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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tea Party Influences the EU?

According to the Russian News RT:

"Is the Tea Party influence reaching Europe? Recently it was proposed that the 17 countries that make up the European Union come together to balance their national budgets. Many have heard this as an echo of the US, but does this mean the beginning of the end for the EU? Will this cause countries to leave the EU?"


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Anonymous said...

EU’s financial-political class wants to consolidate its financial power before a sovereign bond crisis emerges that’s twice as severe as the mortgage-backed securities crisis of 2008. Could happen Sep/Oct. Like the US, their leaders will probably attempt to save the banks by socializing the losses and further compromising their economies. If that info is correct, there could be another economic downward spiral. It is similar to the impetus for the Tea Party.

US news sucks. We have to get important news from communist sources and alternative media.