and representatives of SEIU Healthcare PA, Philadelphia Unemployment Project, Penn Action and the AFL-CIO gathered at Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick's district office to hold a symbolic funeral for the Middle Class. The Congressman supported the Ryan plan, which became the GOP budget. The plan defunds Medicaid 33%, privatizes Medicare and repeals the Affordable Care Act all of which would cost jobs and negatively impact the Middle Class that holds those jobs and relies on the programs for security. 58% of the nursing home patients in the Congressman's district are Medicaid beneficiaries. The 33% cut to Medicaid would cost PA over 80,000 according to Families USA."

This is the 2nd time in about as many weeks that a union used a coffin to demonstrate the "Death" of the middle class. Is this a Trend or just a case of Astro-Turf?

You Decide...


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